How to Burn 800 Calories in Just 30 Minutes

Burning 800 Calories in 30 Minutes :-)

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Did you really think it’s that easy  to burn off 800 calories ?!?

While some elite athletes can do it, for most of us it would take at least an hour or two of moderate exercise.

Here’s what you can burn in half an hour of various sports activities:

  • Running an 8 minute mile will burn about 400-450 calories.
  • Running faster, at 6 minutes per mile will burn around 600 calories!
  • Swimming – 250-350 calories
  • Biking – 200-400 calories

How are you going to burn some calories this weekend?

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  • Cody Lloyd

    Indoor rowing

  • Mike

    The first bullet can easily be misread to mean “a single 8 minute mile burns ~400 calories.” Might be worth editing.

    Stepping out for some exercise now. Have a great weekend!

    • Josh

      Yes, that is how I interpreted it as well, though I know it’s untrue. Adding “at the pace of” would surely clarify it.

  • Peter Ivady

    Saturday: 2.5 mile run through the hills with 150 pushups and 150 squats
    Sunday: 1 hour of kettlebell training at home

  • Marsha Hallet

    What you eat matters. More satisfying foods satisfy you with less calories.

  • Ruby

    Dang, tricked again! I change my workouts every day(I don’t do weekends;-)) so that I bike on Mon and Wed and do step aerobics on Tue and just walk about 2 miles on Thu.

  • norm

    How about 75 minute hot yoga class?

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