An Apology

Live Wires Virginia


If you have tried to access Fooducate early this weekend, you most likely got some sort of error message. We are deeply sorry for this. Now that our service is back up, we’d like to explain what happened.

This weekend did not bode well for the folks in Northern Virginia. The weather went crazy, there were casualties, and power was out for thousands. But in today’s interconnected world, it wasn’t just Virginia that felt the impact. The entire world was somewhat affected by these events. You see, has a huge server farm in Virginia. And the power outage took the servers out. These “cloud servers” power some of the Internet’s most popular services such as Netflix streaming, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Fooducate’s website, blog, and mobile apps are also hosted on these servers. We received a warning notification in the early am hours on Saturday that the power outage at the server farm has affected our service, and that Amazon was working to bring power and servers back online. We expected this to take no more than a few hours. For most web services, that was the extent of the outage. Unfortunately, a small number of servers were irreparable and required another approach. We’ll spare you the details, but the Fooducate outage lasted approximately 24 hours. An eternity by today’s web and mobile standards.

As of a few hours ago, we’re back and kicking. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you are experiencing any more problems.

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  • Charlie Jonah

    This is the most detailed, honest, and elaborate responses I saw for the outage from any internet company. Kodus, Fooducate!

    sometimes things go astray in a way that you cannot anticipate. We’re still with you!