America’s Top 10 Favorite Ice Creams Are…

We ran a survey last week and asked our Android and iPhone app users to scan their favorite ice cream. The top ten brands accounted for 75% of your “votes”. Here is the full list.

Rank Brand Name Percent
1 Edy’s / Dreyer’s 16%
2 Breyers 15%
3 Ben & Jerry’s 9%
4 Haagen-Dazs 6%
5 Blue Bunny 6%
6 Blue Bell 6%
7 Skinny Cow 5%
8 Weight Watchers 4%
9 Turkey Hill 4%
10 Trader Joe’s 3%

When it comes to ice cream, we like to dispense the following friendly advice:

  • NEVER eat directly from the container. A serving is half a cup.
  • Watch out for sugar-free, fat-free, and other diet options full of unnecessary ingredients. (Scan them to learn more).
  • Colorful sorbets may be full of artificial colors…
  • Ice cream is not a health food, so don’t believe any health marketing claims. Just have fun…in small portions

What are your ice cream suggestions?

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  • MrBillWest

    “A serving is half a cup”, wow that is funny! Wait… whats that? you are not joking? Oh…

  • GlutenFreeHappyTummy

    great post! EDY’s huh? interestinggg…i’ve never actually had it! hah 

  • J in VA

    We rarely eat store bought ice cream but when we do we get the Breyer’s that has about 6 ingredients…cream, eggs, vanilla, milk etc… I don’t remember the exact name but CLOSELY check your labels because there are only a few varieties of Breyer’s that fit this description.

    • L J

      Breyers is both overpriced and flavorless. Their vanilla tastes like skim milk. Seriously.
      Blue Bell is probably the best buy of all the brands on this list, with the best variety & quality for the best price.

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  • Mdeva

    Probably the same dumb Americans who keep voting Republican tax cuts for the top 1%.

  • Kibby

    For me, the best option is an ice cream with few ingredients, eaten in small portions.  I love Hagen Dazs ‘skippy cups’ – individual servings that come with a tiny spoon.  The portion is small but it is very satisfying, and there’s no danger of overeating.

  • Lisa

    I haven’t had ice cream in years, but I always heard about Blue Bunny being the healthier option. wtf? I was just on their website and found some pretty dubious ingredients in most of their products!

  • Bernadette Rago

    Edy’s is the best!

    • L J

      Edy’s = Dreyer’s = junk. Compared to Blue Bell, it’s 1/3 as good and about 30% more expensive.

  • TBone Thompson

    Dreyer’s/Edy’s = overly processed junk. I like Blue Bell, Ben & Jerry’s and Amy’s. Even when I eat “junk food” I don’t want a bunch of chemical crap crowding my ice cream deliciousness!!

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  • Cincinnati

    You have clearly never tasted Graeter’s before. Expensive, but best ice cream in the market, no competition.

  • maick

    I really surprised that Basckin Robin’s one of those brand ! I mean come on it’s very cool brand .. When I see a Basckin Robin’s brunch I just can’t help it .. it’s had some sort of magntic thing that got me every time

    p.s. : Iam a guy and Iam skinny but when it’s about ice cream .. f@#k the gym

  • Aidan Pritchett

    I like the Ben & Jerry’s a lot. All Ice Cream brands are fine, but Breyers is like Margarine, its Frankenstein! Literally.