What’s a Banana Bunker and Why You Need One!

Banana Bunker
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Folks, this is hilarious.
Turns out bananas need protection. Despite their durable outer protective skin, bananas tend to get mushed when packed in bags for “later”. That’s what led to the creation of Banana Bunker, the world’s first and only banana protection system.
After all, a banana is a nutrition powerhouse. And for the price of 20-40 bananas, you can now own your own Banana Bunker. It’s just $6.99 plus $8.55 for shipping and handling. And it comes in 5 different colors. Can’t wait til Christmas…

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  • Hmuzz3

    I got a Tupperware version (simpler) when I hosted a party. Also have an apple and grapes shaped containers with hinges. Would never buy the grapes version but kids think it’s cool. Apple one is a space hog but cute. The banana one meant I could send a banana for snack for the first time in three years. I could see them selling at retail store very well.

    • Sisdr

      Dear Her Muzzesty or Head Muzzy, of all the Banana Bunker comments posted yours provided the most service in a PSA kind of way. Not only did you provide useful details and points of comparison, you indicated a perfect audience and application for the product. As one whose contact with bananas is limited to consumption of bananas with fewer than five spots, I saw no reason to provide protection. You’ve opened up worlds of possibility. Thank you.

  • jamie

    $6.99 + $8.55 shipping, so around $16 ??? you can get them at dollarama for a buck 

  • Caitlin Fitzpatrick

    i have one of these as well. It cost like $4 at a kitchen supply shop.

    • Alan

      Definitely possible to find some crazy stuffs, especially form japan.
      Just take a look at some they got here. And what about the 12 oranges plastic case with mirror effect that shines through the nught hey ?!?
      Check it out:

  • Catherine

    I want one!

  • Flamingoes

    My daughter bought one for me in Japan that totally encases a banana within a plastic banana.  It’s pretty wonderful.

  • Michelle

    “That’s what led to the creation of Banana Bunker, the world’s first and only banana protection system.”

    It’s clearly not the first, nor the only banana protection system.  Sounds like this post is a promotional ad instead of a generic info piece on why you might want to protect your nutritious banana. 

    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Fooducate

      We found this product hilarious and absurd, in no way was this post a promotion. Check out what Colbert did with it… http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/415113/june-11-2012/-banana-bunker–tutorial

  • Cactus_Wren

    Far from either “first” or “only”:  Jlist.com has listed a “banana carrying case” for years now.