Will This 9 Year Old Girl Change School Lunches?

Martha Payne

photo: Just Giving

Martha Payne is a 9 year old Scottish girl. In April she started recording the rather crappy school lunch she and her classmates were being served. Going by the nickname Veg, Payne photographed and wrote about the “dinners” in a blog by the name Never Seconds. The blog went viral and in just 2 months reached millions of viewers.

And then, a few days ago, her school district instructed this young girl to shutter the post. This just added more interest to her story, and now just a day or two later, after massive public pressure, the district has reversed its decision. Read more about it here.

From what we’ve read, Veg’s daily posts are somewhat reminiscent of Mrs Q, the school teacher whose blog fed up with lunch ran in 2010 and 2011.

But then we reminded ourselves that Never Seconds is being written by a third grader! Kudos to you Veg, hope you’ll be an engine of change in your part of the world, and an inspiration to other children across the globe.

Never Seconds

photo: Never Seconds

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  • http://www.facebook.com/JynxGirl Jennifer Mondor

    Sadly, she was shut down last week.

  • The Nutrition Nanny

    @facebook-535240150:disqus I believe she’s back up and blogging again.  :)

  • Bettina at The Lunch Tray

    What I find scary is how much better Martha’s “crappy” meals look compared to those in my district, the 7th largest in the nation!  See here:  http://www.thelunchtray.com/nine-year-old-launches-school-food-blog-sees-reforms/

  • K Anne d

    Are you kidding me? At my school, we consider ourselves lucky if we get half of what she’s got.

  • Logan M.

    I would so write a blog about our lunches too.

  • carol

    Hmmm…. she is pretty clever for a 9-year old, and writes better than most 20-year olds (hell, I can’t even spell “Spaghetti Bolognese”!). I have a feeling Dad is involved in this project in a major way. But still… great way for kids to learn about food and what others eat around the world.

  • Angie Simonsen

    She would be horrified at what is served for lunch here…

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