When Honey Means Honey

Chobani Greek Yogurt Honey Flavored

There are many honey flavored products out on the market. But how many of them walk their talk? Take Honey Nut Cheerios for example. Impressionable minds may believe that the product is sweetened exclusively with honey, when in fact the most prominent sweetener used is sugar. Here is Honey Nut Cheerios ingredient list:

Whole Grain Oats (Includes the Oat Bran), Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, HoneyBrown Sugar Syrup,…

With all the prominence of honey in Honey Nut Cheerios brand equity, you’d at least expect honey to be the main, if not exclusive, sweetener used.

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to find that Chobani’s Honey Greek Yogurt is sweetened with … honey. How refreshing.

Clover Honey is the only sweetener here

What to do at the supermarket:

Honey flavored products imply a superiority over sugar sweetened ones. At the end of the day, both contain the same amount of sugars and need to be limited as part of your overall diet. But when you do buy a honey flavored product, make sure it’s not a sugar sweetened product with just a tiny dollop of honey tacked on.

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  • Laura B.

    This may sound like a ridiculous question, but how do we know that their “honey” is actually real honey? I’ve read about US honey being increasingly counterfeit, so now I’m skeptical of anything that’s not from a farmer’s market. Paranoid, I know, but the American food industry has made me this way!

  • Dianejmorgan

    Glad i found this i recently cut out the equal in my coffee and started using honey or caramel. I like the caramel better . Now i need to find out about that as it states non fattening

  • carol

    But does it really matter if it’s honey or some other kind of sugar?

  • LM

    If honey isn’t superior, what does it matter if it’s sugar sweetened with a dab of honey for flavor?

  • Colleen

    Interestingly, there are no nuts in Honey Nut Cheerios, either, just “almond flavor”. The Trader Joe’s Honey Nut O’s have real nuts in them!