Obesity – Why Baby Steps Are NOT Enough

Baby Steps Deck

Earlier this week, I participated in a wonderful mobile health conference at Stanford University run by BJ Fogg of the Persuasive Technology Lab. This year’s theme was about how baby steps can improve health outcomes. The presenters and participants discussed behavioral changes and motivators to achieve them. Wickedly smart and fun ideas.

In my talk, I argued that while baby steps are important, there are large systems to be changed if we want to truly tackle the health problems created by excess calories in this country. The obesogenic economy we live in will not easily be rooted and therefore individuals face a very harsh reality that is defeating their attempts to lead a healthier life. I also gave some examples of how technology can be utilized to create positive societal changes.

Click on this link or the picture above to see the presentation.


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  • Patyoungz

    The first baby step is to breastfeed the baby!  The next baby step would to be to get US hospitals to subscribe to the 10 Steps for Baby Friendly Hospitals.  These 10 steps are to improve hospital practices so mom and baby  encouraged in the best ways possible to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and beyond. Working moms can do this too!  Businesses are now required by Federal law to give moms time to express milk for ba