New: Allergy Talk by Fooducate

Allergy Talk by Fooducate

Allergy Talk by Fooducate

We’re proud to announce our latest iPhone app – Allergy Talk by Fooducate.

As you can probably guess, this app has been designed to address the needs of people with allergies and intolerances. In addition to the regular Fooducate functionality you have come to expect from us, we now indicate the presence of the 8 most common allergens, based on your settings. The allergies we cover are: gluten, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, egg, milk, soy. In the app setting screen, you can specify what allergy you are interested in:

Allergy Talk by Fooducate - Settings Screen

Many apps and websites that indicate the presence of allergens are hard to rely on because they may not have up-to-date information, don’t always identify “maybe” ingredients, and have a limited product database.

When designing this app we took into account those limitations and decided to build a tool that will improve the more you use it. First off, we are working with Fooducate’s gigantic product database, which has the largest unique UPC/Nutrition dataset in the country. Next, we are empowering you, gluten free eaters, peanut allergy moms, lactose intolerants to collaborate and share your individual product allergy discoveries with the community. The more you use the app and share your experience with products, the better the app becomes for everyone.

Here’s how it works:

For every product, Fooducate makes it best assessment regarding the allergen content, based on information in the ingredient list and allergy warnings. However, you are welcome to dispute or discuss our assessment by tapping the “Tap to discuss” button. It leads you to a discussion screen:

Allergy Talk by Fooducate - Discussion page

You can tap on the buttons to indicate “contains allergen” (red button) “does not contain allergen”(green button)  or “comment”. The app then lets you state why you think the product has or does not have a specific allergen:

Allergy Talk by Fooducate - Comment

You can also take a picture of the product’s allergy label to provide updated “proof” of its current allergy status:

Allergy Talk by Fooducate - Take a pic

Another cool feature is the ability to directly call the manufacturer from within the app by tapping the “Contact Manufacturer” button. The app shows you the manufacturer name and phone number, and lets you initiate a call with a single tap.

Allergy Talk by Fooducate - Contact Manufacturer

If the contact info is missing and you have it, you are welcome to update it and the entire community benefits!

We hope this app will become a trusted and fun tool to help you navigate the supermarket aisles safely. Please let us know what you think!

IMPORTANT legal information:

Fooducate is not a substitute for advice and service provided by qualified and licensed medical professionals. Any health related information found herein is available as part of a general educational and commercial service.

When looking up product and allergy information on Fooducate, keep in mind that

- Manufacturer formulations can change at any time
- Fooducate’s data may be outdated, incomplete or erroneous
- Content from other users may be erroneous

To verify a product’s fit for your consumption, you should ALWAYS READ THE PRODUCT’S LABELS, check with the manufacturer directly, and consult a qualified and licensed medical professional.

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  • Delsadarline

    ANDROID version PLEASE…this is great and I cant wait to be able to use it!  

  • Tanne

    This looks great, but why limit to only 3 allergens?  My son is allergic to all top 8!

    • JJ

      No he isn’t, it is all in his head, you are just being a hysterical over protective parent!!

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  • Laughterfairy

    Just downloaded it for my droid! Thanks!!! Can you include corn? I’m allergic to wheat/gluten, dairy, soy, nuts/seeds, and corn. Corn seems to be hidden in everything!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Living in the UK I am very sad that I can’t use the Fooducate App …. Look at my sad little face :’-(  
    Now that you’ve released ‘Allergy Talk” I’m positively jealous. Please can you release these in the UK soon???

  • Guest 3 Reiyn

    Would please like to request this also be for android too. :)

  • Alecta the Aspie

    Any chance you could add some other allergies to this list?  Those of us with allergies outside of the usual suspects suffer because ours aren’t labeled on foods.  I’m allergic/intolerant to the allium family, meaning garlic, onion, shallots, chives and everthing else can make me miserable.

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  • Nicole Calma

    ditto to all above– please, please android version! This would make my life so much easier. I’m always in the grocery store trying to look up company websites on my phone to contact manufacturers about “may contains” issues. This would save so much time and legwork!

  • Greg

    Still waiting for corn to be added. Corn allergy in out family makes food shopping very challenging because there are so many corn derriviatives hidden in product. I love Fooducate and will buy this as soon as cron is added to the list.

  • getofa

    Android Androin PLEASEEE

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  • LFS1

    My husband is allergic to onions, mushrooms and green beans. Can you add different allergans that aren’t “common”?

  • rduke

    Please email me when you get the android version. On facebook.

  • The ScientifiK

    Do you like this app..tell us more

  • Food Allergy Gal

    This is great if you have allergens in the Big 8. Have you thought about adding more? I am allergic to 9 things and only 4 of them are top 8- even if you could broaden it to the BIG 10 US food allergens- to include sesame and corn- would be helpful for even more. I have banana, citrus, cranberry, tree nuts, peanuts, vanilla, ginger, sesame, dairy allergies. I still went ahead and promoted your solution to our fans and would consider using it for other commercial clients.

    • Fooducate

      Thanks for your suggestion, we hope to expand to further allergens.