Make Mom Happy Today: Eat Your Broccoli

kitchen kids and mom


Happy Mother’s Day!

Somewhere along our transition from childhood to adulthood, many of us discovered one of the simple things we could do to make our mom happy – be good about food. Whether it’s polishing off the dinner plate, eating those pesky veggies, or commending mom on a new dish (even if it wasn’t that good), there were plenty of episodes – good and bad – in everyone’s home around food.

And while food and eating habits have changed over the past generation or two, a mom’s love most definitely hasn’t. If you’re lucky enough to be spending today with your mom, hopefully you will enjoy a tasty and healthy meal together.

If you have a minute, share some important food lessons you’ve learned from mom.

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  • dy

    I spent plenty of my childhood going to the store for candy and chips and pop, but that stuff was never in the kitchen. Junk was an away-from-home curiousity/treat, not regular food, not something to be expected. I was quite shocked when I got old enough to eat at other people’s homes and discovered there were families who drank soda pop with regular meals. (I still think that’s odd.) This was a nice balance that’s working well with my own child.

    • YourVirtualWizard/JanineGregor

      I agree dy – when I went to other people’s houses and they served chocolate milk made with Nestle’s Quik, I thought that was such a treat. 

      My parents didn’t buy the chips and sodas unless we had parties.
      And going out to eat was for special occasions as well.  I’m amazed how many people I meet who go out to eat more than once per week.  If they have ‘take out’ they will stop at more than one fast food place to pick up separate items for everyone.