Ten Fun Tequila Facts for Cinco De Mayo

Tequila Sauza

Happy Cinco de Mayo folks! Tequila is probably the best recognized spirit of Mexico. Here are some interesting facts:

1. Tequila is the name of a city in Mexico where the alcohol was first produced 500 years ago.

2. Tequila is made from the hearts of the blue agave plant, native to in Mexico.

3. The hearts of the blue agave are steamed, pulverized, mixed with water, and fermented to produce tequila.

4. In order for a spirit to be called Tequila it must contain at least 51% blue agave.

5. Blue agave takes 8 years to get to a point where it can be harvested and distilled into tequila!

6. The harvest of blue agave is a manual process that requires great care.

7. Tequila is 80 proof. That means it is 40% alcohol.

8. A one ounce shot of tequila is 70 calories. Dressing it up as a Margarita will cost you 170 calories for a 4 ounce serving.

9. Real tequila can come only from the State of Jalisco in Mexico.

10. The “Tequila worm” myth is just that. Worms were never really used inside tequila bottles to verify the “proof” or authenticity of the liquid inside a tequila bottle.

Have a great, fun day and don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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