Some Inconvenient Facts on National Orange Juice Day

OJ Nutrition

You gotta love these made up holidays marketers come up with to promote consumption of this or that product. Well, today is OJ day. We thought it would be a good opportunity to point out some inconvenient facts:

1. Orange juice contains as much sugar as a Coke. An 8 ounce cup has just under 6 teaspoons worth.

2. Although the sugar in orange juice is naturally occurring, by juicing an orange we lose the naturally occurring fiber as well as other nutrients. In many cases vitamin C is lost and needs to be added back to the juice.

3. You need to eat 2-3 oranges to get the same amount of sugar as in a one cup serving of orange juice.

4. The American Heart Association should read it’s own science about excess sugar and its contribution to disease before adding it’s health check certification to orange juice.

That said, we’d drink a glass of OJ any day over a carbonated soft drink. But please understand that even 100% fruit juice is nutritionally closer to a soft drink than to a real piece of fruit.

For more info, read Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice.

What to do at the supermarket:

BEST: Buy and eat oranges.

NEXT BEST: Buy and squeeze the oranges yourself for fresh juice with the highest nutrient count.

ELSE: Buy juice NOT FROM CONCENTRATE (ensures your OJ hasn’t been sitting in a giant cooled vat for 9 months)

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  • Anonymous

    I thought that “giant cooled vat” thing applied to Not From Concentrate juice too. Am I wrong?

  • Joni

    Silly me for thinking my breakfast was healthy :(

  • Anonymous

    Dear crazy and erudite Foodies-This has nothing to do with oranges but I have a question and don’t know how to ask a question through the proper e-mail channel (techno cripple). I live with my son who is on disability with MS. He was a long distance trucker living on fast foods and Coke ( still 3 large bottles a day! but no criticism). My wife is in long term care and I’m a poor excuse for a cook. I recently saw the T-Fal Actifry. It seems a splendid compromise. We lust for sweet potato fries and stirfries with burnt paprika and onion quinoa. Is this gadget just an ephemeral dream? Thanks for your expertize -Mike

  • Janellelwilliams

    Or save up and get the vita mix blender and you can bland the whole orange!!! I just got one and I love it!