NEW! Create Your healthy Shopping List with Fooducate

Howdy folks. Did you know that 3 out of 4 shoppers prepare some sort of shopping list before making a trip to the supermarket. Are you one of them?

If you answered yes, we’ve got something cool for you to try. (Also if you answered no).

Fooducate is now testing a new FREE service to automatically build healthy shopping lists for you.

Just send an email to with the list of items you plan to buy. Fooducate will email you back within a few minutes, with healthy options for each item you wrote down.

Here’s an example list that we mailed to (Note: you should write each item in a separate line, or comma separate each item):

mineral water
Greek yogurt

 This is what we got back from Fooducate:

Healthy shopping List from Fooducate


1. there is no need to sign up. Just email and you’ll get a result almost instantly.

2. If you are using the Fooducate iPhone app, the items will be added to the shopping list you have in the app.

Please let us know what you think!

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  • Jeffrey Johnson

    this is very cool…..thanks…

  • Catherine

    This is great!  I can’t wait to try it out.

  • Guest

    What a nice idea. Hopefully this will help out anyone that wants to eat a little better/make better choices but is a little overwhelmed by all the supermarket hub. I probably wouldn’t make much use out of it since I rarely buy packaged foods, but it’s still great to have nonetheless; thanks!

  • Linda

    Way cool, sharing with my friends!!

  • Lauren

    It didn’t work, I sent a list in this AM and still hadn’t seen the list. Do I need something in the subject line? 

    • Fooducate

      Hi Lauren – we got your email. Please check your spam folder, perhaps the email from us made its way there?

  • Charity Froggenhall

    This is cool! Any way to restrict it to a specific grocery store? For example, the healthiest options at Trader Joe’s?

  • Sarah

    Why was Greek yogurt on the list sent in to Fooducate but *not* on the list sent back to the “consumer” in this example? Just curious .

  • Di

    I’m with Sarah..what happened to the Greek yogurt??

  • Erika

    That was cool! Most of my food items came from the produce section & a few things weren’t available but it was good to see most of my grocery list wasA’s…other that the whipping cream I bought to make homemade icecream…I guess even homemade, it’s not good for you lol. It did misread a couple things in a funny way. I had written down monterey jack & it took the ck off the word & made it a separate food item – cheese Kurlz. But really amazing how well it did!

  • Anonymous

    I received my shopping list right away, 16 items sent, 16 suggested products received.  My problem is with the suggested products, pretty much all of them are not available in my area, an example: Trader Joe’s product items.  Trader Joe’s is not in my area.  However, I do like the fact that if the suggested product is clicked, other equally rated products are listed.  If I was using shopping list feature via a mobile device, it would be a rather cumbersome flipping from email to a website.    

  • Anonymous

    You remain the best! I wonder, that as well as giving actual recommendations, if next to the product  you suggest, that the essentials of the ingredients (%) could be posted on which you have made that decision. This would allow a person to get as close to your recommendations as is possible in the store that they have available and in which ever country. It would not need to be the whole list-just the major ingredients. Thanks -Mike Legge

  • Sage

    pepperidge farm has high fructose corn syrup  (I was so sad when I saw this)…they only bran I have found in a major shopping market is They make a product similar to my favorite pepperidge farm bread….

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