Do You Supplement?

Popping Pills


Happy Friday folks. Quick informal survey today.

Do you take supplements?

What led you to this decision?

Would you prefer not to rely on supplements if you could?

Shoot away in the comments below. Thanks.

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  • Ozzyopolis

    Hell yes.

    • Patricia Neal Tucker

      Love this answer.

  • Scraps

    I take Vitamin D due to basement-low levels on repeated lab tests. My endocrinologist ordered it, but I don’t mind it that much. 

    • Nancy

       Be sure it is Vitamin D3, not Vitamin D2

  • Hshsa

    Not really.. good food is the answer

  • Rebecca Grey

    I take iron for my chronic, medically verified anemia.  A multi-vitamin, because I’m not always a balanced eater, and Vit D because I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest. I would love to stop taking the iron, but I just can’t maintain my ferritin stores.

  • Reginalefebvre

    Yes, I do take supplements.  I take them because our food, even organic, has far less nutrients than it used to.  Our soil is so depleted of nutrients…So I take many vitamins from Metagenics as well as LifeExtensions.  I research the bioavailability of such supplements before taking them though.  Of course I wouldn’t like to rely on my supplements, but unless our food supply does a 180, I don’t think I will be able to come off of them.  Buying organic helps …but toxins and nutrient depleters are EVERYWHERE :(

    • Goblue1800

      I am on the same page as you…I try to eat ‘natural’ and organics and know about the toxitity in our environment. I hope by using a food based and not synthetic vitamin would assist my health. I stated I only use 1/2 JIC. For there are some days….I only eat 1 or 2 meals, which may not have the building blocks of health in it.

      • Reginalefebvre

        Yes, I agree, phyto-nutrients are always so much better.  Metagenics has a Phyto-multi I take and recommend to my patients. Probiotics are key too! Many people think if they just eat right they are fine…but that’s assuming the nutrients are even in the food.  I look at supplements AS part of my meal…because they are so essential.

        • emsmith

          Can you crush the phytomulti tablet? It’s too large for me to swallow.

  • EeeeK!

    I take gummy vitamins. Mostly as an excuse to eat gummy candy (my greatest weakness) every day. My diet is reasonable, balanced, and full of plant food, so I probably don’t need to supplement, but. Gummies.

  • Tammysiler820

    Yes, I take Oxyelite – thermogenic fat burner. Now am about 2 lbs from a 100 lb loss by taking Oxyelite and healthly diet with exercise. It is a combination of it all. Just started taking CLA too and that has helped me lose inches as well. I am thankful for the products and know that when I reach goal weight I will maintain without the suppliment.

  • Colin

    Absolutely! I cannot sleep nights if my piss isn’t pink & smell like B vitamins.

  • Iko

    Yep. I used to not, thinking that how I ate and being an athlete was enough. But I was always exhausted. So I gave them a go. Once I started taking them, I was blown away at how much better I feel, I have more energy, my skin has cleared up, and more.

    It made me realize that even though I eat well, I can’t eat everything for my body to do well what with modern day stresses, air pollution, and everything in the house that can contribute to poor health (gasses from plastics, carpet, mattresses, etc)

    I used to work for Metagenics and loved their products, but when they were bought out by a larger company, their quality went down. I saw that may of their previous customers went to Shaklee for supplements, so I followed and am really impressed with the quality.

  • kenneth

    I take’em because I want the slight edge working for me and not against me..

  • Emilee

    I started taking B12 because my levels are on the very low end of the spectrum, and Vitamin D because I’m pasty white and was told by my dermatologist to avoid the sun like a vampire. 

  • Joanna Schuth

    I do, with a daily women’s multivitamin and a B12 supplement. Caveat: I have severe Crohn’s Disease, and with that comes nutritional and absorption issues. 

  • Joanna Schuth

    I do, with a daily women’s multivitamin and a B12 supplement. Caveat: I have severe Crohn’s Disease, and with that comes nutritional and absorption issues. 

  • sara

    Yes …  I take a bone-building supplement (after two stress fractures, I think I need some help), extra Vitamin D (I wear a lot of sunscreen and was found to have low levels), Fish Oil, Glucosamine Chondroitin (helped my achey joints years ago), and a probiotic capsule if I remember.

  • julia

    I take more vitamins and supplements then I care to mention – mostly because my memory is shot and I know I wouldn’t be able to remember them all here and now.  I take them because I ate a SAD for way too long, then tried to lose weight eating a low fat low calorie SAD and my body decided to shut down because of stress and I’m assuming nutritional deficiencies.  I have low pretty much everything I’ve tested.
    What led to the decision, the weight gain on a calorie deficient diet (about -500 calories a day) and fatigue, being cold all the time, and brain fog.  And my dr who recommended them to help me heal.
    Would I like to get it from food; absolutely.  But A) I’m so darn deficient waiting to rebuild would be hard, b) most foods are deficient too, and c) a lot of the foods that are ‘less deficient’ are foods I can’t stand to eat like fish and offal.

  • Sam

    I do, but I’m not sure I need to. Acidophilus, garlic oil, D3, calcium, quercetin, propolis, CO-Q10, and a multi vitamin mineral thing once in a while.

  • tessler

    I take a Flintstones chewable multivitamin every day.  I have a digestive disease that can affect my ability to absorb nutrients, so I look at this as a tiny insurance policy.

  • shris

    My optometrist recommended a couple for dry eyes, and I take a regular women’s multi because I often get leg cramps, and it seems to be helping. My regular doc had recommended some E because I’ve tracked my food in the past and realized there wasn’t enough there.

  • Jill D

    I take vitamin D and the occasional gummy vite as I pass them to my kids, whenever I remember.  I would like to add omega threes to my diet because after watching the videos on all the plastic bits in the ocean, I won’t eat fish of any kind. 

  • Monique Cheney

    I take Hair, Nail, and Skin vitamins and MSM for my hair and joints. I tried and multivitamin but stopped taking it. I didn’t see the need of it since I eat a healthy diet. I only started the ones listed above because I’m seeing if they will make my hair grow a tad faster. The MSM is to prevent injury since I’m a runner and work out a lot. 

  • Guest

    No. I make sure to eat well and don’t think supplements does anything for you if you already get what you need from food.

  • Go

    yes, everyday… vitamin D, 1/2 woman’s multivitamin (food based), a 1/8th of
    tsp of ground kelp.

  • Catherine

    Yep, Vit B for constant pms type symptoms – approaching normal with it, horrible fish wife without it.  Vit D because I live where the winters are loooooong and we don’t get enough sunlight.

  • Catherine

    Yep, Vit B for constant pms type symptoms – approaching normal with it, horrible fish wife without it.  Vit D because I live where the winters are loooooong and we don’t get enough sunlight.

  • Catherine

    Yep, Vit B for constant pms type symptoms – approaching normal with it, horrible fish wife without it.  Vit D because I live where the winters are loooooong and we don’t get enough sunlight.

  • mimi

    Yes – Vitamin D…Most days – there is little to no sun up here and it’s recommended so i do it. On days when we have warm sunny weather, i skip the supplement and skip around in the sun :)

  • Pharmadady

    With very few exceptions, supplementation with specific vitamins and minerals or multivitamins is unnecessary and not supported by empirical evidence.  The least necessary supplements seem to be the most common, namely daily multivitamins and B complexes.  Aside from omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and iron, folic acid, or B12 for the respective deficiencies of those named, there is no evidence to support the use of pretty much the remainder of the vitamin/mineral/herbal section of the drugstore.  I recommend more frequently against purchasing these products than vice versa.   

  • sg2008

    Yes, multi vitamins, Centrum probiotics and Omega 3,6,9. When I was pregnant I took Pre Natal Vitamins.  My dad takes them too so I think it is a family habit…

  • Guest

    Like others, I prefer to get my vitamins and minerals from whole, natural foods. I do take a Calcium supplement, though, since I can’t tolerate any sort of dairy and there’s only so many ‘dark, leafy greens’ that I can consume in one day, hahaha!

    But, my mom also has me taking a Flinstones (or sometimes the drug store ‘knock off’ variation heh) multi-vitamin; which I absolutely hate! All it is, is artificial sweetener, gelatin (I’m sorry, that just gross), and artificial colors.
    Does anyone know of any certain multi-vitamin that isn’t loaded with those things? Any help would be appreciated!

  • Diana Leah Wilson

    I take a one-a-day type multivitamin every few days, especially when I feel like I’ve not been getting enough variety. Although the quality of the food supply may not be as good as it used to be, I still have more faith in nature than I do in supplement manufacturing companies. This is also a timely post for me as I just wrote a blog post about deciding to supplement:  Interesting comments so far so I’ll be keeping up with the rest of the responses here!

  • Bryce

    I used to use a daily multivitamin, but after doing some nutrition research, I realised that by eating a variety of mainly veges, fruits, nuts, legumes, and getting a daily dose of sunshine – that Multivits are not necessary. I now do a weekly plan of what I eat/cook to ensure variety and no longer donate $$$ to Multivitamin companies.

  • Tom Arr

    WOW! Flintstones, gummies, random multi-vitamins, P.T. Barnum is laughing so hard his dead ribs are breaking. No idea the amount of artificial hell you people are putting in yourselves all in the name of health and nutrition ROFLMAO!

  • Patyoungz

    I am unable to take statins for my cholesterol.  So besides watching my diet I take red rice yeast and fish  oil.  D3 was in the trash, so I also take D3. Pat in SNJ

    • Nancy

       Red Yeast Rice is a statin – same chemical as in Mevacor.

  • alacrity

    My vitamin D is low even though i drink whole milk, eat greek yogurt almost daily, and eat cheese like’s it’s my job….so I take D plus a mulitvitamin. I also take fish oil for stress (not sure if this is proven) and for my very poor circulation (Raynaud)…could you do a posting about fish oil? what is really proven? Also it would be awseome if you spoke about supplement brands…why do different brands have such different costs? Is it worth the higher dollar amount? Thanks!

  • Nancy

    Only take Vitamin D3 daily 2,000 IU (tested low) and fish oil (don’t like fish) 2x/week like I was eating fish.
    Little piece in medpagetoday about supplements and cancer risk:

    • Dfrisicaro2

      Which fish oil do you take?

      • Capn Obvious

        The kind that’s squeezed out of fish, I think. I mean, I’m not standing right there when they squish the oil out of the fish but I figure if it is called fish oil they probably aren’t squeezing it out of roadkill but you never know I suppose. I do object to the stench of fish oil and sometimes it does smell suspiciously skunky. If you take the kind in gelatine capsules you don’t taste it going down only for the rest of the day when it keeps gagging up. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I take the kind of fish oil that is squished out of some sort of fish, Anchovies maybe.

      • Nancy

         Nature Made usually but I like to keep an eye on what Consumer Lab tests.

  • Patricia Neal Tucker

    Yes I take supplements – those which I don’t have faith that I can get from my diet. I don’t always eat exactly how I should. I would love not to take the pills. But don’t think I could eat well enough to cover my physical needs. And it is hard to get enough Vit D.

  • Bryon

    I supplement with herbs and fish oil. The things I don’t get everyday in my diet.

  • Mdeva

    Ummm, Yah. I’m a vegisaurus and get a good deal of exercise (about 15-20 hr’s a week – racquetball, spinning, basketball, swimming, etc. at age 67). I measure my intake using MyFitness (nice app) – and I don’t seem to be getting enough protein. So I my a smoothie with soy milk, a banana, frozen fruit and whey protein powder.

    Guess I’m not as careful as I should be, but I figure a few small doses of bad ingredients (in the whey powder?) are probably (?) more than offset by the protein boost.

    …and the smoothie helps keep me away from the Haagen Dazs, which is ALWAYS available in the freezer.

  • Misty

    I take just 3: vitamin D as a recent CBC revealed a deficiency ( I live in the Pacific Northwest), pre-natals (had a baby 1 ye ago and still nursing), and fish oil (I am pre-disposed to high cholesterol and have always had high cholesterol since first being tested at age 17. Am now 37 and it’s lower than ever). I think supplements are excessive but sometimes they can truly help.

  • Lasciviouslynn

    I try to avoid them vast majority are made in china and there is no regulation to determine purity or quality of product I can’t believe the Supplement business would put our health above their profits therefore I am very skeptical what might be in that magic pill.

  • Addie

    I do not take supplements because they are not regulated so how can you really be sure about what you are taking? I’ve always tried to get my vitamins from food. If my dr said that I could use something extra, I would take whatever vitamin was suggested but I believe food is our vitamins and we should “supplement” with healthy foods.

  • Joline Atkins

    Yep. I drink Shakeology every day.

    • Nancy

       Sadly, another MLM product without any research.

  • Caroline

    Our family eats Juice Plus+, small amt of omega 3 and vitamin D3.  We need all the nutrients in food, not just 20-30 synthetic vitamins in a pill.  Thousands of phytochemicals and antioxidants working together synergistically are what keep our bodies healthy.  We eat the capsules, and our kids love the chewables which are naturally sweetened and no artificial colours.  Most researched whole food supplement in the world.

  • Coleman449

    I only take D3 based on my doctor’s advise.

  • Alona724

    For years I stayed away from vitamins because the media reported they were unsafe. Boy do I regret it! I take a multivitamin and an omega 3 supplement everyday. And, as I get more educated about them, I hope to take even more-Bring on the vitamins! The movie Food Matters really changed my mind on the subject by comparing the alleged deaths and side effects of vitamins to the known consequences of pharmaceutical drugs and I was really blown away. I honestly feel we are sheep being herded towards the more costly, less effective, non-solution-drugs.

  • Sweetwater Tom

    I take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement (generic for Centrum) just as nutritional insurance. 

  • Forde08085

     Many people in the United Staes do not consume fish and fish is the primary way of receiving healthy and essential Omega-3 DHA/EPA good fatty acids.

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    Description: Pennsylvania Amish hand crafted, pan oven-roasted, Omega-3 DHA/EPA enriched gourmet turkey breast. Each 2 oz serving provides 125 mg of Omega-3 DHA/EPA good fatty acids.

    Ask your service deli specialist today for

  • Newhopeden

    I take B12 and Vitamin D because I do not eat meat or dairy products.  Other than that I try to get my nutrients from whole foods.

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  • Suzielouwho

    Nope – totally expensive urine.  I’d rather supplement with good red wine.

  • becca

    -Gummy vitamins
    -people around me are sick and I eat poorly
    -if food was not tempered with and had its actual value. I don’t think I would need vitamins just good vegetables.

  • Carmely

    I take a multivitamin, b complex, flaxseed oil and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. I don’t eat nearly as much as I should and I hate fish– hate. Hate from the depths of my heart. But fish oil makes me gassy so I take flaxseed. And I take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar because… well… my grandfather always did it and made me do it when I was a kid. I sort of grew accustomed to it.