Complete the sentence: McDonald’s at a Hospital is like…

McDonald’s at a Hospital is like

- a cardiologist smoking

- an obese dietitian

- etc….

What you need to know:

There are 26 hospitals in the US with active McDonald’s restaurants on premises today. These include children’s hospitals like Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago and top rated medical facilities such as the Clevland Clinic.

A consumer group, Corporate Accountability International, has written letters to these hospitals, requesting they get rid of the fast food purveyor:

Dear Hospital Administrator,

On behalf of thousands of health professionals who work daily to improve public health and who have joined the Value [the] Meal campaign, we are calling on you to help curb the epidemic of diet-related disease and to stop fostering a food environment that promotes harm, not health. We urge you to end your contract with McDonald’s and to take action to remove the McDonald’s restaurant from your hospital. read more…

While no one entity is solely responsible for America’s obesity, McDonald’s at a hospital is simply absurd. It’s the Mcdonald’s eating culture that putting many people into hospitals in the first place. Cynics will say this is a symbiotic relationship, ensuring both entities profit in an eternal loop.

McDonald’s spokesperson’s response is kind of idiotic: Of the 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, just 26 are in hospitals or on their campuses, she said. Basically, don’t pick on McDonald’s because only a small number of our franchises are like a needle sticking in your eye. The rest are killing you off campus.

Go ahead, help us think of additional analogies in the comments below. McDonald’s at a Hospital is like…

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  • Anonymous

    My son spent 6 weeks in the NICU. The regular cafeteria food is just as bad as McDonalds most days, but with more pasta. It would be nice to have any healthy options. Is McD the only option in these hospitals or are there other vendors present?

  • Hdjdj

    It’s like getting an accountant who’s sign says “I steal my client’s $”

  • Parkit

    It’s about as healthy as the food I was served the last time I was a patient.  I specifically requested a low carb diet, because I am pre diabetic.  The day after surgery, I got fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots with some kind of glaze, and a roll.  Even my doctor was embarrassed.  I had my husband go to the store and buy my meals  A hospital is the last place on earth that you can eat a healthy meal, no matter if you are a patient or a visitor.  

    • Beckie

      After my husband had his esophagus removed, they gave him 2 sugary popsicles as part of his first “real” food.  Then, they started giving him insulin shots because he was having spikes in his sugar levels. Duh, why was I the only one who was able to put 2 and 2 together?  I seriously monitored his food after that, and he would only eat what I approved.

  • Guest

    …is like a crack dealer at a rehab center.

    To answer cat804, Burger King is at the hospital I work.  Sad, very sad.

  • Mikoshoes

    Porn at church!

  • Sarah K

    I’m glad this is finally getting some attention!  My daughter is a leukemia survivor and underwent 3 years of treatment at the Children’s Medical Center in Augusta, GA.   The main hospital has a lovely cafeteria with fresh foods, salad bar, but very limited hours.  Unfortunately, from the CMC, it is at least a 10 minute walk, through windowless, difficult to navigate, corridors.  McDonald’s  is right there when you walk through the front entrance of the CMC.  So when your four year old is in the hospital for 2 weeks and you can’t leave her alone for 40 minutes while you go find something to eat… McDonald’s is the only option.  Or when your baby gets out of surgery at 4:30 in the afternoon and the cafeteria is close, McDonald’s is the only option.  Or you are there on Saturday, McD’s is the only option.

    The McDonald’s contract was up for renewal a few years ago and I lobbied for them to replace it with a different, healthier option.  I tried to rally fellow parents to write letters and urge them to change.  I was shocked (well maybe not shocked, but surprised and dismayed) that other parents, parents of kids with cancer, wanted to keep the McDonald’s!  They felt that it was affordable and a good treat for their kids when they had to come in to the hospital for procedures.

    Needless to say, the McDonald’s is still there.  We can’t only pick on McDonald’s though.  Our current hospital, Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC has a Chick Fil-a on the second floor.  On the first floor is the Sanger Heart and Vascular Center.  Hmmm…

    I find it amusing that many of these campuses/hospitals ban smoking, even in private vehicles.  I find it completely ironic that you can be cited for smoking, but you can drink all the Coke and eat all the fries you want.

    Hospitals and medical centers should set good examples for kids and
    families by providing facilities that offer fresh, healthy food choices
    and limit sugary beverages and salt-laden fast foods. I support the letter writing campaign and encourage everyone to write their own letters and mention this in the surveys sent home by their hospitals and clinics.

    McDonald’s at a hospital is like washing down your vitamin pill with a Coca cola.

  • Weclark76

    Is like a dietian eating fried chicken so hypocritical , contradictory and so on.

  • Totalstressed

    It’s like a lawyer that’s a law guardian hiring a secretary that is a registered sex offender

  • Mrw_seattle

    Serving steak at a vegan convention.

    Blindfolding a seeing eye dog.

  • Mrw_seattle

    Upon closer look at the photo, if it had been Gal’s Hospital then McDonald’s woulda been a salad bar.

  • Janie J

    It’s like an “independent, objective” food/nutrition blog shilling for a questionable product like “natural” flavored water in environmentally destructive disposable plastic bottles…!

  • jener

    In Minnesota here there’s two very large un-related hospitals super close to one another. One has a Subway indoors and the other a McDonald’s.  When I got admitted to the McDonalds one for almost a month of in hospital bedrest which pregnant I was bewildered but eventually took advantage of the free room service to the maternity ward. A few less milkshakes and apple pies might have been nice, if there was no access. Ideally a NICE cafeteria with no branding is what larger hospitals need! Use that space for a soup station, baked potato buffet line, and made even pre-made turkey sandwiches on a good grain bun for the exhausted dads/partners leaving for work after visiting on no sleep.

  • Rattlefox

    The McD’s in Northside Hospital in Atlanta is right by the entrance. I stopped in there for a bottle of water before an appointment and was saddened to see signs for the hospital Weight Watchers meetings posted up inside. Why? Because the WW meetings were held IN THE MCDONALDS.

  • Guest

    Fat people are allowed to have jobs, no matter how much other people might hate it. Fat people are allowed to get trained in nutrition, health, fitness, etc. They are capable of being knowledgeable in those areas despite what their bodies look like.

  • Connie

    Serving Rabbit on Easter!

  • Grimsinger

    Skydiving without a parachute, neither is a good idea unless your really interested in harming yourself.

  • LSL

    This probably doesn’t even count military hospital facilities.  There was a McDonald’s at the Great Lakes hospital before it closed…

  • Anonymous

    McDonald’s at a hospital is like A CAT IN A CROCODILE PEN. 

  • Muffnman707

    Like freedom in America

  • Cates

    McDonald’s at the hospital is like money in the bank!

    Think about it…it’s a win,win situation. First you buy the food and then you end up in the hospital. Money in the bank for both of them!! So sad.

  • Toyalachon

    Happy Hour at an AA meeting!

  • James Sena

    …is like the Fox serving up Chicken McNuggets to the chickens in the hen house.

  • Rebecca

    is like pouring salt into an open wound…

  • RC Liley

    Sadly, if there’s a typical cafeteria inside, that would be like a cardiologist having a smoke with an obese dietician…

  • Amanda

    I work at a cardiac hospital.  When I started here, we only allowed healthy items in our cafeteria.  They had to contain less than a certain amount of sodium, fat, carbs, etc.  People complained.  People would actually fill out comment cards that they would rather go to the larger hospital (which has fast food) than ever come back again because of the food…and because of the food being so bad, they found other things that were awful too.  Studies say they really mean it too.  They’d rather go to a hospital that serves them fried chicken and pie. 

    Studies tell us that hospitals are like hotels. People think their doctors are more competent and the hospital is more efficient if they have “good” food and nice beds.  It’s funny, since we switched to a less strict menu, our doctors have become more competent and our hospital gets rave reviews, hardly any negative comments.   The only thing that has really changed is the food.

    You can’t change the hospitals without changing Americans.

    • LINDA L


  • Home Cooked Healthy

    Having a McDonalds at a hospital is like telling your child to play carefully on the train tracks.  

  • AsianchinK435

    Thank the Lord there is a wonderful cafeteria and a subway in both the hospitals in my town! :)

  • Abd123

    alcohol at an AA meeting.

  • Claytons

    Heard a comedian say once that eating fast food after a workout is like taking a sh*t after a shower. With some work, that could fit here.

  • Molly Black

    Explosives at a firehouse.

  • Izzydragoness

    ….Is like like lard in skim milk.

  • Foxy

    Like, a blogger with a brain?