Innovative Marketing Won’t Save this Veggie Chip Product

The Daily Crave Veggie Chips

We spotted this very cool package design at last month’s Natural Food Expo in Los Angeles. The Newspaper theme was well thought out, cleanly laid out and certainly made the mouth water. The “100% All Natural” headline also looked appealing.

So what exactly are these veggies chips? We flipped over to the back page to see…

What you need to know:

This is the ingredient list:

Potato Flour, potato starch, expeller pressed safflower oil, salt, sugar, tomato paste, turmeric, spinach powder, beetroot powder.

So the ingredients are mostly potatoes and oil, just like potato chips. But while potato chips are made by slicing whole potatoes, here we have little crackers made from potato flour. By the way, Pringles are made in the same way. Note that the “veggies” in this product are listed after the salt and sugar. They are basically the coloring agent for the chips, not a source of nutrition.

And after tasting the product, we can attest that they are not a source of flavor either…

On the bright side – no GMO, no artificial flavorings or colors, and no trans-fats.

Daily Crave Nutrition Label

What to do at the supermarket:

If you want a  tasty snack, get the tasty snack. Don’t go looking for nutrition in spinach dust. And don’t fall for the pretty package. Read the nutrition label and ingredient lists.

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  • Home Cooked Healthy

    Great writeup.  Thanks for giving us the scoop on this new product.  Caught my attention but not interested since it’s not really what it says a “Veggie Chip” – would love to find a good one though that is organic, sugar-free and healthy for you.

  • Janie J

    Why not have an RD on the company’s payroll offer up a post on how great this all natural product really is? And how if you want to get off potato chips, a baked potato is the best option, but if you can’t quite deal with a plain baked potato, these are a great choice!

    • Carol

       I think they did. This product is not made from baked sliced/whole/unpeeled potatoes as other baked chips often are (where you at least get the nutrients from the peel, etc.). Plus the company is implying there are nutrients coming from the “veggies” (tomato, beet, spinach) when there aren’t — the veggies are used in tiny amounts as powders for coloring (if there were significant spinach content, for example, the vitamin A would be much more than 0). It’s misleading to make people think they are getting more than just refined potato starch with (albeit natural) coloring.

  • Guest

    I never did understand the reasoning behind, ‘veggie chips! better for you than potato chips’. Last time I checked, a potato was a vegetable, right? Hahaha.

  • Go

    Sigh….that is why I gave up veggie chips…ingredients are powders and potatoe starch….sigh…

  • Nancy

    This is the best tasting Veggie Chip I have ever eaten.  It is definitely a healthier chip than a regular potato chip! 

    • carol

       OK, so what exactly makes it “healthier… than a regular potato chip”?

      • James

        They’re fried in safflower oil. Look at the nutrition facts. Serving per serving, they contain 30% less fat than the average potato chip.

        • carol

          Many potato chips contain only 6 g fat… and when they’re made with whole potato (not just the refined flour and starch as these are) they are higher in beneficial nutrients (the peel is where most of the good stuff is, and it’s lacking in these chips).

  • The Guy Behind The Guy

    These aren’t veggie chips at all.

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    WHY cant they make butternut squash chips made with coconut oil and cinnamon. THAT’S IT… How about I create and sell THEM!?!

  • Factual Tyrannosaurus

    I DO like how Carol backs up her statements and chops up those who make snide remarks about how healthy they “think” these chips are.

  • jonlizzard

    These are a winner!!, I have tasted all of the rest, these are killer in taste, and can order 6packs of 6oz on Amazon for a song!, they have other products that meet my tastes but are very hard to locate in stores, but trust me, they all are tasty!