Buying Organic in Bulk can Save You 89%

photo: Food Network

Earlier this week, the Bulk is Green Council (BIG) published a press release with interesting findings about the value of purchasing in bulk. Apparently, buying in bulk is not just healthier for the planet, it is much more cost effective for consumers.

According to the study – up to 89% cheaper!
There is also a saving in non-organic bulk foods.

Obviously you will need to plan ahead, and to cook more, but only good can come of that.

See you in the bulk aisle?

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  • Mdeva

    Yes, it’s always cheaper to buy at a cheaper price. Did a third-grader write this? What’s your point?

    • Kelli

       I know a lot of people that never consider the bulk section when doing their shopping. Can’t hurt to spread the word.

    • Dave

      I believe that the take-away from this story is that buying in bulk not only saves money but saves on packaging and trash. Buying in bulk also inspires people to cook and maybe even try new recipes using ingredients that they may have not considered in the past. Buying in bulk is also a great way to stock the pantry for future meals. I usually buy bulk ingredients for cooking as opposed to eating uncooked because I often see people picking and eating things out of the bulk bins. Bulk bins also offer you the option to purchase just a tiny amount of an ingredient which is very helpful if you are making a recipe that calls for a couple of tablespoons.
      All of these ideas are somewhat elementary and maybe third grade-ish but they are worth pointing out.

  • Anonymous

    I like the bulk section of our local food coop. It is the only reason I go there actually. It is generally cheaper than even the regular grocery stores. The bulk aisles is usually the busiest one in the store, so the product has a good turnover.

  • Jim

    The photo looks like it was taken at Whole Foods, where nothing is inexpensive.

  • Smart Shopper

    We are gradually exposing the organic foods overpricing rip-off. A difference of 89% in price between packaged and unpackaged organic food!!! And the bulk version of organic food ain’t cheap – still about twice the price of ordinary foods. Little wonder the organic industry keeps the propaganda mill cranking — that’s what keeps the mega bucks flowing in from gullible grocery shoppers. A fool and her money are easily parted!!!!

    • guest

       Funny, I can get organic say dry lentils or beans cheaper in bulk than I can get non-organic regularly priced because it doesn’t come in bulk.

  • Noel Mathur

    Tell me the places where I can buy Organic in bulk. I don’t find any stores in my neighborhood selling organic in bulk. Costco doesn’t sell organic stuff most of the times (at least not the one in Yonkers, NY) I searched online but the prices are not much different than buying small packs locally and shipping charges are outrageous. Will be glad if someone could list the places to buy organic in bulk, even NYC would be fine.

    • tom

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