Some Interesting Food Trends from Expo West

We spent Friday and Saturday at the Anaheim Convention Center, which was jam packed for the Expo West Natural Food Show. The show brings together manufacturers, buyers, foodies, and everyone else interested in a slightly healthier alternative to standard grocery fare. Alongside stalwart established brands in the space, such as Amy’s Kitchen or Clif Bar, there are many small players just starting out.

Here are four trends we picked up on:

Bean and Lentil Snacks – instead of corn or potato, beans and lentil crackers and chips offer higher fiber and protein count. Some come with a lower fat count compared to classic potato chips. As for the flavor profile, it is definitely different than what you are used to. But tasty too!

Storage solutions for water, food – many companies were touting their BPA free bottles and canisters. Some were plastic, others were stainless steel, with nice designs. There was even a company selling glass containers covered by silicon protector sleeves! We also like Lunchbots, a stainless steel lunchbox for kids.

Bulk – more on that later next week.

Seeds – Chia, flax and other seeds are making their way into various products. In their raw forms, they are superfoods, so it’s only logical that companies would want to incorporate them into processed goods.

Non GMO – the non GMO Project had a booth at the expo, and many exhibitors were proudly displaying their non-GMO affiliation.

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  • Anonymous

    lunch bots are cute.. but way too expensive.. sorry

    • EVIL food scientist

      Spendy, but unless you run them over with a truck, they should last forever. 

      As long as there aren’t lots of dead corners where it’s hard to clean, these things sound like a fine idea.

  • Mohalloran1

    All of these ” innovations” happened in Australia many years ago ! I love living here in the US but I am afraid that the food/ health industry is way behind my home country ( and many others!)

  • Leah Graves

    I prefer glass storage solutions (made in the US or Italy) that go from oven, to freezer, to microwave, to dishwasher. No plastic for this girl!

  • Jonathan Bechtel

    I would be interested to look at the labels for the lentil crackers. Corn, soy, and wheat are all good for you when digested in a particular form, but as we all know even the most nutritious foods can become prostituted if processed enough. 

    Ditto for the seeds. Are there real chia seeds going into these things, or partially hydrogenated chia seed phosphatase? You get the idea.

    Not judging these foods, just thinking out loud.