Processed vs. Whole Food: A Stomach’s Perspective [Video]

Food for thought – presented by Stefani Bardin at  TEDxManhattan 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    I think it is interesting.  It would be more relevant though to either do this with many more subjects, or only use one subject and have him eat each meal on different days.

  • NvonS

    Thank you for such an interesting explanation of how the food we eat is processed by our bodies.  I would like more information on food and type 2 diabetes. 

    • Meberts

      I have heard some good reports from people consuming high antioxidant raw cacao to stabilize blood sugar. see more on the videos at

      • Anket57

        All noncense

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  • Aprila Leon


  • Tracy

    In Europe they can not put a color in a package without putting it on the label, and not many do. Not even Mac n Cheese the same Neon orange stuff we eat here, has the artificial colors in it. It is still yellow, and taste the same. Makes you think….why bother?
    I have done a lot of research in to this as a mom, as I have a son who can not ingest any artificial colors at all, blue make him sick, violently. Yellow make him swell, he has to carry an Epi pen. red makes him break out in hives, and itch like crazy. Violet, caramel coloring, etc.. make him react too.

    • Carol

       Any color additives must be declared on packaging in the US also.

      • My own beat..

        Try finding common items without color additives… at an affordable price……  I think Tracy is right,  Why bother?

        • DarkStar_WNY

          The reason they bother is to meet US consumer demands and expectations.
          I realize it’s fashionable to heap hate on companies, but if Kraft Mac & Cheese would sell just as well without the coloring don’t you think the company would rather pocket the money they spend on coloring the food?

  • Beth

    Is there a journal article related to this study? 

  • Beth

    Is there a journal article related to this study? 

  • Beth

    Is there a journal article related to this study? 

  • Beth

    Is there a journal article related to this study? 

  • Kayln Terry

    I really like your topic about the stomachs perspective on processed food against whole food. I think that everyone has their own choice of what food they like to eat. I think that you should always consider eating processed food is not bad but it should be put into limit.

    • Anket57

       hey terry dont tell lies okay … i know your eating…………….

  • Barred_owl99

    I believe in eating naturally but this very biased as a study. She is clearly interjecting her opinion a bit too much.

  • Linda

    I would have liked to see something else besides ramen. The person eating the processed ramen didn’t seem to have chewed up the food much. It shouldn’t really be recognizable as noodles beyond the mouth! um. I am pro whole foods though for sure. And prochewing. Digestion begins in the mouth. Not only for mashing food up but also for mixing it with saliva.

    • Michelle Charissa


  • Lucy Andy

    Linda you are quite right. I appreciate you baby. I just pleased to read your words. You know I have the same opinion. Thanks for this allocation. :)

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  • benjamincgessel

    Wow… That is quite… Vivid… Only an incredibly serious, scientifically minded person could talk about this stuff in DETAIL without busting out laughing-at least periodically (the poop jokes, etc.). Of course, what is FAR more sobering is the intent behind the research-the whole point of why she is researching this. Natural food = healthy. Less natural food = less healthy. Period.

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