Kellogg’s Buys Pringles. New Savory Cereals On the Way?

Kellogg's and Pringles

photo: Wall St Journal

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are reporting that Kellogg’s is buying Pringles from current owner Proctor and Gamble. The deal, worth $2.7 Billion dollars, will see P&G completely divest itself from food brands. Pringles, the potato snack known for its iconic shape and tubular packaging, has annual sales of $1.5 Billion.

If you think of Kellogg’s as just a cereal company, think again. The company’s breakfast line includes cereal bars, Pop Tarts, and Eggo Waffles. But Kellogg’s also has a snack line that includes Cheez-it snacks and Keebler cookies.

And now Pringles.

Kellogg’s also owns one health positioned brand – Kashi – which operates as a wholly separate subsidiary.

From nutrition improvement perspective, there’s not much to hope for with the Pringles acquisition. Kellogg’s has not made as significant a change in product formulations as some of its competitors. For example, it is one of the last cereal manufacturers to still include Trans-Fats its children’s cereals (Froot Loops).

In fact, the purchase of a savory snack company whose products cannot legally be called potato chips (not enough potato in the product), will shift more of Kellogg’s focus to snacking. This at a time when we need to be eating (real food) not snacking on processed junk food.

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  • Lauren

    Misery loves company?

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea Kellogs owned Kashi.  Good information to have before my next trip to the grocery store.

  • Test

    Kelloggs also owns Bear Naked Peak granola.

  • Holleman67

    Kelloggs is a large corporation, I use to work got kelloggs snacks a separate division from the cereal and they offer large varieties of good, usually junk snacks! you would think a company as large as they are, they would spend more money on the organic divisions or at least some more healthier options.

  • Jon Hansen

     The employees guide for surviving the Kelloggs acquisition of Pringles . . .

  • Alexa Rae Stone

    I didn’t realize Kellogg owned Kashi either… I happen to love Kashi. And am not a fan of Kelloggs for obvious reasons. Can’t believe they can’t change the Trans-fats still… And Pringles are just as bad!! Just shocking that they haven’t done more with how large of a company they are.. so disappointing.

  • uspotatoboard

    I love to eat Pringles a lot. Just find out here that owned by kellogs now a days.