Romantic, Affordable & Healthy Valentines Day Idea

HeartGood morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you planning to blow loads of $$$ as a token of you love? Will you go to a five star restaurant?

The Beatles once sang “Can’t Buy me Love”, but these days it seems Valentine’s Day is all about buying more and more and more.

Here’s an idea that should keep you in budget, gastronomically pleased, and even more in love:

Instead of spending time together consuming dinner at an expensive restaurant tonight, spend the day together and prepare a tasty dinner yourself.

Start the day off preparing your menu by scanning recipes on the gorgeously designed Foodily search engine. Look for recipes with purportedly aphrodisiac ingredients including oysters, figs, asparagus, and honey (see full list here). Don’t forget a good bottle of wine (There are some great tasting wines at less than $15 a bottle).

Instead of your regular supermarket, find a specialty store in your area, or go to Whole Foods Market and wander about, soaking up the scents and sights of fine foods for inspiration.

Weather permitting, instead of driving consider a brisk walk to the grocery store.

Once back home, plan the food preparation so that both of you are in the kitchen together, even if only of you is the dominant cook of the house. Make sure you have great music playing in the background.

Once the preparations are over, don’t forget to dress up both the dining room table and yourselves before serving up your romantic, candle light dinner.

You can thank us tomorrow ;-)

What are your creative ideas for today?

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  • Carol Plotkin

    There’s nothing more romantic than making dinner with my sweetie! Much more romantic than going to a restaurant (and the food is much better too)!

  • Nolo Contendre

    Shopping and dawbing around in the kitchen, that’s your idea of romance?  Orthorexia has definitely run you fools to ground. If my spouse suggests kitchen work this evening I will file for divorce — irreconcilable differences. To say nothing of cruel and unusual punishment, having to put up with the insipid foodie nonsense day and night for the past 3 years. You all are some sick puppies! This is out of Cupid’s league; get yourselves some psychiatric help before it is too late.

  • Anonymous

    It’s over now! 

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  • banya bansko hoteli

    Valentines Day Idea