You Won’t See THIS Commercial During the Superbowl

You won’t see this commercial, by Chef Rob Endelman and his wife, during the big game today.

That’s because Quinoa, broccoli, and other healthy foods are not part of the modern multi billion dollar food chain.

But imagine if Kale Chips got the same marketing treatment as Doritos…

Enjoy the Superbowl folks!

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  • James Purdy

    I haven’t had much success making a tasty batch of quinoa. I guess I’ll have to try again.

  • Anonymous

    Have you tried rinsing the quinoa? It seemed to make my quinoa tastier. Also, I always add a little salt to the cooking water.

    • Abcdo

      I usually put quinoa with rice. Soak overnight add a table spoon of olive oil and a dash of salt

  • KaleChips

    “But imagine if Kale Chips got the same marketing treatment as Doritos…” Then even more people would understand why Doritos have become such a ubiquitous snack food and Kale Chips have not.

  • Eaton Wright

    Way to raise the quinoa awareness quotient!

  • Kris

    Hey, if he had 3.5 million or so to spend, the Ad could have aired!