Fuel for Your Car, Fuel for Your Body?

Fuel for your car and body

Fuel for your car and body

This picture was taken at a Shell Gas Station in the San Francisco area. Just a friendly reminder from the convenience store inside to fuel up on sugars and fats as you’re fueling your car.

While automobiles can consume only one type of fuel, humans are a much more complex machine. We can ingest a wider variety of inputs and convert them to energy. However, just like tainted fuel can mess with your car’s engine, so can the ingredients and nutrients in some of these treats.

It’s all in the proportions, of course.  A tiny amount of impurity in  gasoline won’t affect your car. And a candy one in a while won’t dent your overall health. Unfortunately, we have too many opportunities in the day to load up on the unhealthy fuels for our body. A gas station is just one of them.

Where do you get “pitched” to fuel up on candy and sugary drinks?

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  • Ken Leebow

    Like you, I take pictures … on my “Main Street”. I call it The Main Street Diet … www.themainstreetdiet.com … 

    My Main Street has 3 CVS stores within a mile of each other … I wonder why.

  • Sweetwater Tom

    i hear that sales of lottery tickets took a hit when pay-at-the-pumps were installed.  People no longer had to go inside to pay.  I hope the same is true for candy sales. The ads may be a response to this.  

  • jnwalsh1

    I’m astonished that at Dick’s Sporting Goods, the racks by the registers are full of candy — Gummi Bears, chocolate bars, Big League Chew gum, giant size bags of M&Ms and Hershey Kisses, and of course, the “nutrition” and “protein” bars that are no different, ingredient- and nutrition-wise than a Snickers bar but bear a claim of health or athleticism on the their labels.

  • guest

    “It’s all in the proportions, of course.  A tiny amount of impurity in gasoline won’t affect your car. And a candy one in a while won’t dent your overall health.”
     So, isn’t this the same blog that said last week that “there’s no such thing as moderation” in response to shaming Paula Deen for having Type 2 Diabetes?
    Is there moderation, or isn’t there?  
    The gas stations I go to generally have some fruit for sale near the register.  Granted, it’s not a LOT of fruit, but there a few bananas and a couple apples.  
    Perhaps we should ban all food advertising other than “approved” foods. Have people have to conform to a fitness test prior to purchasing any “unhealthy” food items (read: everything other than dark green veggies, beans, legumes, a few root vegetables as long as they don’t contain too much starch, brown rice, and non-animal sourced 95% or more lean protein).
    If you come with your current (no more than 6 months old) physician’s note saying you can have a piece of candy, you turn in your state issued ration card and get a sensible portion of dark chocolate (at least you get some antioxidants that way).  
    We can use a built in scale in the floor and the security cameras in the store to estimate your height and calculate your BMI!  If they’re BMI  is on the spot calculated to be more than 25 (or 20, those 25’s are fatties in disguise), you get NOTHING even though your doctor issued you a note and a ration card.  Learn to budget your calories better, and maybe we’ll deem you fit enough for some variety of treat.  Isn’t a nice carrot and some hummus enough of a treat for you?  Cripes, it’s got significant amounts of fat and quite a bit of sugar in the carrot.  You should be happy we’re letting you eat that!

    • Another Guest

      Excellent point, Guest! In fairness, fooducate is consistent – they consistently go for the sensational hate message, regardless of facts.

      Your imaginative scenario of the food police isn’t so far-fetched, I fear. They would love to forcefully restrict our foods to a very narrow (and arbitrary) selection, then parsimoniously ration those. I can easily imagine one’s worth as a human being rated by a report of BMI and a critical summary of supermarket purchases logged onto the shopper’s club card. Sort of like how credit scores are used to keep us bent over nowadays. It will be a truly blissful world of carrots and hummus kept well regulated by the ever-vigilant food police (those sadistic bastards never sleep!).

    • Realness

      You have a very vivid imagination. But BMI is not an accurate judge of ones “health”. It’s based on a weight to height ratio and doesn’t factor in body fat percentage. For instance, I’m 6ft even 205lbs and my body fat percentage is 10. In your world I, along with the majority of the NFL, wouldn’t be able to have a piece of candy. Lol absurdity!

      • guest

        Not my world, Fooducate’s world.

      • Foodie_love

        The illustrious food police don’t give a brown squirt for your “realness”. Simple measures guide their sadistic bigotry and, if your BMI is out of range, you will be bludgeoned along with the rest. It is truly exquisite, the BMI calculation. Focuses a bigot’s attention sharper than religious affiliation, almost as certain as skin color. Fat people were put on this earth to be persecuted by righteous foodies. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.

    • Annoyed Guest

      Paula Deen’s version of moderation is WAY off base where actual healthy eating is concerned. There is not one single definition of the word “moderation”, unfortunately. What Deen sees as being moderate is still “stuffing your face” for most of us. Your response unfortunately assigns the wrong intent to the original post. Or you’re trolling, plain and simple; now where’s the moderation in that?

      • Pleased Commenter

        Defending the concept of hate messaging, Annoyed? Sure, anyone who exposes your ignorance is a “troll”. Better to be a sensible troll than a Koolaid-drinking foodie, that’s for sure!

      • jnwalsh1

        Paula Deen would batter up the candy bars and deep fry them in butter.

        • Flavor Craver

          And they would be delicious. Go gnaw on your carrots out of our earshot.

  • http://www.mamaclimbs.com/ Aimeeclimbs

    My kid gets “pitched” on sugary drinks and treats and school all the time!  How messed up is that!  I’ve submitted a proposal to do an Ignite talk about how much sugar there is in school now, so if anyone has an example of a typical day of their school aged kid, feel free to let me know.