The Black Bun Darth Vader Burger. Seriously

As we all know, there is a huge merchandising business around Hollywood movies. But what French Belgian fast food chain Quick did is taking it to the next level. Instead of a toy giveaway, or branded packaging, they are actually changing their menu items!

In the picture above is a limited edition Darth Vader burger, in honor of the upcoming release of Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace.

What we’d like to know, is how did they get the buns to be so black?

(h/t to Tom A)

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  • Yoni Freedhoff

    Pure, concentrated, evil.

    • Fooducate

      how much saturated fat and sodium in “Pure, concentrated, evil.” ;-) ?

  • Ehunter777

    Maybe it’s activated charcoal. Cures the heartburn it creates! Those French. So efficient.

  • Lauren Smith

    That is probably the least appetizing thing I have ever seen.

  • Gromit

    Maybe squid ink.

  • pamrider

    I suspect it is something simple, such as dark rye bread–one of my favorites.

    • Pat-K

      However it’s made, I’m prett sure it will be more chemically processed instead of natural

      • Jim

        I don’t think you can assume that. Squid ink is the most common black coloring.

  • Charles Martin

    If you ever happen to see packages of gourmet pasta colored black, the “natural” ingredient used was squid ink.

  • Jml

    n.b.: Quick is a Belgian “restaurant” chain – not French.

    • Fooducate

      fixed. thx

  • Janet M Ramski

    Ask any cake decorator – black food coloring, silly!

  • Stormruston

    Darth Vader essence?

  • Paula Jakobs

    probably food coloring, but it would be cool if it was made out of dark rye bread

  • Bratz0703

    Would luv to kno the nutrional info on this. My hearts hurts just lookin at it! Lol

  • Kelli

    I know that charcoal bread is sold in some Asian countries so that is my first guess.

  • Gralt

    …it’s the dark side…

  • showmethekale

    Either it’s a dark chocolate bun, or they just burn the crap out of it.

  • parisbreakfast


  • Jim

    Apparently paprika and beet juice. They also have a Darth Maul and a Jedi burger.

  • Jataka
  • Gio Solomon

    I strongly believe that they used food coloring.

  • Carmel

    It could be pumpernickel…

  • Anonymous

    And all they have to do is leave the bun in the oven too long.

  • Mcclintock65

    Will this cause one to the dark side?

  • Itzydneyyy03

    hahaha whatt.

  • Chiwowwow

    Food grade carbon black, squid ink, black food coloring, black rice flour, black beans or black bean flour, black beets, black berries, Ga Na Shy, seaweed, black salt, black: tomato, potato, or eggplant skin, molasses, black olives, insect extracts… my guesses

  • Chiwowwow

    or maybe they just found a new use old packet kethups that have gone bad :p

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  • Abood23456

    all the world will die because of food

  • Buttonwoodcuckoo

    Apparently, it is burned all to hell by the looks of it! Carcinogenic too. Yuck. Prove me wrong, but I’m guessing it’s not a good thing!

  • Mrdonpz

    Aaaahhh ewwwwww that does not look healthy.

  • Tiffany Kwan

    probably squid ink. they get bread/buns that black in asian bakeries with squid ink.

  • Erickjquezada

    It’s yedi piss-

  • Ozzzzs

    SO not appetising… Besides food likes this doesn’t look edible..

  • mat

    do u have cookies too?