Will Emulin Allow You to Consume More Sugar?

Here’s an interesting food additive that’s gaining popularity. Emulin, which became available as an over the counter supplement earlier this year, is supposed to help people control their blood sugar.

Sold as “GC7X”, this is not an artificial sweetener. It is a supplement that is purported to reduce glucose absorption in the bloodstream by 30%.

So why the picture of the grapefruit? Because Emulin is a patented blend of flavonoids found in grapefruits and berries.

What you need to know:

Very little research has been published to date on this supplement. In fact, only one study (on 40 people) has shown some potential benefit.

Apparently, grapefruits contain compounds that limit glucose absorption in the bloodstream. Like other fruits, they are a good source of fiber and other nutrients. Unfortunately very few of us eat enough fruit (or veggies). But most of us do consume an excess of processed foods that have little or no nutritional benefits.

Is the answer then to keep eating highly refined food products and then pop some magic pills? Should diabetics rejoice?

The GC7X company would obviously love for you to buy their pills. At $45 for a 90 day supply, they are the same price as eating half a real grapefruit per day.

Our take – no way. Just eat the real food people, not an extract focusing on a single benefit.

Experts also say that it’s a bad idea to eat sugary foods in general, even if the body is absorbing less sugar. High-sugar foods “generally don’t provide much nutrition, vitamins, minerals, protein or fiber,” said Susan Weiner, a New York City-based registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Selecting vegetables, whole grains and fruits as carb choices will allow people with diabetes to better manage their blood sugar levels, she said. Read more from LA Times…

What to do at the supermarket:

Spend more time in the produce section. Down the road it will save you both time and money by allowing you to avoid the pharma aisles of  the local drugstore…

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  • Bkmoseley

    Diabetics have a significantly higher risk of high cholesterol and heart disease, as well as other medical problems later in life if not controled. Due to this fact, most doctors place them on medications to prevent or control these issues, even if they currently do not show signs of the associated illnesses. One group of drugs typically prescribed to diabetics for high cholesterol is severely effected if consumed in conjunction with grapefruit, preventing it from doing its job. Diabetics should use extreme caution when taking supplements and should always run them by their doctor before taking them. I agree the best action is a controled diet with exercise.

    • Kate Heuchera

      BK is talking about statin drugs like Lipitor, and the danger of combining them with grapefruit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.terlau Rachel Terlau

    Absolutely agree! Eat real food, people…the last thing we need is another “magic” pill or weight-loss “solution” which deters people form learning how to chose and eat foods properly. The only way we will ever get healthy as a nation is to stop looking for quick fixes and address root cause! No more JUNK!

    • odiasura

      I know this is old as hell, but you’re talking out of your ass.

  • Kate Heuchera

    I’d agree with the “no way” recommendation, especially without further research to find out more about the product.

    • Amy D

      You can find out more information about this product on GC7x.com. They have a great blog with a lot of information about Emulin and the positive affects it has on glucose control. Check them out! Their success stories are amazing.

  • http://all4payday.com/ Susan

    Very nice blog!


  • http://www.barleygold.info/ Bob Gilpatrick

    We help people with Metabolic Syndrome in our Holistic Health practice and many have taken Emulin combined with sprouted Barley Seeds.  In every case  we have seen fantastic results. 
    People need to control their sugar intake for many reasons; however do not underestimate products like Emulin.  Emulin is far more than just grapefruit.  It is a patented combination of plant extracts that was 5 years in the making by highly dedicated PhD scientists. 
     We advise people about their diets and encourage organic raw foods and super foods.  For people who are sick we give them a helping hand with plant extract supplements like Emulin while they work to modify their diets over time.  We tell them that if they change their diet, they will not need to take Emulin after their body has been rebuilt with proper nutrition.  This process takes many months and avoiding the damage caused by high blood sugar during the transition is a sound practice. 

  • JT

    I am on Lipitor and Antara for cholesterol and triglycerides. I would like to get the benefits of emulin by eating grapefruits but can’t. I wonder if this supplement would be a good alternative.

  • http://twitter.com/GCDiet Glucose Control Diet

    Emulin is a fantastic product we have been working very closely with ATM Metabolics and have take a lot of video footage which we will be sharing.

    I have been getting a lot of emails as well from people who have been using GC7X that are seeing great results.

    We are really excited about GC7X and emulin for more information and great advice http://www.glucosecontroldiet.com