Fooducate App Accolades

We’ve working hard to turn Fooducate into a trusted brand for food advice. Whether on this blog, Facebook and twitter, or through our mobile apps, our goal is to empower you to make better healthier choices. And we recently announced that our app has been downloaded over a million times across iPhone and Android, with over 10 million product scans too.

This weekend we were thrilled to learn that Apple has chosen Fooducate as the best of the iPhone Health & Fitness category in its App Store Rewind 2011:

And on the Android Marketplace, Fooducate is now a featured app, heading up the health and fitness category:

Thanks Apple, Thanks Google, we appreciate your support!

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  • Tom

    How about fast forwarding to the point when we have a Windows Phone app please?

    • deaconbam

      Is there a projected delivery date? Is there a workaround available?

  • Spallen77

    When is the Android tablet app coming???

  • Lauren

    That’s great news our clients love Fooducate (and do you still need me to get it kid-tested? Forgot). Curious if you saw ADA’s endorsement of diet soda. I posted about it and it’s an outrage. 

  • Jenna Zelman

    Congratulations!!! Such an amazing accomplishment!  

  • sherryb

    Would be nice if this app were available outside the U.S. too!  I hear so many positive things about it, but can’t try it in Norway.  :-(

  • Debi

    My kids love to “Fooducate” new foods at the store!  Thanks for the great app!

    • Fooducate

      we get that from lots of parents! thanks Debi

  • Kim Sharon

    Congratulations for whatever your progress to turn Fooducate into a trusted brand for food advice!! I hope your hard work will soon find sun light. Thanks buddy and keep going on.