The Fooducate App, 10 Million Scans Later…

Today Fooducate is sharing with the public some information about our mobile app (iPhone /Android) usage for the first time.

A formal press release can be found here, but the fun part is the infographic we’ve put together below.

What we’re most excited about is that Fooducate is actually changing people’s food purchase decisions!


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  • Tom

    I know that I would be glad to contribute to the database if I had an app for my Windows Phone.

  • Yoni Freedhoff

    Congratulations Hemi and team!

  • Andrea T

    I love the idea of the app and wish it was available in Canada. Congratulations on the app and kudos on all your ongoing work.

  • Guest

    Congratulations. You’ve dispensed 10 million instances of opinionated misinformation. Obviously there is an epidemic of junk science consumers to rival the obesity epidemic. Between them, that’s a lot of impaired nutritional philosophy out there and it represents quite a market, doesn’t it! Kraft Foods and Nestle aren’t the only ones who’ve learned how to exploit a market, it appears.

    • guest

      Go back to your cave. This app rocks.

  • Laura

    Congratulations! Thank you for this awseome app!!! Very educational and appropiate in the day and age!!!

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  • Mbasappa

    Good going.
    I like it because you say there is no lobbying from the manufacturers. Please keep it that way. Do not turn it into a business.

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