Fooducate Android Version 1.10

We’re happy to announce the latest version of Fooducate’s Android App. We’ve added a lot of great features to make the app more useful to you.

Comments – You can now post and view comments on any product. Share your thoughts, serving suggestions, and any other useful tips. On any product page, just tap the comment button and let the world know what you think…

Submit a Product – Every once in a while you may scan a product we don’t recognize. More precisely, we simply don’t have it in our product database. When you scan a product we don’t have in our database, we ask for your help – all you need to do is snap a 3 picture for us – Front of package, Nutrition Label, and Ingredient List. We’ll then add the product to the Fooducate database and notify you of its grade.

Notification Settings – Android has a really neat notification system that lets you know in realtime when something happens. But some people don’t want to get notifications, or if they do, to have them come in silently. Now you can choose how to get your notification.

Bug fixes – As alway, keeping up the good fight…
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  • Tom

    It’s that time…..dadada……And how about that WinPhone version?

  • Susanna Shin

    Just downloaded! =]

  • Joe Alamo

    Wish it worked on my version of Android. It wont install – says incompatible. Using the Samsung Epic 4G