Burritos, Willie Nelson, and Sustainable Agriculture

Chipotle’s motto is “Food with Integrity.” Although the burrito joint is a fast food establishment, it tries to source meat and other ingredients from small farms practicing sustainable agriculture. Animals are treated like … animals, not factory inputs.

To emphasize their values, Chipotle recently created a short video clip depicting a farmer going full cycle from small farm to factory farm and back.

Not that a burrito is your best nutritional option for lunch, but if you need to decide between a Whopper or half a burrito, Chipotle wins on both fronts:

1. Nutrition – see a comparison here

2. Ingredient sourcing

So far Chipotle has been able to do the sustainable song and dance because it is a relatively small chain – only 1000 locations. Imagine if McDonald’s (14,000 US locations, 32,000 globally) made the decision to source chicken only from small, sustainable, family farms. Now that would be a revolution.

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  • Celestialpetunia

    I think it’s a step in the right direction.  Even if their practices aren’t perfect, jumping on board with them and showing them our overwhelming support is the way to get the big boys to sit up and take notice! 

  • Brian

    What’s sort of ironic about this is, Chipotle was owned in part by McDonalds (They had a majority stake from 1999-2006.) I suppose sourcing food from small farms practicing sustainable agriculture gave Mickey D’s an upset stomach, so they had to divest.

  • Katwages

    lol, Gotta luv Willie :)   Still wont be eating any burritos (4 sons might) but love the measahttps://twitter.com/#!/katwagesge. If yur gonna eat it, eat it Chipotle style.

  • Charlotte

    I think it’s great! Plus a burrito bowl from Chipotle has a TON more flavour compared to large fries and a burger from McD, is better for you and about the same price. And if you nix the tortilla, you shave off about 260 kcals and 9 grams of fat.

  • Jancblawat

    I believe McDonalds is solely responsible for the big jump in production by factory poultry farms a few years ago, when they invented chicken mcnuggets. That and the Russian market, which demands dark meat, changed the market. There is now a whole generation of consumers that doesn’t know how to cut up a whole bird for themselves, they only buy pieces.

  • PTBarnum

    Chipotles food is common toxic garbage but we will all jump on their profiteering bandwagon if they will trash-talk modern agriculture and chant the BS buzzword sustainable. Suckers for marketing.

  • Amy Law

    They claim they buy locally raised meats, but here in Houston, no one can figure out where they get their meat from. We know just about all the farmers and ranchers ’round here, and they aren’t buying from any of us, but claim they are. It is highly suspected that they are not honest and forthcoming with this marketing claim. Would love for them to site their source.

  • Tam_ra_2000

    Agree, I researched Chipole’s claim to fame but it is all a lie. They never specify where the meat comes from and the standards for the animals. They try and brag about no antibiotics or hormones but news flash, all meat sold cannot contain these. Also, they state that they only purchase from local farms when it is practical( huh)? I would boycott this place, it is one thing to be junk food and have no excuses about the food and  another to pretend you are serving quality food.

  • M.S.

    I love this video! Chipotle may not be the healthiest food but I believe and support what they are doing! Kudos!