Now Available: The Fooducate Android App (Beta)

We’re happy to announce the release of the Free Fooducate App for Android (version 0.9). You can get the app from the Android market. (Note: Only in the United States)

The Fooducate app empowers shoppers make better, healthier  choices at the supermarket. It encapsulates all the tips and tricks we’ve been writing about on this blog for the past 3 years.

Use your Android device to:
★ Automatically scan a product barcode
★ See product highlights (both good & bad)
★ Select better alternatives

Technical notes:

  • Requires Android OS version 2.2 or higher, touch screen, and camera
  • Works only with US products
  • Not tested on all Android handhelds
  • Not tested on Android tablets

(A little more on the technical side: Android was an interesting platform to develop for compared to iPhone, because of multiple types of phones, screen resolutions, and Android operating system versions. The current app is labeled as version 0.9 to indicate that there may be some issues on certain devices that we did not have a chance to play with. There are hundreds of different Android devices out there.)

We’re asking you, the Fooducate community, to download and use the app and let us know how well it’s working for you or not. We will be issuing frequent updates to the app until we are confident it deserves the “1.0″ version.

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  • Kelly Knights

    Why is it only available in the States? 

    • Fooducate

      because it refers to specifc UPCs (barcodes) of producst found only in the US. We don’t have a sizeable product database of any other country at this time. See

  • Amy Reynaldo

    Yay! Can’t wait to try it out when I’m shopping.

  • kathy

    When will it hit the Australian market????

    • Fooducate


  • Guest

    why cant i find it in the market?

    • Fooducate

      It’s only available to you if:
      1. You are in the US
      2. Your Android is version 2.2 or higher
      3. Your Android has a camera & touchscreen

      • Theruizclan

        My Android is 2.2
        I live in the US
        I have a touch screen and camera…

        Why isn’t it in my Market?????

        • Fooducate

          Please send an email to and provide some additional info – exact phone model, carrier and we will try to figure this out.

  • Amanda Trevelino

    Happy day. Going to my droid market right now.

  • Tom

    Congrats Android! Now comes the Windows Phone app right??>

  • Betty Jones

    I’m so happy this is finally here — thanks for sending me the e-mail to let me know!  I’ve installed it on my phone and it looks good.  I haven’t scanned anything yet, but it gives me a random product with no problem.  My only plea is that at some point you make it able to be moved to the sd card.  My little entry-level Android phone has very limited storage space on the phone, so I rarely download apps that can’t be moved to the SD card. :-)

  • The Healthy Hoff

    OMG!!!! So happy – can’t wait to use it!!!!!

  • la.girl

    Unable to download it on my Mytouch >.<

    • Fdsoifh

       Same here.

  • Auty

    I’m really sad :( my version isn’t 2.2 :( and I have waited so long.  Oh well, not getting a new phone just for one app when the one I have was 400 :(

  • Anianna

    I don’t know if you are still checking this, but are there any plans to update this app for tablets? I can’t find it in the market using my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and when I use your link, it says the app is not compatible with my device. I would love to use it if it was availabe to me.

  • MsRebecca

    Why can’t I download this on my droid? Says my phone is incompatible and it does not show up when I search on the Android Market app. :(

  • Theresa J

    I have Android version 2.3…I cannot get this to work, it scanned one item once and cannot get it to scan, what am I doing wrong? Also, if I type in a barcode # or do a search it does not give me an option to press send or anything, I type it in and it does nothing. Should it be doing this or is it my phone? Very confused. Love the app, am so excited and anxious to use it

    • Fooducate

      Hi Theresa! So sorry about that! Contact our support by e-mailing support at fooducate dot com and they will help you out :)

  • Rachel Freeman

    Why is there no “I ATE THIS” option like for the iPhone? I just switched to android and I have been using this app to help me keep track of the things I am eating daily. I want to continue doing so!! Am I just missing it?

  • Aabharan

    I was searching for the “Android app” you shared through blog. It is quite interesting and obviously very much exploring for me. Thanks you very much for sharing!