This Summer, Lipton Sells Natural

Lipton recently announced its plan for the summer: 100% Natural LIPTON® Green Tea with Flavors:

As the Natural Food & Beverage category grows and consumers believe that “natural” is a key indicator for health and wellness,iced tea drinkers will find the new 100% Natural Lipton Iced Teas – which are made up of the finest-quality Lipton teas, real sugar and natural flavors – on shelves in 20-ounce bottles.


“We know tea, and our new 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea line, which includes refreshing new flavors, offers yet another way for people to enjoy tea…”

If this is the new tea, does that mean the old tea wasn’t natural?

What you need to know:

It’s all about marketing, as you probably know. The new Lipton iced tea isn’t very different from the old one. And it’s nothing to brag about.

Here is the ingredient list:

Tea (Water, Tea Extract from Tea Leaves), Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, REB A (Purified Stevia Extract)

Notice that the second ingredient is sugar. There are 13 grams (just over 3 teaspoons) per serving. But the bottle has 2.5 servings, or over 8 teaspoons!!

And if this amount of sugar does not sweeten the drink enough, processed stevia is added as well (REB A).

Citric acid is a naturally found chemical that is responsible for the tart flavor of lemons. However, the citric acid found in beverages is manufactured through the use of Aspergillus Niger, a mold that feeds on cheap corn syrup glucose.

And where do the blueberry and pomegranate flavors come from? The mysterious ingredient know as “Natural Flavor”.

Obviously there is no nutrition value here, natural or not, just 125 empty calories.

What to do at the supermarket:

The best natural hydration you will ever find is water. Iced teas drinks usually mean a lot of sugar added. Best to stay away or find brands that are unsweetened.

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  • Miranda

    or make your own at home and use a reusable water bottle to carry it – and leave out the sugar!!

    • Charlotte

      Yepp, and if you need it somewhat sweeter tasting (I know I do), use herbal teas that have a “sweet” flavour, like raspberry. We use a mix of Raspberry Zinger and Lemon Zinger teas for our iced teas. :)

  • Anonymous

    Sugar aside, water + tea leaves extract — which is basically a tea — should be at least a source of natural antioxidants.
    The question is — which tea leaves do they use, what kind of extract process is it, and how does this all affect original health benefits of tea?

  • Mudstorm

    Just eat the fruit!

  • FruitBat

    On top of that, Lipton until only recently (this year!) were testing their tea products on animals, until petitioned by PETA & supporters to stop.

  • Dalai Lina

    It continues to surprise me how many people won’t just pick up a glass and put it under the faucet…

  • Kitchen

    People need changes as periodically. We can’t say that old tea wasn’t natural. But Lipton has added something new ingredients which increase the prestige of this tea and make it more natural than soon.

  • Anonymous

    Sweetened with Stevia would have been the best choice. Lipton / Unilever wake UP!

  • Michelle

    You ppl is just a bunch of wet blankets they are trying I mean they already have green tea packets. What next you want to parade around talking about how stevia is your enemy I swear you can’t make everyone happy next thing you know honey ain’t even healthy.