Listen Up US Supermarkets: Aussie Grocery Chain Drops Artificial Dyes

ALDI, an international grocery chain with a strong Australian presence of 200 stores, has announced that effective immediately all food products sold in its stores will not be using artificial coloring:

ALL ALDI food grocery items now free of artificial food colours

At ALDI, our responsibility to customers is intrinsically linked to the health and nutrition of all our products, and we are constantly reviewing our range to improve its nutritional content.



To that end, we are pleased to say that ALDI is now completely free of artificial food colours – across both exclusive brand lines and branded food items. Read more…

These are the colors being removed:

102 Tartrazine  (known in the US as Yellow #5)
104 Quinoline Yellow
110 Sunset Yellow (Yellow #6)
122 Carmoisine (Red #3)
124 Ponceau
129 Allura Red (Red #40)

Why is this a big deal?

Just a few weeks ago we reported on an FDA Panel that voted against warning labels on foods with artificial colors.

In several studies, artificial colors have been linked to numerous problems including hyperactivity and cancer. While the FDA has found the evidence inconclusive, health agencies in Europe have required warning labels on products using them. As a result many manufacturers have switched to natural dyes. And now a major retailer in Australia is taking an important step.

So what’s the holdup in the US?

Why can’t Aldi, which operates 1000 stores here, make the same move?

Don’t America kids deserve safe food?

What to do at the supermarket:

Choose foods that are naturally colored. They will usually be more nutritious.

in case you are wondering, the free Foodcuate iPhone App always warns about artificial colors in products scanned.

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  • Charlotte

    As a former Aldi (US) employee, I have to say I am really happy with this move on behalf of the Australian Aldi! And it would not surprise me if the US Aldi stores followed suit. They are already way ahead of other US companies when it comes to employee rights and pay, so I wouldn’t doubt that they also want the best for their customers. But even so, I will shoot them an e-mail and support them (ie nudge them) to make the right decision. :o )

  • Ken Leebow

    There’s a family relationship to Trader Joe’s – brothers, I believe. TJ’s does not sell food with artificial dyes. TJ’s is a great store and the prices are very good too.

    Ken Leebow

    • Charlotte

      Aldi is owned by the Albrecht brothers, who have split the company into Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. It is Aldi Nord that owns Trader Joes, whilst Aldi stores in the US are run by Aldi Süd.

  • Catherine

    I am from Australia (living in the US right now) and this is so exciting!! Go Aldi! I would track down a store to shop at if they did it here too.

  • Katie Tasky

    I’ve never even heard of Aldi, but that is a big step in the right direction, especially if it’s an international company.

  • Jim Cooper

    Nonsense. The evidence is quite inconclusive, as you would know had you read the actual 2 papers. And the reviewers (from Oak Ridge) of Stevenson’s papers agreed:

    “it is the opinion of this reviewer that there is questionable confidence in the reliability and biological relevance of the primary findings from this study.”

    • Fooducate

      And despite this, the food industry in Europe, and now Australia are moving away from artificial colors.

  • Kara Sorensen, MS, LAc

    Who needs scientific research when we can use common sense? Why would anyone want to ingest non-food substances if they knew better? When did the brainwashing start and when did it become acceptable to eat these substances that our bodies have to attempt to break down? I guess it was in the 50′s.

    The Europeans seem to be always be ahead of the US in terms of food policy and the Aussie’s aren’t far behind them. The US is dead last I’m afraid.

    I think it’s up to the American people to educate themselves and rethink their choices as our government is certainly not going to help in this regard any time soon.

  • australian food

    Artificial color are health hazardous. So always choose the food of natural colors.
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