Oh My! Mio Water Flavoring Has Nothing Real in It

Kraft, like many big food companies, has a problem. Every 3 months the publicly traded company needs to show rising sales and profits to its Wall Street Investors. But since it sells food, how can it possibly sell any more to a country of already overstuffed consumers?

The answer: Innovation.

Mostly in marketing.

And so, in a recent company “innovation day” Kraft executive have brainstormed and concocted a new product called Mio Water Flavoring.

What is it?  A concentrated liquid that comes in tiny eye-drop-sized bottles.

The target consumer: Men and women aged 18 to 39 who “prefer to customize their experiences, including what they drink.”

“This is the next big thing,” says Roxanne Bernstein from Kraft, director of the $3.99 MiO brand.  “It’s an entirely new category.”  Kraft is pumping a lot of energy into this product launch, their biggest in 15 years.

Is all the fanfare justified?

Nutritionally this product has no calories. Sounds good. Until you see what’s inside…

What you need to know:

Here is the ingredient list:

Water, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Malic Acid, Contains Less than 2% of Natural Flavor, Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners), Potassium Citrate, Red 40, Blue 1, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative).

What are you getting here? Propylene Glycol is a clear and slightly bitter liquid that is used to prevent discoloration of foods during storage. It has been shown to cause various diseases in animal studies when consumed in large quantities.

Acesulfame Potassium is a fake sweetener that is potentially carcinogenic.

“Natural Flavor” with fake colors to cause you to imagine the berries depicted on the package. Unfortunately those artificial colors may cause cancer and hyperactivity too.

Last but not least, potassium sorbate is a mold inhibitor  – it allows this product to sit on a shelf for months.

So, Mio is a gobbledegook of chemicals designed to entice consumers, but mostly to increase Kraft profits.

Really Kraft, is this the best you could do?

What to do at the supermarket:

Learn to enjoy unflavored water as your hydration solution of choice. Even though Mio is a zero calorie drink, it conditions your taste buds to expect uber-sweet flavors. It skews your tongue’s perception of what types of food it should want.

If you have a sweet tooth, learn to enjoy small portions of real sweets, made with real food ingredients that you can actually bite into. But leave the water be.


  • http://motherfoodissues.wordpress.com/ Marleebruinsma

    Thank you for an interesting and informative blog. I’ve recently started a blog on issues with food and am enjoying reading what you have to say. It amazes me how simple food (and water) gets turned into complex compounds in the quest to squeeze extra dollars from consumers. At least supermarket shopping is getting easier for me – once around the edges to get fruit, vegies, some cheese – things with no added sweeteners, emulsifiers, stabilisers, flavour enhancers… I hear there is now even an additive designed to remove some of the sweet taste from items loaded with sugar!

    • Nwfighter85

      I just started drinking MIO just to try it out and I haven’t noticed any issues with it yet, but i am definitely aware of the chemicals and their properties. One thing I will say that I’ve noticed, is that no matter how much of it I drink, I Feel dehydrated and my urine is also darker. Note that I am a fighter and have been hitting the gym twice a day, so it may just be coincidence and I may just not be drinking enough liquids period. Either way, I plan in finishing this bottle off ad giving a full review about it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E6NRMHRPXDTHKXEVMRH244QILM Griya

    Nice article, thanks for the information.

  • turtle66

    This sound God Awful for a person to consume! Should be a big hit with the Teenagers sad to say.

  • Jason

    Cost of liquid gobledeygook, $.21. Cost of marketing said gobledegook, $.75. Profit, $3.03.

    • Lspaziano

      The packaging is like .50

  • Jim Cooper

    Since the FDA found no reason to label food colorings with warning labels perhaps you should stop beating this drum. Acesulfame potassium is approved by the FDA and the EU and rodent studies were at 1200 times the dosage you would find in soft drinks. Even the alarmist CSPI ranks sucralose as safe. Propylene glycol has been shown o be extremely safe at almost any concentration.

    Nonetheless, this stuff is certainly a pointless product.

    • trysh

      Oh ya sure Aspertame is approved by the FDA too so I guess that means its safe too right? *eyeroll*

      • Joe

        Yes, it is actually. Aspartame is the most scrutinized artificial sweetener there is. Yet despite being taken to the ropes and tested repeatedly, each and every time it is concluded that the low quantities found in foods makes it quite safe.


        Something that people fail to realize is that these sweeteners are not calorie free. In fact they have a calorie value of 4kcal/g which is on par with carbs (sugar) and protein. However, they are 100+ times as sweet and so they can use 100+ times less of it to get the desired results.

        A normal can of pop has about 150 calories. A diet can of pop has about 1.5 calories. The companies are allowed to put 0 calories on the label because it is below 5 calories.


        Here is a very good, factual, article by Dr. Bernadene Magnuson


        You could educate yourself, or you can continue to buy into the uneducated drivel like this blog, which contains zero reference unlike this post I’m making.

    • Tommy

      You are a gullible fool if you believe ANYTHING the FDA says these days. If the FDA says it’s safe, you can pretty much assume the opposite.

      • Alice

        …what? How is that even close to true?

  • http://ithinkitneedsmoreturbinado.blogspot.com/ SL

    I tested & reviewed it a few weeks ago. Crazy Franken-food I tell you!

  • Lauraseu313

    I use Pure Inventions – it’s all natural and has no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Check it out at pureinventions.com.

    • Dave

      Yeah…it’s only 30 bucks a bottle…

    • Jim Cooper

      Unfortunately, there is no evidence that anti-oxidants do any good.

  • Tom

    Spreading unwarranted fear as usual. There is NO scientific evidence that Acesulfame Potassium sugar substitute causes cancer at all. None. Neither the US FDA nor the European counterparts have said there is any reason for fear at all yet you still trot out the tired old “cancer” fear factor. I guess you know more than all those scientists, right?

    • Abbanana

      How about we see where your information came from too

    • Dan

      Hey cancer rates are higher than they used to be! ( shriek alarm!#) it’s almost as if it tracks people living longer, nah couldn’t be…

      • Brian Gooch

        Sources for your claim?

    • http://profiles.google.com/jtaylor37 Jonathan Taylor

      The point is,,,WHY DRINK CHEMICALS???

      • Badass

        You think H2O is not a chemical? Interesting.

        • Jessie Risa

          H2O is natural. If you have to make it in a lab, you probably shouldn’t ingest it.

          • Guest

            The idea that natural is always good and ‘unnatural’ is always bad is a well known fallacy. First, the term natural is extremely ambiguous and people are generally inconsistent in how they categorise what counts as unnatural, second, there are plenty of things found in nature that will kill you like arsenic and there are plenty of so called ‘non natural’ things that are good for you, like many medicines. Pretty much all medicine you’ll get in hospital is made in a lab, guess you should stay away from it and just die instead?
            Yes some chemicals made in a lab are bad for you, but not all of them are inherently bad simply by virtue of being made in a lab, which means that if you would like to argue that one in particular is bad, you should provide scientific studies that demonstrate this.

          • generationpolitics

            natural how? It is a chemical compound regardless of how simple it is.
            Hydrogen and Oxygen aka a chemical compound.

            But then again I don’t think Johna was referencing that.

          • TDog

            If you made H2O in a lab, it would still be H2O.

          • ashizuri

            I wish we’re able to synthesize H2O. We could’ve colonized Mars a long time ago.

          • creatonzi

            Uranium is natural you dumbfuck. “Natural” and “unnatural” don’t mean anything. Tons of chemicals produced by organisms are made in labs for food simply because it’s cheaper. There’s literally nothing wrong with that.

        • Snooze

          HCN is also a chemical, and I’d rather not be exposed to it. Being deliberately obtuse does not help your cause, the poster obviously meant synthetic compounds that have no nutritive value.

          • ScottMc76

            The problem is, “nutritive value” is not the only variable to consider in whether you should ingest something. I could go into a long drawn out debate about all the things we ingest for reasons other than nutritive value, but I think you get it. For example, eating something because it tastes good to you is not a decision based on nutritive value. If you want the absolute best nutrition, you’d probably eat nothing but cooked whole grains, fish and vegetables, with little or no seasoning.

            What Mio offers is less about nutrition and more about a product that reinforces a lifestyle choice. For example, at work, I get afternoon cravings for sweets. With Mio, I can resist the urge to eat a candy bar with loads of carbs, fat and calories and instead drink a large glass of water with a zero calorie delicious flavoring. So, the “nutritive value” comes via the fact that Mio has helped me avoid ingesting something that would be worse for me.

      • generationpolitics

        hahahahahaahahahaha next time look at the bottle of water you drink that little asterisk *chemically enhanced to improve flavor

        this on a bottle of water entertains me but its there.

      • Tommy

        Exactly. And the artificial sweeteners taste NASTY until you develop a taste and addiction for it then it tastes good, as it slowly poisons you.

    • Tommy

      Yes I do know more than the bought and paid for “scientists”, actually. Please drink it daily, it’s your body!

  • Jdavis2002

    I think it tastes great but I get a headache afterward. :( And I only use a tiny drop. Is the taste worth the headache…. no I’d rather add a teaspoon of fruit juice instead. I’m disappointed, cause it really does taste yummy.

    • Teezer88

      Me and my entire family also get really bad headaches after drinking mio, and diarrhea.

      • Lovedave

        We also get extremely bad headaches, I have been searching about headaches related to MIO.  I’m bummed, I love the flavor, but the headaches are just unbeleiveably bad.

        • Hill

          So people are super sensitive to certain types of the fake sweeteners…doesn’t mean they are HARMFUL and like…cause cancer…but does mean those people shouldn’t have them.

          • Keith

            Ya know It’s all about moderation.. I was drinking about 4 /l of water with Mio in it for about the past week and I woke up this morning feeling like I had a hangover and I haven’t had a drink in 3 months.  I researched it a bit and found out that the ingredient that was causing this is propylene glycol.. it is regarded as generally safe by the FDA.  But I think like anything it should be used in moderation.. I should also note changes in mood such as angry outbursts and depression…

      • Boner Soup

        Reading your comment gave me diarrhea, damn you MiO!!!!

    • Joyce Mari

      Have you stopped drinking caffeinated drinks?

  • Speakeasiez

    I like my fake shit, thank you very much! How else can it taste so good and not make you fat?

    • http://profiles.google.com/jtaylor37 Jonathan Taylor

      Right but can potentially give you cancer WAY TO GO!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jason.bauer.3152 Jason Bauer

        Right but water is a chemical, therefore your logic fails.

        • jim

          yes, but is water flammable?

          • Ellie

            No, but oxygen is. And you need that to survive.

          • TJ

            Actually, if you break water down into it core chemicals, it is highly flammable. once again, your logic fails…

    • Tommy

      Drink up! You won’t have to worry about being fat anymore when you die from cancer!

      • Matt

        This has to be a joke. Nobody can seriously be this retarded.

  • kb

    Where do you get your sources for this article?  If you are listing things as potentially carcinogenic you better have references for that statement.

    • paul fragment

      Work for Kraft? Why the hell doesn’t the label tell you how much taurine you’re ingesting?

      • Jason Rodriguez

        More like the article is a farce.

        • Tommy

          Enjoy your cancer chemicals Jason.

          • dexter

            I farted

    • Jessie Risa
      • Sigh

        When people ask for sources, they generally want scientific studies from peer reviewed journals in academic databases, not media articles from internet sites written by journalists who don’t provide such sources for what they are saying. If you want to research a topic like this, that is a poor way of going about it. Go review the peer reviewed academic literature on it, the actual experiments, look at the results and evaluate their methodologies. Anyone can write an internet article and make claims that aren’t sourced with studies or academically peer reviewed. I can link you 10 internet media articles that say Milk is terrible for you and 10 that say the complete opposite.

        • http://www.youtube.com/gayworldorder GayWorldOrder

          When people ask for sources, it’s typically because they’re too
          stupid/lazy to research it on their own or don’t have full access to
          academically peer reviewed journal sites, yet paid idiots shills like
          you expect everyone else to provide academically peer reviewed evidence
          served on a silver platter. Who made you judge, jury and executioner?
          If I make a point you don’t agree with, it’s your obligation to disprove
          my point, not my obligation to fulfill your every demand simply because
          you claim I’m wrong. Nobody said this article was directly sourced or
          referenced from scientific journals or extracted from medical databases,
          many times it’s just common sense, yet more often than not, highly
          specialized studies aren’t even released to journal sites because the
          information is damning to those paid shill industries whose motivations
          for profit override dissemination of scientific knowledge betraying
          ethics standards. Furthermore, then you said “go and review the peer
          reviewed academic literature, the actual
          experiments, look at the results and evaluate their methodologies!” I
          couldn’t help but laugh, since that information is typically gleaned
          through institutional subscriptions only,
          meaning the scientific studies you demand from the OP, aren’t accessible
          to the OP, nor the general public, but rather available only through
          credentialed login,
          or by those expert professionals willing to fork out a hefty dollar sum
          of between $30.00 –
          $1,000.00 per study, unabridged. Otherwise, you are left with a one line

          thumbnail summaries, or media articles gleaned off the web like the OP
          so graciously read, researched and posted for you.
          I find it
          you admonish the OP’s research, while not providing a shred of
          academically peer reviewed data yourself? Looks to me like you’re the
          only idiot here, NOT the OP who at least furnished links to the kind of
          information typically available to the general public, including
          yourself it
          appears. Your piety and hypocrisy is laughable, thank you for making me
          classic ‘Clown Collage’ graduate material here, you should work for the
          circus instead of trying to convince everyone you’re absolutely serious,
          you come off like a joker to everyone smarter than you, which is most of us.

          • zimmy

            The hilarious part of the last review is that it was clearly typed out in word and then cut into this. What’s the matter? You have that little trust in your spelling?

          • Mark

            Good lord. The burden of evidence is on he who is making the positive claims, not on the detractors of said claims. If you want to be believed, you have to provide a strong argument. You can’t just whine when someone points out that your argument sucks.

          • Drew

            google scholar.
            End of discussion.

          • Tdog

            Are you kidding? The burden of proof is on those making the claims, not the reader.

  • http://jonathan-peterson.com/ Jonathan Peterson

    you could always put a drop or two of natural flavor extract into water.  I like peychaud’s bitters myself.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7WPQOPNWQZYXXUQM65LJA6TAOI vikp

    Did you know that the computer monitors people are using to read this article cause cancer? Murderers! 100% of people who read this article will die at some point during their life.

    I think the evidence is clear enough.

    • Jim Cooper

      I challenge you to provide peer-reviewed scientific evidence for this extreme claim. 

      • Hmmm…

        You mean the way the article provided the clearly invisible scientific sources and links to their claims? ;)

      • Tommy

        Look it up yourself fool. Better yet don’t look it up, and drink Mio daily so your DNA will be removed from the gene pool.

        • Alice

          Looked it up. Small sample size and no proof in humans. No facts provided by this article = useless article.

    • http://profiles.google.com/jtaylor37 Jonathan Taylor


      • http://www.facebook.com/jason.bauer.3152 Jason Bauer

        You replied to a dinosaur post. Please start paying more attention, you’ll run into something and hurt yourself.

      • mcambl

        a yes, the standard liberal lunatic response off topic and useless

    • JLS

      How about a grammatical challenge?

    • Tommy

      What a crock of BS.

    • Tommy

      With your logic, since we’re all going to die anyway, why don’t you just put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger? I mean, it doesn’t matter since you’re going to die at some point in your life anyway. You’re words not mine.

    • Gingersnap_

      having worked behind a screen for the better part of my working existence, the possibility of cancer from screens was brought up at work. since I worked in a hospital with countless gauges to check equip, management sent up a guy from the medical service dept. (they are charged with checking all equip in the hospital from CT, to MRI, to the Zamboni (oops wrong conversation) to test for radiation from the screens. answer came back: ZIP. no radiation leakage.

    • Raven Lee

      CRT monitors emit radiation. Most modern computer monitors are LCD, which emit no radiation.

      Btw, how are you posting a comment if you are not using a monitor?

  • Skir5

    About 5 years ago, I hated(and still do hate) soda’s and other sweet drinks a nd candies, but I love iced tea. Because I am diabetic I started using atifical sweeteners, specifically aspertame. I used to have significant pain in my lower joints and espeically my achilles tendons, I found a webpage about going 30 days aspertame-free and see if you notice a difference. I did that and all of my pains disappeared(I am not even remotely exaggerating!).
    I said all of that to make this point. I started drinking Mio! over the last couple of months and I have noticed those same pains, especially in my achilles, have returned. I am not going to drink the stuff anymore and see if my joint pain goes away again!

  • Imagine that..

    So like with everything anyone can possibly consume even water itself (when drinks too much too fast it can be fatal) moderation is key. No offense but before you start up with the “capitalism” in regards to Kraft wanting to make a profit…do you honestly believe that the all natural companies out there are all about 100 percent health? No, they’re about health and making a profit. Heck, a lot of those companies are subsidiaries of the very companies you’d see has horrible. This is obviously not the best choice but it can be a better alternative to the other low or no calorie instant drinks because you can easily put it much less. Meaning you’re not drinking it as sweetly as the companies would like or sort of pushes you to drink (such as Crystal Lite etc). Even your information has no evidence to be used as sources. Where are the scientific studies that prove that these chemicals are not made for man-made consumption? Are there side effects to its consumption? Yes but I’d argue that is the case for any food, artificial or not.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2TIWTTK6Z4NDXGDT3MU3KMHADM Jay Dees

      Companies don’t do anything today without making sure how to make the most profit.  This country has gone from “What can I do for you”? to “What can I do for me”?  They’d sell you flavored jet fuel to drink if they thought they could get away with it.

      • Arcendus

        Should companies not be concerned with profit…? I thought this was a very basic principle of business that’s taught in grade school. They wouldn’t be successful if people didn’t buy it, so before you go the anti-capitalist route, consider that. Please don’t post here if you don’t understand even the basics of which you speak.

      • Arcendus

        Should companies not be concerned with profit…? I thought this was a very basic principle of business that’s taught in grade school. They wouldn’t be successful if people didn’t buy it, so before you go the anti-capitalist route, consider that. Please don’t post here if you don’t understand even the basics of which you speak.

      • joejoe

        Jet fuel is too expensive to produce. Not enough profit.

  • pagefold

    Before MIO, I rarely drank water, and I could feel the dehydration. Now that I have MIO, I’m drinking well over my 8 glasses of water a day. That’s a much bigger health benefit than a “potentially” unsafe chemical in the micro-doses I’m consuming.

    • Mikaelrombach

      That’s exactly what I’ve been saying!!! I used to NEVER drink water and was even hospitalized for dehydration.  Now I drink tons of it with the fruit punch flavored MiO. I think that benefit far, far outweighs the potential cons

      • Jim Cooper

        So you agree it is a con, right?

      • David F.

        Alcoholic? Anyone dumb enough to need to be hospitalized for dehydration clearly doesn’t have any right talking about this subject.. But thanks to you… You just showed me and everyone else that it’s the dumbest of the dumb that are drinking this crap.

        • Tosh

          You clearly have nothing better to do with your life than bash people for their opinions.  You have many other problems that you need to deal with over what you flavor water with. 

        • Jessie Risa

          Actually, I’ve been hospitalized from dehydration. I have a condition called Vasovagal Syncope. If you don’t know what it is, google it. Either way. I have never and would never drink MiO. Before or after reading this.

          • Alice

            And yet you have very strong opinions despite having never tasted it nor found scientific evidence against it.

      • Chestertherapydog

        Total agreement. The fruit punch is very tasty.

      • http://twitter.com/LADramaCC LA Drama Critics

         Something that gets you to drink more water *is* beneficial, yes, certainly, if you choose to ignore the massive cons, mikaelrombach.

        How about adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice or some slices of cucumber?!  You’ll be drinking that water enthusiastically AND there are no chemicals or dyes involved.  Wow!

        In any case — the main point this article makes is this:

        “Even though Mio is a zero calorie drink, it conditions your taste
        buds to expect uber-sweet flavors. It skews your tongue’s perception of
        what types of food it should want.”

        It’s a serious trap to train your palate to expect sweet flavors all the time. 

        Please, wise up.

        • Sigh

          “it conditions your taste
          buds to expect uber-sweet flavors.”

          This is true, but only if you use a lot of it instead of a tiny bit to add just a little flavour. In my experience artificial sweetners can be great for weening off that addiction to “ubersweetness” by slowly and methodically lowering the amount you put in your water until you’re content with barely flavoured water.

        • Alice

          You realize lemon and lime can caustically burn your throat and stomach, right? And that everything in lemon juice or lime juice IS a chemical?

        • ScottMc76

          The contemporary palate of 99.9% of Americans is already conditioned to expect sweets and/or extremely seasoned food. It’s ridiculous to argue that Mio is somehow introducing that conditioning. The potential cons of this product are so minuscule as to be laughable, and yet here you are going on and on with the chicken little routine.

          Some of us have jobs. It’s not exactly convenient to carry around raw fruits and vegetables that we have peel and slice every time we want a flavored drink. Use a little common sense.

    • David F.

      Anti-freeze taste great also… Maybe you’d drink more water if you added some of that..?

      • Chestertherapydog

        Yeah, but anti-freeze is instant death, at least for dogs. This is arguably dangerous, and the amount that is dangerous is debatable. Everything in life eventually causes death.

        • http://twitter.com/homemadeart HomemadeArt

          You may not die but you are ingesting antifreeze. Why would anyone knowingly ingest antifreeze?

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728883223 Charles Eakins

            Propylene Glycol is not anti-freeze, get your facts straight.

      • Chrismcdaniel6980

        Man this David sounds like the David f. That I went to school with

      • Matt


    • Tommy

      As you slow poison yourself to death. Darwin’s law is taking place, survival of the smartest.

      • Alice

        Except Darwin’s “law” (modernly known as the modern evolutionary synthesis) says nothing about intelligence; there are actually marine species that eat their own ganglion nerves (very basic brains) in order to be more fit. Intelligence is only most fit in some circumstances; in many others, it is not useful and thus not most fit and thus not conserved by evolution.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2TIWTTK6Z4NDXGDT3MU3KMHADM Jay Dees

    Thanks, I’ll definitely give it a pass.  And for those who say there isn’t enough negative ingredients in there to be a problem…well, those chemicals may build up over time and I keep remembering about the straw that broke the Camels back.

  • http://www.goferboy.com Tom

    I love the industry hacks here trying to push this crap as safe. There are in fact studies showing how this is a toxic swill of a product. “The Hundred Year Lie” does a great job putting it together in a great read. Continue to dig people. 

  • Bjbaldwin jones

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  • iPod

    About the same time I started drinking mio everyday, I would get terrible headaches to the point I had to go to the doctor. Got a cat scan too, everything seemed fine. I stoped drinking mio for a week (doctor said to drink caffien because I had replaced it with mio) and my headaches seemed to go away. Might be the caffien or it might be the mio, who knows.

    • Joyce Mari

      It is the caffeine; the same thing has happen to me several years ago. 

    • Boner Soup

      You are the reason medical expenses are so high.  You went to the doctor because you had headaches for a new product you started in ingest?  I can’t wait for Obama-care so I can pay for your bills.

    • http://twitter.com/homemadeart HomemadeArt

      The Propylene Glycol ingrediant is the chemical name for antifreeze (what you ouy in your radiator). It causes neuro damage (brain) and if taken in a large enough quantity, death. I think that cause a few headaches. Good for you for checking into it and stopping the Mio.

  • Cg491975

    MIO gives me really bad headaches… I’ve tried drinking it several different times because I thought it might be something else, but nope, its the MIO. I think my body is telling me NO to all that fake crap

  • Cyndi

    The Propylene Glycol can cause headaches in some people, including me, so I won’t be trying it!

  • Jeni

    I gave my daughter Mio in her water for two weeks to get her to drink more water. The day she started on it she had mucus in her stools and was going more often than usual. She also complained of headaches during this time. She was not sick and besides the Mio in her water was not doing, or ingesting anything new, or out of the ordinary. I stopped putting the Mio in her water and within 24 hours the mucus and headaches were gone and have not returned. There will be no more Mio in this household I can tell you. Just another pricey and worthless product.

    • Boner Soup

      One time I tried MiO and I didn’t have headaches or diarrhea, I guess I’m better than your stupid daughter

    • Wild4040

      Try to give her back some to see if it is the Mio or if it is just a virus that she caught like most of kids gets. I’m about 99% sure of your answer but … We never know, you might tell the truth.

      • bioman

          Propylene Glycol is an ingredient also found in Miralax. In essence your putting a laxative into your water.

        • Ptox87

          Miralax is
          Polyethylene Glycol

        • http://www.facebook.com/jason.bauer.3152 Jason Bauer

          By this logic water should be considered a harmful chemical, as it is the main ingredient in antifreeze, nuclear power plant cooling systems, and all weed sprays.

          A=B and B=C so A=C only works in algebra, in chemistry this is usually not the way things work.

          So basically, pay attention in school kids.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728883223 Charles Eakins

      So you experimented on your kid and didn’t take her to the doctor when she was sick?

    • Concerned mom

      I know that this was quite some time ago, but i saw your comment and it got me thinking. My daughter has had diarrhea for nearly a year now. She has had blood tests and stool tests and been to specialists. No one can find anything wrong. However, now that i see this comment, we have not had mio in the house at all over the christmas holidays and she has not had diarrhea. Did it ever come back for your child?

  • OhMiOStomach

    I just had this for the first time. after having 8 glasses in 24 hours, I ended up with the worst diarrhea Ive ever had, chills, nausea, a fever, muscle aches and massive dehydration. Had to get my father to pick me up from home so I could be monitored at his house. That was all yesterday and am still nauseous, dehydrated, still have diarrhea. Waiting to go to the doctor. Stay away from this junk. I’ve never been this sick in my life

    • Beefybud4u

      u r an idiot

    • Iamthedumfker

      You ARE an idiot. Anything out there in mass quantities will make your ass sick. It’s called moderation. Why are you drinking 8 glasses of Mio flavored anything in a 24 hour period? Ever heard of juice, milk, nectar, plain water too?

      Not all scientists are assholes like the FDA or the paid-for sponsored ones from companies and pharmaceuticals; demanding scientific sources or at the very LEAST legitimate research data from people that know what they are doing is the minimum anyone with a brain should use when making informed decisions, you should applaud people for trying to see beyond biased reviews and opinions.

      Next time you sit on your toilet and shit out the bottle of Mio you drank in a day, please use that time wisely to actually contemplate instead of spew diarrhea from both ends.

    • anonomys

      I’ve only been using it in water 2 weeks and have been nauseous, diarrhea and headache…I didn’t use this to suppliment soda. I never drank much soda anyway. just trying to.drink more water. Never again will I sue this stuff.

  • OhMiOStomach…

    I love how people demand scientific sources for a lot of this stuff. Inherent in that request is the problem: there aren’t many and until people start dying, there won’t be. The FDA, much like the rest of federal government has been limited and stripped to the point that they first do not have the resources to test all of these chemicals and for the ones they do test, they give rats huge amounts for a short duration only. Long term exposure of small quantities is rarely overlooked. This may all be a coincidence, but companies can come out with more chemicals per year than the govt can keep up with and of you think those companies aren’t massively influencing the regulations that are then made, you’re fooling yourself. If you ask me, I’d rather the government prove these things are completely safe BEFORE allowing them to market, but that’s just my opinion

  • Dylanedwards9

    I drank a ton of the mio energy and i feel like my heart is gonna explode i hate mio now.

    • Patsylynn7

       hey genius, if you drink “a ton” of it then yeah, you’re gonna have a rapid heart beat. There’s caffeine in the mio energy…

  • Siree34424

    I think this is fda approved safe for pregnant women. so generally, it is safe.  i myself is pregnant, and when you’re pregnant everything tastes different.  I used to love water and now i’m hating it, causes me to gag. maybe putting this on my water will help me drink the right amount of water. so, i guess it’s not just enticing customers (well, that’s the part of marketing strategy). it’s made for some people who needs it while some people plain water suit them just fine. I hope i can buy this somewhere here in japan. :-)

  • Siree34424

    I think this is fda approved safe for pregnant women. so generally, it is safe.  i myself is pregnant, and when you’re pregnant everything tastes different.  I used to love water and now i’m hating it, causes me to gag. maybe putting this on my water will help me drink the right amount of water. so, i guess it’s not just enticing customers (well, that’s the part of marketing strategy). it’s made for some people who needs it while some people plain water suit them just fine. I hope i can buy this somewhere here in japan. :-)

  • Siree34424

    I think this is fda approved safe for pregnant women. so generally, it is safe.  i myself is pregnant, and when you’re pregnant everything tastes different.  I used to love water and now i’m hating it, causes me to gag. maybe putting this on my water will help me drink the right amount of water. so, i guess it’s not just enticing customers (well, that’s the part of marketing strategy). it’s made for some people who needs it while some people plain water suit them just fine. I hope i can buy this somewhere here in japan. :-)

  • Wild4040

    Then, I guess you aren’t eating much with pesticides, genetically modified fruits and vegetables, hormones grown animals… All together are absorbed by you…

  • Barbarasuelouise

    I put this into a full-sized bottled water before I went to work yesterday and by the afternoon I was feeling horrible. Finally had to go home early and slept for 10 hours!!!! Don’t know what happened but I suspect the Mio.

  • John Doe

    Eh. I’ve been drinking the stuff for two maybe three weeks now. I feel it’s a small sample but I drink almost nothing but water, three maybe four quarts a day and when I discovered MiO I just put it in every batch of water I drank. I’ve been forgetful as hell lately and even more absentminded than before. I’m not really enjoying it so I’m turned off from the product as premature a conclusion as that may be.

  • Patsylynn7

    I’ve been drinking tons of the orange mio for a few months now, it’s helped me quit drinking soda (which I used to drink like 4-5 mt dews a day..eek!) and I haven’t had any side effects, no headaches, no diarrhea, no sick feeling whatsoever, and I put like 4 drops in each bottle of water and drink about a gallon of water a day…so obviously it depends on the person what effects you may have…

    • LovUrLivr

      The long term effects of Acesulfame K and Sucralose alone aren’t worth the health risks.  Acesulfame K has been linked directly to Alzheimer’s and tumor development.  All that for a flavored drink?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=728883223 Charles Eakins

        Prove it hippy.

        • Tommy

          What’s with the childish name calling? Are you 11? If you can’t add something intelligent and logical then STFU!

  • Really?

    Oh yeah, simple solution. If you’re bored of water, just go fuck yourself. This is honestly a miserable product review. “I like water. This isn’t water, so it’s bad.”

  • Jlucas5110

    I used to be a huge supporter of this stuff and drank it it for weeks straight in the beginning. Started getting headaches. Then one day the headache was absoutely blinding. No meds took it away. I put 2 and 2 together and did my own study. I waited 2ish weeks after all headaches subsided and drank it again for a couple days. Blinding headache. And then again I tried it. Surprise surprise, headache. I tried it again a few months later. Another headache. I must hae tried this 5+ times. Always within a 24 hour time frame.

    And now I get headaches frequently. Migraines to be exact. Never ever had them before. Is there a relation? I dunno. The corrolation is there. I have found if I drink less then 4oz of water with a drop or two I don’t get a headache. Can’t have more than that , and I can’t drink it more than one day straight.

  • Matttt1717

    Sadly the majority of the people posting about headaches are people who drank a lot of soda and figured this was a good way to change that habit by putting this in their water. Well, when you stop soda and caffeine guess what happens?? Bad bad headaches.

    So I stopped soda one week and went straight water. I got headaches so bad I couldn’t concentrate. Should I blame this on the water!? No, it’s common sense people. And you know that’s what happened.

    • joejoe

      Uncommon sense my friend, uncommon….

  • Hellahella

    I had mio everyday on everything for a month and got really sick! I put it on my cereal, water, juice, fruit, steak, rice, cheese, waffles, ice cream, tortillas, burritos, taquitos, hot dogs, burgers, fries, fish, chicken, pork, etc etc. It gave me headaches. Now I can’t walk straight and need blood transfusions on a daily basis. I had ear surgery and a kidney transplant. Don’t buy this product. 

    • Goingundergone

      well of course you got sick. What were you thinking putting it on all of that? It’s made for water, so you should only put it on water. Why would you even try putting it on your food?
      Those headaches were your own fault.

      • Hellahella

         the package doesn’t say anything about not putting it on food!

        • Sumpunk85

          Your car doesn’t give you a warning not to drive in the wrong lane towards oncoming traffic, but I’m sure you do it anyway.

        • Chris

          it says water enhancer right on the package. 

      • Flytoyz

        wow, smart one are we. Can’t take a joke?

        • Joejoe

          Who said hellahella was joking? I heard from a friend that McDonalds uses Mio in their Happy Meals to make them more addictive.

    • Gg


    • Dwadwedaefs

      that nasty

    • Dumba

      You’re hilarious! I did the same thing, plus I also used a few drops in my neti pot water for sinus cleansing. I’ve had exactly the same bad side effects, but everything smells nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nyieshasmith Ny Wright-Smith

      is this a joke or for real?

    • Matt

      Oh wow. Listen up, people. You need to look up something called the “Nocebo effect”. Even if we assumed these ingredients COULD potentially cause cancer, you realize even that would amount to something like a 1.3/10000 chance instead of a 1.0/10000 chance.

      You will NOT get a headache from drinking 2 drops of flavoring. If you do, you either got it from something else, are imagining it with your paranoia, or are lying.

  • hello

    I just drank a little bit (spoonfull). Would I be okay? Its my first time using . Please respond

  • Chris

    Health freaks are funny. No wonder why the country is so fucked up. Let people eat and drink what ever the fuck they want. If you don’t like something what does it matter to you if someone else does?

  • Brittany

    A lot of you posting in this don’t seem to have to capacity to understand the long-term side effects of this. Years of working in the sun unprotected leads to serious diseases such as melanoma and skin cancer. Drinking this one night won’t leave you waking up with cancer the next morning. But after a while, it’s likely that issues could occur. 

    My boyfriend just discovered he was an epileptic. 
    Propylene Glycol is a chemical that can cause seizures and develop Epilepsy alone. I have recently quit using this product because the only thing that careful experimentation and determination of his “triggers” have found are stress and water enhancers. It is delicious, and it was hard for him to quit drinking it, but he had serious seizures shortly after drinking them. He was under low levels of stress, so we couldn’t find out what was wrong… until a little research was done.People will drink and eat what they please, and take into consideration their idiocy for subjecting themselves to such harmful chemicals.

  • Real Talker

    It’s sad to see so many people not realize that these big name companies will sell you almost anything for profit. You think this is bad look in type 2 diabetes. Dying is easy, living is hard. You should always check the labels of everything you eat because some of them have carcinogens in them.

  • Bob

    I picked up a bottle of lemonade-flavored MiO a week ago just to give it a try. It tastes OK; not delicious enough to make me want to buy it again, but not bad. However, the ingredient list doesn’t have either of the chemicals that people here are complaining most about. It does contain sucralose, but neither propylene glycol nor acesulfame potassium are on the label. Either Kraft has changed their formula, or the ingredients are flavor specific.

    The people who suggest infusing water at home are missing the point of the product. It’s not meant for home use. It’s aimed at people who want to save money on soft drinks by adding flavor to plain water. You can’t carry bottles of home-infused water into a restaurant. And regardless of your arguments, some people just don’t like plain water and never will. (I’m not one of them, but I’ve known several.)

    Hellahella: Very funny. Looks like some people just can’t tell when their legs are being pulled.

  • Jay

    I agree, this product is terrible. I used it for a little while and started feeling chest pain. Monster and rockstar energy doesn’t make me feel this way. Beware!

    • 07truth

      Same here…noticed my chest hurting after ingesting the Mio Energy on a daily basis. I’ve stopped completely, back to Rockstar Recovery if I need a caffeine fix.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nyieshasmith Ny Wright-Smith

    wow i really love mio…but i dont like the mio energy ones…my fav flavor is lemonade tho 4 to 5 squirts it taste just like lemonade…for someone who thinks water is nasty like myself this helps me drink it ;(

    • Wow

      It’s just insane to me that people think water is nasty or gross! My, has evolution come a long way. Thanks coca cola!

  • CaptainObvious

    I like turtles.

    • Joejoe

      Prepared medium well in a fine bolognese sauce

  • anonomys

    I’ve been drinking the stop & shop brand…its been giving me the worst stomach ache and diarrhea for over a week. I didn’t link the two until I searched online and saw other having the same reaction…

  • martinthrbroker@gmail.com

    Hey I used MIA in my car gas tank and I doubled my gas milage. In my line of happiness I make multiple trips to my local parks to feed those fiery determined squirrels and those moody pigeons! Go Mio !!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/jtaylor37 Jonathan Taylor

    WOW,,,am I the only person that saw this and said WHY DRINK CHEMICALS? I guess everyone here has been tricked by the corporations and Fox news

    • joejoe

      Are you telling us that you only consume 100% natural products? Unless you’re farming your own food, there’s no way.

  • James Pearson

    GET OVER IT TREE HUGGER. It is better for you than Jack Daniels or Budweiser or Coke Classic. Yeah my body has to do a little work to get rid of some of it but its still water. I suspect I am getting a caloric heat rise from the extra activity to process my water and stuff. Notice I say suspect because I assume that my kidneys and liver use energy to filter stuff out. The more stuff the more energy used. This is my assumption, unlike your carcinogenic claims with out sighting any sources.

  • JonJon

    Jesuschrist what isnt bad for you ,You gotta realize theres so many things that are bad in life. chemicals,foods,air,radiation. Dont be so anal

  • Cindy

    I gave it up….the three times I tried it, my mouth,lips and arms felt numb….bummer cause it tasted good. I contacted the company, but they never bothered to answer my questions.

  • Perg

    Not going to agree or disagree with this article, but the mango peach flavor tastes like gasoline smells, if you know what I’m saying. Kraft never makes anything that tastes good. The BBq sauce, the cheese, is all nasty. Kraft you nasty!

    • Joey1618

      Yeah ill tell you that it tastes nothing like a peach mango smoothie

  • jim

    i work at a factory that produces it, and yes, they have various flammible liquid containers which hold that which is put into the mio, it’s not a safe product, ive seen what it looks like after a week of gathering in the drains, and thats some gunky material, i would not recommend this product for anyone, also, i would not believe kraft when they say that it is completely caffiene free, because i was told by the people who make the energy mio that its actually 100% caffiene, think before you buy.

    • Alice

      …this is literally nonsense, as caffeine is extremely bitter. If it was 100% caffeine, it would not be fun to drink (though it would still be safe in various doses). Also, given it says “contains caffeine” on the bottle, I’d say your claims are hogwash.


    What a slut

  • Arthur Dent

    My doctor recently informed me that my body is FULL of chemicals!!! He said that every part of me was composed of chemical compounds. I am outraged! I don’t want to be near CHEMICALS! Apparently the entire Earth is made of chemicals too! I blame the food industry.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Your point being?

    • ashizuri

      Is your body made up of artificial and man-made chemicals???

      • Brian Gooch

        In strict chemical terms there is no difference. It’s all just chemistry.

        • Raven Lee

          So it would be okay for us to inject you with plutonium then.

      • nahbro25

        Since my body made most of the chemicals, yes they are man-made chemicals.

        And artificial? You mean imaginary? Chemicals are made of up molecules and ions, they either exist or they don’t.

        You should try some cyanide or anthrax. They are both all natural and there for good for you.

  • joefergs

    “Can acesulfame potassium cause cancer?
    No. Acesulfame potassium has been thoroughly tested in several long-term animal studies. The tests, which used amounts of the ingredient that are far higher than a person would normally consume, clearly found no evidence of cancer or tumors.”

    do your research before your write an article.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Please don’t link to a website that sells supplements laced with ace-k if you want to prove your point objectively.
      Link to something more credible like this: http://www.cspinet.org/reports/asekquot.html (shows just how poorly designed, executed, and analyzed were the the “safety” tests)

  • Jensen_G

    I was able to try a free bottle of Mio (the peach tea) and though it’s clear from the label that there is plenty of bad stuff in this, I found it useful because I often tend to not hydrate myself during the day when just drinking water and whatever artificial flavor is in there makes it easy to gulp it down a pint at a time, with it being quick and unmessy to use as well (no stirring, no mess). This makes getting that hydration less of a chore and leads me to drink more water. But it’s also filling my body with potentially toxic stuff. So who knows if I’m doing my body a favor.

    • http://www.fooducate.com/ Fooducate

      Try to use less and less each time, until you won’t need any…

  • r

    Excet for the fact that the woman who created mio spoke at my school.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.medina.1804 Jennifer Medina

    i love Mio & gets me to drink water. Even the fruits and veggies we eat have crap on them, pesticides. We cant avoid it. Its everywhere. So pick your poison lol I pick Mio still.

  • DoNotFearYourFood

    Thank goodness it has a mold inhibitor. What would be better, to let mold grow in it?? The Mio “sweet tea” is really good — tastes just like sweet tea.

  • rainsky

    You say it’s bad for them and they demand YOU provide peer reviewed studies. Look it up people. Educate yourselves.

  • fmorgan09mm

    I have been drinking mio ice for a coulple of months. I havd been having problems with rls restless leg and arm syndrome for the last couple of months. My central nervous system would contract so hard it felt like a mini seizure. I could not sleep or figure out what was going on. I looked at everything I was eating and drinking and then began researching what was in Mio. I then quit drinking Mio and all went away. This stuff is poison and god forbid if it gets in someones hands that has or is prone to seizures. They could die.

  • Dharma

    The bottle MiO is sold in is just as much a petroleum product as the MiO that’s in it.

  • DoNotFearYourFood

    I know this article, blog, (whatever you kids these days call these internet writey up things) is old and all, but to add: while I don’t care what any of y’all drink, I do have to wonder about those who say they just can’t stand the taste of water. (Water water I mean.) I don’t know, maybe try a couple or so things there. Like a water filter. I don’t care for the taste of the water from the tap in the city I live in, but with a filter attached to my kitchen tap, the water tastes so much better. Chilled, even more so. I use filtered water for anything I’m going to drink (water, coffee, tea, ice cubes, for instance), and unfiltered for washing dishes or for stuff like boiling water for spaghetti. Could be the water where you live does taste crappy on its own and does need a little help, but Mio might not be what it needs to make it drinkable for you. Maybe you just need a damn filter, pardon my French. On the othe hand, again, I don’t care. I use Mio myself sometimes, but I don’t like it in my filtered water; I like a little in seltzer water to give myself whatever flavor “cola” I want. Put sweet tea Mio in seltzer water, and it tastes strangely like cola — can’t quite place it, maybe Diet Rite-ish or Tab-ish, something like that.

  • saravanan

    There is nothing great with Kraft food products.. They have publicly admitted that there good has GMOs.. but lobby heavily to fight against the labelling of GMOs.. The big corporations are only out there to make money.. they give a foot to your health! The the fact.. It is upto you to believe it!!

  • Juan Alonso

    Thank You for the advice, i’m sorry you have to put up with sooo many ignorant egos trying to defend a product that at a point in their lives has helped them, but it’s just egos talking, trying to make their reality a little less real. I agree 100% on drinking water, like someone else posted “antifreeze tastes great, why not mix some with water, and it will make me drink more water and avoid dehydration for abuse of alcohol”. They should leak batteries to get their iron intake, chew on toothpaste when they need salt or potasium in their body, maybe eat some fertilizer for constipation.

  • leafblower

    my good friend was drinking MIO on a daily basis at work. she started having dizzy spells, anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, huge problems with speech, and finally, lost vision in her left eye!!!! TRUE STORY!!! when she was rushed to emerg with heart attack symptoms, the ER Dr (thank God) asked her if she had been ingesting sugar substitutes. She had many products with various substitutes in them. altho sent for an MRI to be sure (which came back fine). he told her to purge her refrigerator AND her cupboards. After a few days, getting better and healthier every day. DO NOT DRINK THIS CRAP!!! OR DIET POP, OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH ASPARTAME, SUCRALOSE,MALITOL, MANITOL ETC….
    if this makes even ONE person think, its worth it. I will pay for aspartame poisoning for the rest of my life. dont make the same mistake!

    • Franken Stein


  • Joe

    Where is Mio manufactured? The bottle only states “imported by Kraft”


    I’m an afterschool teacher and a couple of my kids who already struggle with focusing are drinking this all day, sometimes straight from the bottle, “squirts” as they call them.

    The last couple days, those two students are reminding me more and more of tweakers or crack heads. Its really unbelievable how much they change after “squirting”; completely unable to focus on their task at hand AND unable to stop talking, with random outbursts or screams that they seem to hardly notice. It really does feel like they did some lines before class or during cause its in their water bottles!

    WIth the ups come the downs and for one of my students pretty bad episodes of the blues where he is unable to do anything. It has gotten to a point where their consistent use is affecting their performance in school academically and creating some really negative experiences with their daytime teachers because they are unable to focus on anything.

    I’m going to talk to the parents next week and let them know whats been going on, but I feel like this is really actually dangerous. Not only is it setting them up to fail academically, but its helping them practice addictive behaviors with some actual drugs. Its pretty disgusting that this exists, I mean for adults, who gives a shit, but for the kids man,


  • CptNemo

    Tapwater is loaded with chemicals, bottled water is contained in plastic bottles which offgas chemicals into the water, etc.

    Chemicals are a part of life so get over it.

    “Really Kraft, is this the best you could do?” Um, in case you haven’t noticed, Hemi Weingarten, big companies are all about profit, not people, so unless you are ok with messing with countries’ economies by screwing with corporate laws and whatnot, which also ends up with the general public getting shafted, get over it. The ONLY way to sort out the focus on profits over people is for the majority of people to say “that’s enough”, but that won’t happen because the individuals in that majority is too short-sighted and not concerned with what’s good for the community.

  • Angie D

    I drink Mio only for the caffeine. There are exactly two flavors that provide caffeine, and Roundy’s has a knockoff flavor or two. I do this so I don’t have to drink soda when I can’t prepare tea (my usual caffeine drink). What *I* want is a simple caffeine additive to water that doesn’t taste disgusting OR have chemicals galore in it. Does such a thing exist? I already found Steaz which I’m really excited about but it’s quite expensive and I can’t get that for every day because it’s too MUCH caffeine.

  • Mike

    I’ve been drinking six to eight 12-14 oz. glasses of MiO flavored water for over a year, and from top to bottom I’m fine. Better than fine — I quit a soda habit I’ve had since I was a small boy, a habit that eroded the enamel on my teeth and made me overweight.

    Will MiO pass the sniff test for crunchy-granola, green peace earthy types? No. But for normal people, it’s fine.

  • Fubie

    Propylene Glycol is antifreeze….

    • Franken Stein

      Please stop posting that ignorant lie. Good grief.

      • Fubie

        Oh I’m sorry. I guess when PEAK ANTIFREEZE mentions it on their webpage, I shouldn’t pass it along.

        “PEAK® is the pioneer and market leader in the safer propylene glycol (PG) antifreeze category. SIERRA® Antifreeze/Coolant is formulated with PG rather than ethylene glycol”


      • Fubie

        PEAK® is the pioneer and market leader in the safer propylene glycol (PG) antifreeze category. SIERRA® Antifreeze/Coolant is formulated with PG rather than ethylene glycol


      • Fubie

        PEAK® is the pioneer and market leader in the safer propylene glycol (PG) antifreeze category. SIERRA® Antifreeze/Coolant is formulated with PG rather than ethylene glycol

        • Fubie

          You can read that on PEAK Antifreeze’s website. I’m amazed a Coolant manufacturer would mention Propylene Glycol as being in their Antifreeze. {{Amazed}}

  • hi peoples

    i dont get any more hyper than i am and i have ADHD

  • Joseph

    It’s really depressing to see something like this get so much support from a base of people. Look up sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other leading health organizations have found the ingredient to be safe for all segments of the population. More than 90 studies have demonstrated the safety of acesulfame potassium. The ingredient is currently used in more than 4,000 foods and beverages in about 90 countries around the world.”

    The sweetener that is potentially dangerous is called aspartame and it sort of ruined the idea of artificial sweeteners for close minded individuals that think humanity isn’t capable of improving.

    The sweeteners aren’t “controversial”, at least not in the medical or health world, mom-blogs and stuff will probably keep it going as a controversy, and if you’re avoiding food coloring you’re pretty ignorant as well. Something that most of the population eats and drinks constantly without any widespread health issues, that has been scrutinized (ever so much more now than before, and with better technology and processes, don’t feed me that “WELL CIGARETTES USED TO BE CALLED SAFE TOO!|!!” crap.) thoroughly to ensure its safety. It’s really pathetic that there’s an elitist cast that thinks everything that isn’t home grown from their very own garden is a carcinogen. And there’s even a fanbase…

    All these dogmatic and angry people on their little health food website… It’s sort of crazy that this place exists as opposed to people looking up ingredients and doing some real research. Second hand BS is still BS.

  • Bob

    Idiotic claims from an idiotic site. Scared of Mio? Don’t drink it. Look up the ingredients yourself…this site is full of shit.

  • Konstantin

    I want to tell you guys that Mio is totally f**ing delicious in MILK. Seriously. forget water. MIlk, guys Im telling you.

  • Angie

    Ok, I only use these for caffeine. This was my gateway off of Mt. Dew, and I still consider it better than that. What no one has been able to suggest is a non-warm (i.e. not tea), quick caffeinated beverage or beverage additive that does not have loads of crap in it. I would be able to do without the sweetener….I can add stevia if I really need it…and the color, which is useless except as a concentration indicator. My problem with these articles is that they don’t offer alternatives for MY needs: caffeine without the crap. Does ANYONE have any ideas? Please don’t suggest tea or Zevia…tea is hot and takes time and equipment, and Zevia also has natural flavorings and erythritol, both of which I’d like to get away from. I’ve looked into guarana extracts to no avail as they’re all super expensive. I need an organic Mio substitute!

  • hunger

    Although I think that it is a good idea to research what is in your food, I get tired of these kind of articles that exaggerate the evil of chemicals. There is a spectrum of how good chemicals are for your body. It is not just ‘very good for you’ and ‘very bad for you’. Obviously drinking pure water would be better than drinking Mio. I don’t think they are marketing this as a ‘health food’. In my case, mio replaced a bad soda habit. I’ve lost 15 pounds and feel alot better. That is a good thing.
    Don’t buy into the scare tactics. Just because a rat behaved strangely after ingesting an entire bottle of undiluted mio energy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using the product.

  • urgent1

    Idiotic final point of the article “Learn to enjoy unflavored water”!! It’s the whole reason why people are putting these flavorings in the water, to drink it with ‘flavor’. I cannot drink regular water and deal with dehydration. With MIO, I am always hydrated and not getting my sinus headaches from dried out nasal passages.

  • James Gremillion

    Mio – zero calories an zero carbs (for the diet version) – contains nothing real!!! OMG, call the evening news. What product with so many 0′s is real?

  • Drew

    There is no scientific evidence to link propelyne glycol to any animal disease. Infact the CDC has rated it as acceptable (http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/csem/csem.asp?csem=12&po=14)

    There is no evidence to support carcinogenic properties of Acesulfame Potassium (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/artificial-sweeteners)

    There is no evidence linking ADHD or Cancer to food dye although there is a link to hyperactivity. (http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/childhood-adhd/food-dye-adhd

    Last, potassium sorbate has no known adverse health effects. Its status as a mold inhibitor has zero relevance other than a “WOAH LOOK HOW UNNATURAL IT IS” effect.

  • シルバヌス マルコム

    Reading the comments on these 2 year old articles just tickles me silly… I wonder if half the people who were fighting here are still alive and if they are how their health is doing ??’

  • GOD

    Another idiot who doesn’t know water contains no electrolytes. Hang yourself.

  • Manfred

    This article is pure trash written for people who know nothing.

  • checo

    Heeeelp!!! I’m going to die!! Oh.. wait a minute I started dyeing the moment I was conceived. Hmmm. If we think about it. We drink and eat things that are not good for us. Leave the water alone as if the water has no risk. Water plants process our own waste and purify it to an acceptable level and sell it back to us… interesting. I agree with Cooper, Alice, and others this article has no basis to back up there claim.

  • Student

    How can people expect to be educated about what it is they put into their bodies when both Kraft fail to educate us on their product, and this lady also fails to provide credible research to where she got these claims from. If you’re going to say something is bad for someone because it has cancer in it at least provide how you know the information, and where you got it from. Personally, i am a dual major in college getting a Biology Degree, and Chemistry degree. The chemical compounds found in Mio MAY bring harm to you when you ingest LARGE amounts. So you don’t really have to much to worry about, unless you are using an entire Mio bottle in a day.

  • Cal

    I’ve been using mio water flavoring for about 2 weeks now in an attempt to find a way to properly dose myself with the appropriate amount of caffeine to inhibit my adenosine receptors without energy drinks that are loaded with sugar.

    After two weeks I can safely tell you this:

    My taste buds have been muted. Taking away from the pleasure of eating amazing culinary treats that are constantly available to me.

    My nasal passages have become so dried out that I am dealing with two to three nosebleeds a day, and wake up with haggardly coughs and a dry throat. All of which leave me susceptible to infections and viruses.

    I have been waking up unrested around 530am daily, from a great thirst, craving crisp unadulterated water, after which I sleep better, but need at least 5 more hours of sleep to feel rested.

    I am not a member of the “chemicals are bad for you” bandwagon. I believe in the scientific process that approved this for the retail market. But in my opinion; this stuff is poison.

    Anybody want the mio squirt bottles i won’t be using?

  • Mia

    I really hate the taste of water (surprising to some) and therefore don’t drink anywhere near the daily amount I should. Since buying water flavour concentrate, I now drink litres more of it! I carry the tiny bottle around with me anywhere and can finally enjoy the benefits of drinking something that is free from the tap! Has literally changed my life… even if they contain a bunch of shit, at least I’m hydrating myself far more than if I don’t use them. And they are no worse than all of the other sugary drinks on the market. Even better because I only add a tiny amount just to get rid of that plain, metallic flavour that is tap water.

  • Brian Gooch

    Citations needed!!

  • Cymond

    … It’s sweet and has 0 calories …. of course it’s a chemical cocktail!

    I drink the Mio Energy. Perhaps I should put down the water bottle and go back to drinking 4 cans of Coke a day … that’s only 560 empty calories, 156 grams of sugar, acid, and artificial flavoring.

    In my experience, it’s best to compare a product to similar products. For me, Mio Energy is helping me move away from sugary, high-calorie sodas. Someone already living a healthy lifestyle should obviously choose a healthier water enhancement than Mio.

  • Citizen_of_the_USA

    Mio was the word that my mother used to call our urine when I was a child. I realize that it’s a coincidence but I’m not sure I could bring myself to try that product.

  • Floyd Mayweather Broner

    Gotdamn nlggers

  • BloomWorld

    Most of the people choose bottled water as a healthier option. True if it is compared with soda or sweetened drinks. But bottled water is no good then tap water as it is also treated with the same chemicals. Even the bottle is not necessarily be hygienic because the come in a reusable packs. But while on the go it is still considered a better option. Take one, drink it and dispose.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    “Learn to enjoy unflavored water as your hydration solution of choice”. Okay I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.

  • Timothy Little

    Plain water is a failure. So the article’s main argument is utter tosh. If people enjoyed plain water “more,” then there wouldn’t be chocolate milkshakes, soda and so on on the market.

    People don’t drink those other drinks because of marketing — they drink it because it’s BETTER.
    It might not be better for you, but to say ‘enjoy X more’ when X is worse, is what we generally call “delusional”.

    BTW, the vials are concentrated liquids. You cannot concentrate a liquid as such. They are concentrated sweeteners, that’s true. BTW, all flavours are chemicals.

    There was also practically no aspect of the science or medical reporting that you’d gotten correct. Nice fail in fear-mongering.

  • Joshua Parnell

    Lost all credibility at “Propylene Glycol is a clear and slightly bitter liquid that is used to prevent discoloration of foods during storage. It has been shown to cause various diseases in animal studies when consumed in large quantities.” You do realize that PG is used as an aerial disinfectant in hospitals, right? It prevents the growth of bacteria. It is also a 100% USDA approved additive, clinically tested in humans. Yes, some animal testing causes negative side effects and disease; for instance, cats are completely allergic to it. They can break out in hive-like symptoms when inhaled as a mist.


  • Anonymous

    Not very well researched since Kraft bought Mio and didn’t create it.