Fooducate App v 1.4: Product Search, iPod Scan and More…

We’ve just released version 1.4 of the Fooducate iPhone App, and we’re really excited. Most of the features here are based on your requests:
Textual Search – Now you don’t need to have a product in front of you to learn about it. Just type in its name or some keywords to get a list of relevant items to choose from.

Scan on iPod Touch – Still not perfect, but should work most of the time. Much better than having to type in barcodes manually. This is the best we could do with the iPod camera, which does not auto-focus.

More relevant Alternative Recommendations - more relevant results when requesting alternatives to the current product.

Delete from history - When in history screen, you can delete a single item by swiping it from right to left (just like with the mail app). To delete your entire product history, scroll to the bottom of the history screen and click on the “clear history” button.

Please let us know what you think. We’d like to keep improving the value of Fooducate to as many people as possible.

(Android phone owners: an android version of the app is coming soon. Please be patient.)

(If you don’t live in the US, the app is not available yet. Here’s why)

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  • mom said

    I love this new ap and so far it’s working great. I am a mom who reads every ingredient list and avoids artificial food colorings. I like the alternative tab to search for similiar items with a better “grade”.

  • Flifer

    While food labels and bar codes info are helpful, one still would not know about the hidden ingredients in the product–a big downer for the chemically sensitve and those with food allergies.

  • Andy

    Yes! I just downloaded it and the product search by keyword works awesome! This is extremely helpful for us when we are planning our grocery list for the week. Thank you!

  • Merrry

    When will you have your app for Android?

  • mom said

    Love the history screen! Wish I had more A’s listed. Do you think there is the chance that you will be able to pull A’s from your data and put them in one place?

  • Dram1_11

    I just downloaded the Fooducate app for my iPhone 3G WITH a camera. However, there is no selection in the app’s interface to get to Scan Mode.  Please advise.