Are You Drinking Food Industry Kool-Aid? [Hilarious Animation]

The food industry is “looking out” for our health. Fooducate friend and one of the best nutrition bloggers out there, Andy Bellatti, put together this 5 minute animated skit to demonstrate how:

From Big Food cereals and protein-obsessed personal trainers to fat phobia and diet pills, what we have here is the confusion so many Americans develop due to the sheer number of conflicting and often erroneous messages about nutrition.

And, of course, I couldn’t help but sling a few sarcastic arrows at some pop culture faves.  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, and choose your food wisely…

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  • Jcam9173

    just because companies say it or put it in print, doesn’t make it true. advertising should be renamed “mind manipulation” or “brainwashing”. The truth is hidden in plain site! you just have to want to see it.

  • Mamatha

    Awesome!!! I’ve shared it on Facebook and Twitter and will be mailing it to friends.

  • Noel

    that is extremely funny

  • damon

    Very well done!! I’ve had these same discussions with too many family and friends and most (if not all) of them believe the food industry.

  • Daslana

    that was awesome! So many people believe that they are doing the right thing. As funny as this video is, it is also sad that many many peopel think like this cartoon woman. There is so much conflicting information out there that people get confused and say oh well i ill just do the best I can. We all have to get out there and be advocats for changing americans way of eating

    • Daslana


  • Sailorstrawberry18

    I actually eat a lot of foods the man Mentioned and they taste great.. the only time I Count calories is to Maintain my Weight.. during the much Colder seasons it helps me keep track of my intake, I actually used to eat and sound like this Women 2 1/2 Years ago but Now I sound just like the man.. I don’t think I Could ever go back to Root beer, chips, Gushers, Fruit roll ups, oreos, Chips Ahoy!, or Fruit loops Again.. and the biggest one .. diet coke.. I’m waaaaaaaaaay to addicted to Hemp milk, tofu, and rice, and fish.. the list goes on

  • Foodie, Formerly Fat

    Hilarious! I love “1992 called and it wants it’s fat phobia back”. I used to be 90 pounds overweight and now I’m 20 pounds overweight. People always asked me what I did to lose the weight and didn’t like the answer: Controlled portion sizes. I tend not to eat processed food much to begin with but when I was rolling along losing weight it was not because I was avoiding fat, or carbs, or meat, or anything. I was just eating a lot less of it. Demonizing any one type of food makes for deprivation, frustration, and finding loopholes and ways around it. Michael Pollan said it best: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”

  • Jenn @ Harmonic Mama


  • Eriya

    You have perfectly captured a conversation I have had over and over again. Except for the “everything in moderation including moderation” quote. Some days I just really want to eat 6 clementines. I don’t care if that seems excessive. Or during the summer when I buy a locally grown watermelon from my organic CSA and go home to eat a quarter of it in one sitting. Of course, there’s no such thing as moderation in pre-packaged food-like products. I moderate those by not putting them in my grocery cart.

    I’ll be sending this to my tragic relatives addicted to diet sodas and artificial sweeteners.

  • Awwbabygiggles

    Aww, I don’t see it. Was it taken down from the website?