Fooducate’s TOP TEN Blog Posts in 2010

The year is ending, and we thought it would be interesting to see what our community has read the most in 2010. Here are our most popular posts from 10 up on to 1:

1862 – 2010: A Brief History of Food and Nutrition Labeling – where we review the major developments in nutrition labeling and mis-labeling. This post was originally published in 2008, but is continually updated.

A Visual of Twinkie’s 37 Ingredients – mostly chemicals, of course.

Four Graphic Examples of Portion Distortion – which show us that we eat way too much.

Can You Guess What’s So Special About THIS Happy Meal? Oh the wonders of fast food cuisine.

What’s Inside Yoplait Yogurt Anyway? -  A breakdown of the expected, and unexpected things you’ll find in this top brand of strawberry yogurt.

Whole Foods Adopts ANDI Rating System – In January, Whole Foods announced a new rating system for foods. There wasn’t too much follow-up to this pilot and it seems to have fizzled away.

What is Soy Lecithin and Why is it Found in So Many Products? – well, for one thing, soy is cheap…

11 Quick Facts about Phosphoric Acid (Yes, that Chemical in Coca Cola) – one of them – it leeches calcium out of bones.

Three Reasons to Rethink that Diet Coke You’re About to Drink - people have actually written to tell us they’ve gone cold turkey on soft drinks after reading this!

Guess What’s in The Picture [Foodlike Substance] – our top post of all time, went viral (twice), and continues to shock people every day.

See ya Next Year!

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  • Ninja

    what’s the source of the picture of the swirling pink stuff?  Can you help me find the processing plant this was taken in?