New Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program Encourages Real Food

Just after Thanksgiving, and right before the December holidays and guilty January, Weight Watchers has introduced a new point system. For the millions who have already memorized the points of their favorite dishes and snacks, this may cause a bit of a headache.

But after 13 years with the old system, WW felt the time was right for a new program.

What you need to know:

This is a great move. Weight Watchers is a huge and much loved brand. But despite tens of millions of members, the average weight of Americans is still going up.

Perhaps the reason is that limiting calories is not enough. The consumed calories must be from real food, and preferably fruits and vegetables.

The scientific team at WW revised the points system to encourage consumption of high fiber, high antioxidant produce simply by making them free! Most fruit and vegetables don’t cost you any points. So if you are hungry for a snack, this system nudges you to whole unprocessed fare, not 100 calorie packs of fillers and artificial sweeteners.

What to do at the supermarket:

The most important thing to note, whether you are counting calories or counting points, is that they all address a single servings. The actual portion you consume may be two servings or more, which obviously would change your whole count.

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  • Kristina

    about time! basically, eat the natural food and move your body!

    I also discovered that i need to chew on my food well and eat in medium paced…. it helps a lot. at times you’d realize a single serving is already more than enough.

  • Lauren Slayton

    blogged about this to. It will be interesting how WW rates its own food with this system.

  • GrowingRaw

    Hopefully getting in the habit of eating fresh wholefoods because they’re ‘free’ on the points system will shift more people over to being able to manage their diet for themselves.

  • Nancy-The Frugal Dietitian

    This is very similar to the teachings and research of Barbara Rolls who wrote “Volumetrics”. Recommend the book highly!!! Great Christmas gift!

  • Diane

    I have personally lost 55 pounds on Weight Watchers, including 35 following the program along with my own clean-eating ethic. It’s a great program, built for the real world, and I applaud these changes. I do wish that WW would follow up on its new plan with serious changes to the WW-brand foods. They are filled with insane amounts of sodium, chemical preservatives and artifical sweeteners. I’d love to see a follow-up blog on this issue?

  • Nancy-The Frugal Dietitian

    I agree Diane – I wish they would do more of what Healthy Choice is doing – whole grains, brown rice, etc.