Monster Cookies

This is a guest post by Lisa Cain, PhD, a.k.a Snack-Girl

Snack Girl has a problem she wants to share.

She loves cookies.

Not just sorta kinda loves them – LOVES them. So, when she goes to a local cafe she wants to buy one with her coffee for an afternoon treat.

As she looks into the glass case, she spots this MONSTER. huh? Where is my sweet little chocolate chip cookie?

My cookie has been replaced with a cookie that will set you back 600 calories. Look at it compared to the knock off Oreo next to it. How many of those do you think would fit on top of the massive cookie? 15 or 16?

My town has a bunch of cafes and I can tell you right now – this is normal. Finding a regular sized cookie (150 calories) is pretty much impossible.

I realize that this isn’t news. “Super Size Me”, a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, did a great job talking about how portion size is out of control.

On a daily basis, we are confronted with WAY too much food. And not just too much food, but unhealthy food.

Here is a photo of a refrigerated case of food at the airport:

This is a nicely framed photo (if I do say so myself :) , but imagine yourself walking up to it. What is the first food you are going to see?

Yeah, the muffins, cookies, banana bread, etc. I feel kinda sorry for the fruit salad shoved in the corner next to the yogurt with granola.

So, when you need to grab something for the plane that no longer serves food – the first thing you have to decide is, “NO! I don’t want butter, sugar, flour, eggs, chocolate.” and then you have to order the $4 fruit salad. ouch.

How many of you are capable of making the HEALTHY choice? I can tell you right now that I have to exercise SERIOUS restraint when I approach a counter like this.

If you are having trouble eating healthy snacks, keep in mind that life isn’t set up for healthy snacking. You are constantly confronted by too many calories in food that has few nutrients.

Hang in there, healthy snackers!!

How do you deal with MONSTER cookies? Please share.

Lisa Cain, Ph.D. writes about healthy snacks on She is a published author, mother of two, and avid snacker.

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  • Ken Leebow

    If you would like to read the story behind super-sizing, here it is … it’s pretty fascinating.

  • Lauren Slayton

    Sad to say but many of these examples drive home the need to travel prepared or in this case BYOC (bring your own cookie).

  • Mabelle

    Haha! I really liked this post. Is so true. I try to be a healthy snacker/eater at least 90% of the time. However, I agree that it is sometimes VERY hard to stay true to one’s healthy eating self. However, I feel like everywhere we go there is always that healthy alternative. Hence, is just a matter of making a *conscious* effort to pick out the healthy stuff. It is NOT impossible. Sometimes is just a matter of not picking up the first thing that’s presented in front of us.

  • Monica

    That’s why i always carry my lunch bag stuffed with a sandwich and some fruit. the only exception is when i am really planning to buy a meal outside of home.

  • elisabeth

    My approach is to share whenever possible. My dear husband and I were at the “Big Mall” in our area on Saturday and I needed to have something to eat in order to take a medication for which the direction is “take with food.” We headed to the food area and bought a single serving of food and a single drink. Then we picked up individual silverware and two straws (just like the Norman Rockwell picture of the soda fountain date…). Because of super-sizing, there was enough for both of us.
    When out with my “dinner group” of women friends, we have many times split two desserts among the four of us, or even just one and four forks. We also split appetizers. We tip well, so I don’t think the wait staff or the restaurants really suffer.

  • Jen B

    If I want a small cookie, I buy a big cookie and share. If I want a big cookie, I eat the big cookie. It’s funny, though, Starbucks came out with “treat-sized” cookies, and I looked at them and said “but those are the size of real cookies!” I make most of my food at home, and so I still eat “traditionally sized” muffins, scones, and cookies. The over-huge ones are amusing, but I wonder- do kids whose parents don’t like to bake (not that that’s a huge character flaw or anything) now think that cookies were always as big as their head?

  • lokipro

    I usually only buy these on the weekends… I only eat twice on those days. A cookie and a mocha latte is my linner/dunch, and I’m satiated for the rest of the day. Not too healthy… but does the unsweetened green tea I drink the rest of the day make up for it? Doesn’t IT?!?!?!?! ;P

  • Bill McNye

    I too have a love of cookie. OK, its an addiction. If I come across a cookie, any size, it will be eaten. Fortunatly, I am also cheap and will not pay very much for a cookie taht I can make at home or get in a work meeting.

  • Sarah S.

    Honestly, this is a situation that makes me grateful for my lactose intolerance. Yes, it’s horribly disappointing to not be able to get a treat with my coffee, but it also makes self-control so much easier around oversized baked goods. I either have to bring my own, choose a healthier option (fruit), or do without. Or if I’m really craving the sugar, eat only a small amount of a cookie – otherwise, I’ll get sick.

    However, when I make the effort to walk down to the bake stand that sells monster-sized vegan chocolate chip cookies, all bets are off. They’re really rich though, so I usually eat them in two or three sittings.

  • WilliamB

    Pack my own or throw out 3/4 *as soon as I bought it* (this is very important, if I stopped to think about it I wouldn’t throw it out and end up eating all of it).

    Habits are hard to break so I try to develop good ones. For example, for several years I flew several times a week between the same airports. Avoiding the Fri afternoon Junk Dinner was hard, especially with the odor of McDonald’s french fries wafting through the terminal. So I made a deal with myself: if I still wanted the fries after I’d eaten a chicken caesar salad (dressing on the side), I could have them. In two years I had the fries twice.

  • smokoon

    Those cookies are hard to resist. I’m with Mabelle. If I can follow my rules 90% of the time, then once a year, maybe I can splurge on a cookie like that (or maybe something else – wow… really? 600 calories? That’s more than half my day).

  • Cactus Wren

    I have to avoid supersized desserts altogether: I’m in Weight Watchers, and that cookie would set me back twelve Points which is nearly half my day’s allowance! One the rare occasions that I do allow myself such a thing, I eat it by halves or fourths, dividing it over at least two days.