ADA Launches Kids Eat Right – Shop. Cook. Eat.

We’re in Boston for the 2010 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE),  organized by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

The ADA has just announced a new initiative to get kids eating healthfully – Kids Eat Right. The idea is to get registered dietitians involved in their local communities and schools.

The discussion is much wider than just obesity prevention. For example, you can have a skinny kids with a nutrient deficiency. Between 70-90% of teens are not getting enough calcium in their diet!

The new program has 3 objectives:

  1. mobilizing RDs to participate in their community/schools
  2. educating families and children as well as policy makers on high quality nutritional foods.
  3. supporting the recommendations of the White House Childhood Obesity Task Force.

The website themes include tips for shopping smart, recipes for healthy cooking, and advice to eat family meals together. It’s a bit sparse right now, but is supposed to be updated weekly with additional materials such as new recipes.

Will this newly launched effort succeed?

A lot rests on the goodwill of dietitians in various communities. The ADA is signing up RDs here at the nutrition conference to volunteer.

Another critical factor is getting kids and parents to get onto the website. But the competition is hard, because the junk food brands have lots of cool online games on their websites, and various fun competitions on Facebook and Twitter.

This is certainly a step in the right direction. RDs are a crucial resource that every community should utilize.

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  • Rachel Assuncao

    Hopefully some good comes of this program. It will be interesting to see what the RDs teach in the schools and whether or not it’s health based or corporate-sponsor based messaging. Here in Canada, with Boston Pizza as a corporate sponsor, kids are often receive prizes of BP gift certificates while they’re learning about healthy foods – yes, the apple is good for you, but go to this restaurant and eat your fill of pizza instead. Hopefully the ADA’s messaging will rise above corporate greed and truly teach kids about healthy eating.

  • Bill McNye

    Hopefully the program succeeds. And it will only do so if they can cause changes at home. Adults are cynical, stubborn and resistant to change (except for me of course). Children have the ability to cut through a parents armor and do some actual education themselves. This happens when recycling is taught in schools.