Check Out the New Fooducate iPhone App !

We’ve recently launched an iPhone app, simply called Fooducate. The app lets shoppers make better, healthier  choices at the supermarket. It empowers you with all the tips and tricks we’ve been writing about on this blog. Here’s a slide show with a brief overview:


With the Fooducate iPhone app, you can
- Automatically scan a product barcode
- See product highlights (both good & bad)
- Compare products
- Select better alternatives!!


We’ve got over 160,000 products in our food database, and growing daily. When you scan a product, our software  analyzes the information found in the nutrition panel and ingredient list, and comes up with a rating and a tidbit or two explaining the product.

You get to see the stuff manufacturers don’t want you to notice, such as excessive sugar, tricky trans fats, various additives and preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, controversial food colorings, and more…

What to do at the supermarket:

Just pick up a product from the shelf, scan it, and let Fooducate do the rest.

Please let us know what you think!

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  • Paula

    Hi, I think it’s wonderful to have an app like this! I just installed it and am trying it out on some products I have at home. I really like the information it gives me about things like added sugar or questionable ingredients. I even like the “like/don’t like” feature. I was surprised though that my organic while milk (O organics from Randall’s) scanned in at grade C. I’m curious how the grades are calculated? There were no negatives mentioned in the little info area under the prduct.

  • Annette Jacobson

    Computer did not allow me to access your slide show. It was blocked as “private.”

  • Lenna

    What about other countries? I am not from USA but seems a rather useful app :O!

    • Editorial Staff

      @Lenna – right now we are focused on the US, but hope to expand to additional countries. Where are you from?

  • Lorenzo

    I was trying to download this app when I, like Lenna I assume, found it it sadly wasn’t available to my country’s store just yet.

    I’m glad to read you’re hoping to expand to additional countries. I’m from Belgium so if you’re composing a list, mark us on there? :)

  • Anna

    Sounds like a brilliant app. Can’t wait till it goes global. (can you add New Zealand on there please?!) Thanks.

  • katie

    is it available on the driod?

    • Editorial Staff

      Droid runs on Android. We currently work only on iPhone. We plan on an android version in 2011.

      • Veron73111

        I want the app for Droid also! I don’t like many apps, but THIS one is FAB! Please hurry!

  • Simon

    Any idea when this will be available worldwide?

  • tess

    I want to second getting an app for Android! thanks :)

  • Celeste

    I would li8ke to add another vote for an android app.

  • Karen

    Another vote for Android app please!

  • Tracy

    we need this app. in Canada!! :) awesome!!

  • Chad Clark

    Editorial Staff :Droid runs on Android. We currently work only on iPhone. We plan on an android version in 2011.

    Can’t wait!! My friend showed me this app and I can’t wait to have it for Droid!!

  • Bianca

    Please bring this app to Canada!!

  • Emidawg

    I put in a vote for Android app… sick of iPhone getting all the good stuff :P

  • Katherine

    Canada please! This would be an incredible app to have, why isn’t it available for Canadians?

    • Editorial Staff

      @Katherine, the big challenge is culling a database of products based on their UPC. It’s a major challenge to do in just one country, let alone 2 or more. Hopefully we will get to Canada and Europe…

  • Anna

    @Editorial Staff
    When will it be available for the android system?

  • Rachel

    Another call for Android please! @Editorial Staff

  • Steve

    Another vote for an android version! My boyfriend has this app on his iphone, but who knows how long we’ll last!

  • fians4k

    I’m also waiting for the Android app, it would be great. But I think it would be best if, instead of working with the barcodes, it would recognise the product by a picture of the cover, just like the Goggle app does. That would be awesome, because it allows to check for nutritional recomendations for products outside the USA.

  • Charlie

    If there is any way I can help you make this app available to an Australian audience, I’m more than happy to volunteer.

  • trunksy

    @Editorial Staff
    One more month until 2011! Do you have any idea when in 2011 it’ll be available for Android. Jan 1? First quarter? 2011 is pretty vague.

  • slantendicular

    As a Canadian, I would love to have access to this product. Our UPC system isn’t harmonized with the US one? If so, that’s too bad.

  • Luis

    @Editorial Staff
    Have you contemplate the idea of having a sort of crowd-sourcing to expand to other countries easily and faster?
    Maybe creating a website where people can cooperate with the necessary information to build the database. I am pretty sure people will collaborate to such a great app.

    • Editorial Staff

      @Luis – yes. What country are you writing from?

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for this app… In a world of camouflage marketing your app is helping me make wiser choices for my family. Well done!
    Elizabeth M.
    Charleston, South Carolina

  • Luis

    @Editorial Staff
    I am writing from Canada. But, the way I see it this app can create multiple versions with the collaboration from everyone.

  • Editorial Staff

    @Luis agreed. thank you for the suggestion…

  • Theresa

    Just got my first ipod and I like your app. What are the bottom buttons “like” and “don’t like” for? Needs a way to clear history. Also noticed some questionable grades, i.e. only half a grade between white and 100% WW bread. Looking forward to upgrades and more foods added. Would be nice to have a section for whole foods. Thanks for a useful app!

  • Editorial Staff

    @Theresa thanks for out the app! If you like the app, please consider rating it on the app store.

    re: Questionable grades – even 100% whole grain bread can be full of chemicals, oil and HFCS, so it doesn’t automatically rate high.

    re: clear history. noted.

    re: whole foods section. what do you mean?

  • pollyalida

    Another vote for droid app!

  • http://n/a Chris D

    When do you expect to have Fooducate in the Android market?

    • Editorial Staff

      @Chris D soon…

  • Lisa

    I got this app and I would like it if I could get it to work. I was able to scan one item but can’t get it to scan anything else. When I try to manually enter a bar code number it wants an 8 digit number rather than a 10 digit number that all bar codes have. It won’t accept any bar code entries because of that.

    • Editorial Staff

      @Lisa – what device are you working on? iphone/ipod? 3G? 3GS? 4?
      Regarding barcodes – some are 8 digits, others are 12 digits. make sure you type in the leading zero and the check digit that appear “out of bounds” of the graphic barcode itself.
      please email support at fooducate dot com and we’ll try to help you out.

  • sam

    Can’t wait to see this on Android! Looks like a highly useful app.

  • Todd

    Android version please!

  • Jeremiah Janusiak

    How far away is it for the android? You said soon. Any word on a release date or have they even started work on it?

  • LouH

    This app is a great idea but the majority of smartphone users in the US can’t use it because their phones are run with Android operating systems. This is a shame because this app has the power to change what people eat in ways that will have long term health benefits. The sooner this app is out for Android OS’s the better. So when can we expect it? I’d appreciate an answer which is a little more precise than “soon”. Many thanks for thinking up this app.

  • Jeff

    +1 LouH

  • Mbrooke

    When will this be available for Android? Anything more specific than “soon?”

  • Dwmatty

    This app isn’t available on my Verizon Droid X phone. When?

    • Fooducate

      soon, within a few months

  • ondria

    Anotha vote for droid.
    Please and thank u. :-)

  • Meleniesheehan

    Still waiting for android – saw it was available on android in Shape magazine, but can’t find it in the market. When?? :(

  • Abwhite08

    Was reading about this app in my shape magazine…it mentioned it was available for the android. I am a little dissapointed to see it is not available yet.

    • Jcbleever

      Me too!!! I was so excited to dowload it then so disappointed!

      • Fooducate

        We are working very hard to get an Android version out ASAP

    • Fooducate
    • Bobbi Dust

      Same here. As soon as I read about it in Shape, I grabbed my phone and went straight to the market. I was very disappointed to see that no results were found in the search. But, I did sign up to be notified of when the app will be available. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    • Myfavis22

      If you need to use the app for weight watchers points plus, there is an app for the android, it is WW ScanCalc from Von Helmut Software. 

    • ZuZu

      It is now available for Android :)  

  • Teeda301

    Got my Shape magazine in the mail today and was super excited about the app, until I went to get it and it wasn’t available as stated in the magazine!! Very disappointed!!

  • Michael Caputo

    Would really love to see this available in Canada!!

  • Asouthernfairytale
  • Tigger

    I read about this app in my Shape magazine also. I was so disappointed that it is not yet available for Android. Hopefully soon!

  • Tigger

    I read about this app in my Shape magazine also. I was so disappointed that it is not yet available for Android. Hopefully soon!

  • Shannon

    This sounds like a great app. I am going to download for my iPhone now to check it out. One thing that would help me is if it also did price comparison. Moat of the time healthier choices aren’t quite as economical. :(

  • Ann

    Latest update says Fooducate won’t scan with iPhone 3GS. What?! What kind of update is that? I won’t update but I can’t sync my phone either because the app is already downloaded in my iTunes. Thanks a lot. Please find the fix fast. Your app is really most useful as a scanner. That update shouldn’t have been pushed out when it disables a significant feature.

    • Fooducate

      On ***3GS*** you can scan to your hearts content.

      Scan is disabled on ***3G***, which is an older model and never could scan with the app, creating a terrible user experience. Now the app goes directly to browse and search screen.

  • ZuZu

    I have this app for Android and since I fount it I have been promoting it to everybody! I love it and it makes my life so much easier, God Bless you for creating this app

  • Chelsea

    Fooducate keeps saying that my iPhone is not connected to the internet even though my WiFi is on and working.

  • mimi

    too bad it’s not available in Canada :(