What Happens When You Mix Pepsi and a Hard Boiled Egg?

This is a guest blog post by  Lisa Cain, Ph.D
Most of the discussion on drinking soda has focused on high fructose corn syrup and its detrimental effects on blood sugar and weight.  But, what about your teeth?

Today, we are taking a page from a kindergarten teacher’s playbook.  This teacher uses a very visual experiment to help her class of 5 year olds understand what happens to teeth when you drink soda.

I have heard that if you immerse a baby tooth in Coke it will dissolve in 24 hours.  I checked into this myth and it isn’t true.  What IS true is that soda contains acid that will dissolve the enamel of teeth over time.

Our experiment is simple.  Take a hard boiled egg and immerse it in Pepsi or Coke for 24 hours and analyze your result.

Well, look at that!

The obvious conclusion for the 5 year olds is that you need to brush your teeth.  They take toothbrushes and scrub all the color off the egg to mimic brushing their teeth.

But, what does this experiment mean for us grown ups?  Well, I found a study that concluded that prolonged exposure to soda can lead to significant tooth enamel loss.

From the article:

The erosive potential of colas is 10 times that of fruit juices in just the first three minutes of drinking.

I doubt this is going to surprise anyone that the powerful combination of sugar, acid, and artificial color isn’t great for your teeth.  Back in my post on Monster Energy drinks, I reported that a kid had over 15 areas of decay on his teeth from drinking Monster.  The parents had a $6000 dental bill.  YIKES!

My suggestion is to treat soda like a treat.  Don’t drink it very often and when you do – brush your teeth soon after you drink it.

Please share this post with your soda drinking family, friends, and co-workers.  It might help them kick their habit.

Lisa Cain, Ph.D. writes about healthy snacks on Snack-Girl.com. She is a published author, mother of two, and avid snacker.

  • Carolyn Brown

    Heard similar terrible things about canned iced tea. (the form you buy it in makes a difference – canned versus bottled, I believe it was) A friend was an overnight DJ and years ago used to buy 3 Dr. Peppers for his shift and sip it for 8 hours. 13 cavities! He had no insurance so he went to a dental school for low-priced work by students that is all checked by dentists who teach them, so, good-quality work. But it took many hours. No more soda for him!

  • Janis

    My grandfather when he was alive—–would use Coke to dissolve rust off of nails and screws!!!!!!!!!!

    My daughter last year did this as a science experiment and came in second place in 7th grade. She used her old baby teeth and put them into Monster, Diet Coke, coffee, and white vinegar for 24 hours.

    • Carol

      What were the results?

      • Ann

        They will disappear. We did this experiment at school with an aluminium spoon over weekend – on Mondey the spoon was gone or there was just a “rusty” stick

  • http://beingariver.blogspot.com/ LeahS

    This article is great to show the issues of crap on teeth. I beleive another point that should be made, is that the cavity bacteria is the most highly prolific bacteria on earth. It spreads like wildfire. Yes, coke etc is bad for you, but it wouldn’t get to this massive level with regular checkups. (and better food! pop should be illegal for children)

    I have major problems with our dental system, but if you are someone who lets your children eat crap, then most likely you don’t object to the crap the dentist uses ether. Letting 13 cavities grow takes some time, giving it the ultimate playground to survive in doesn’t help either.

    Recently I had a root canal, the dentist told me he was stunned, that while i had significant cavity, too much to just fill (with white of course, cause mercury amalgam is a neurotoxin I don’t want in my mouth) in one of my molars, he was stunned that it had not spread. In his experience, he’d not seen Cavity NOT spread before. I told him as soon as I noticed something was wrong, I was taking oil of oregano every day.. (the most potenet antibacterial stuff on earth) so my one cavity did not develop into overall decay in my mouth.

  • Bill McNye

    Any acidic and sugary food is bad for your teeth. Natural mouth bacteria turn the sugar into acid. Even high sugar natural foods such as fruit and honey can cause tooth decay. The key in the number of exposure. Sipping a can of coke all day would be worse (tooth decay wise) than chugging three cans in 5 minute. Likewise, snacking on raisins or apples all day can cause similar damage.

    BTW, soda (pop where I come from) should be illegal for children? Really? How do we enforce that? You can’t, and shouldn’t, legislate responsibility.

  • Kim Sherman

    I am a dental hygienist and want people to know that you should NOT brush your teeth immediately after drinking one of these sodas. You should rinse with water as soon as you are done and hold off brushing your teeth for a while because the acids make the teeth soft and susceptible to abrasion (loss of enamel due to brushing).

  • kelly

    was just about to say exactly what kim just said. do NOT brush after the high acid drink (including wine)

  • jondre the giant

    Uh, pretty sure that human teeth are not as porous as an egg shell… this is gay. I’m not defending soda in any way, but let’s be fair. Organic herbal tea will do the same thing if you leave it in there overnight.

    This was somewhat useful though… Now I know not to go to bed with a mouthful of soda…

    • Anonymous

      “This is gay”? Really? Grow up.

      • Herpderp

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    • Julianabaldwin

      “this is gay.” Wow. Immature and derogatory.

    • Weeny

      ur an idjit

      • Christine | MakeMeAHarp

        great choice of word…idjit. i love the word idjit! people don’t use that word often enough. i thought only Bobby Singer used it! kudos 2 u!

  • vinny

    this is bull my teeth are so white and i drink 30 a day suck it just brush your teeth more

  • mkw

    I unfortunately got into a habit of drinking way too much soda when I moved out on my own for the first time. I knew it was bad for me and would brush my teeth numerous timess a day. My teeth still rotted to the point that I now have more empty spaces and crowns than actual teeth. The acid in soda weakens the enamel for about 30 minutes after your last sip. If you brush your teeth in that time period, all you do is brush the enamel right off.

  • Vegnik

    please visit Food for Thought—and Action at http://www.brook.com/food

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sunset-Kidd/100003356415021 Sunset Kidd

      why would we do that?

  • Aamcdaniel

    I used to drink Pepsi like a wino. Screwed up the enamel on my teeth and discolored them somewhat. Dr. says that if I ever want pure white teeth again I would have to go through expensive treatments that insurance doesn’t cover. Oh, well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AngryBenTennyson Angry-Ben ‘Tennyson’ Castor

    “brush your teeth soon after you drink it.” NO! NO! NO! AND NO! Brushing your teeth within an hour after drinking will damage your teeth. The cola softens the teeth and you end up scraping away the enamel and other vital parts of your teeth. If any thing you should be waiting quite a while after drinking soft drinks before brushing.

    • Csiwatcher


      completely agree….best to swish mouth out with tepid water and then than wait 30 minutes to brush….the warm water rinse will aid the saliva from removing and residue and the 30 minutes will allowyou to brush without damaging the tooth

      • Sonya

        Exactly what my dentist reccomended!! Along with the recurring lecture/reminder not to sip at it all day long (like I did) cause I was really doing a number on my teeth! Have a glass, with food is better (more food/saliva helps get the coke off the teeth) then have water or rinse & get on with your day.
        Hard habit to break- but amazing how getting your teeth scraped, filled & the reminder speech from the dentist worked wonders every 6 mo!

    • Jandasma

      Dear Ben. Kudos to you…even if you aren’t right. People shouldn’t go repeating everything they hear when they don’t know what they’re talking about. You probably are right though.


      brush before drinking soda, or drink soda with meals, or rinse with water after consuming soda, or DO NOT DRINK SODA AT ALL!  IT’S THAT BAD FOR YOUR TEETH!

      • Beatrice

        And your bones.

  • Lydia Blogg

    Dentures are easy…isn’t a bigger worry that soda sucks the calcium out of the bones? No, you won’t “see” the damage until around 50 or 60. Ask anyone who now has osteoporosis is they were ever a big soda drinker!

  • Paranormalkitty

    Ewww soda. Give me tea any day. The best thing you can do for your kids is get them hooked on (unsweetened) tea. Keep a pitcher of iced tea or iced green tea in the refrigerator and don’t give them soda. They’ll think soda tastes nasty compared to tea.

    • Kelliez

      Although tea would be better than soda, I’ve got to disagree.  Get them to drink water!    

      • James

        better yet, get them to drink fluoridated water. lol
        actually flouride is chemical waste produced by the production of fertilizer, they capture it with water vapor to prevent it from emmiting posion into the atmosphere. 
        the ADA (American Dental Associaion) says this “If using a produce the has to be reconstituted, parents and caregivers should consider using water the has no or low levels of flouride.”
        meaning it’s not safe for children
        I’ll stick with Coke, lol
        but I don’t trust them either

    • Kelliez

      Although tea would be better than soda, I’ve got to disagree.  Get them to drink water!    

    • Smith

      Be careful, too much tea can cause kidney stones.

  • http://google.com/ Mr. Astley

    thanks for sharing!

  • http://modernfamilydentistry.net/dental_services.html Timothy Eastwood

    I bet before you read this, you thought that the worst thing soda can do to your teeth is staining them! Soda attacks your chompers by means of bacteria. Drinking soda, especially when your mouth is dry, cultivates them by leaving sugar in your enamel. These feed the bacteria on your mouth, cultivating them and this weakens your teeth, bigtime!

  • Tanless14

    well, i’ll be sure never to leave my teeth in soda for 24 hours…

    • kenzie


    • kenzie


    • No Wonder ‘Merica is Fat

      Let’s say you sip a soda per day (which is probably a low national estimate) and it takes you an hour- you’re soaking your teeth for 365 hours (366 this year) in a year. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1053987988 Mary McGuire

    Makes a lot of sense!

  • AXn

    Use a straw.

  • Will Robinson86

    Thanks fooducated, for educating me on the danger of soda and sugars…

  • Guest

    How about sipping through a straw??

  • http://www.symptomofdiabetes.net diabetes

    Is the effect the same with diet and non diet drinks?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandra-Boone/100001993721044 Sandra Boone

      the carbonation in the drinks is what is bad for your health and if you add artifical sweeters it only is worse for your health. the best thing i believe to drink is water, our bodies dont know how to break down things that arent natural so it more wear and tear and our bodies will break down just like cars if you dont take proper care of them

  • Kb


    you sould not brush right after because you will harm your enamel!!!

  • Rihrox7

    woah that is disscusting!

  • Halimat

    Cool! We are trying a experiment in school about what happens to eggs in Pepsi, water, orange juice, diet pepsi and 1 more thing l can’t remember!I am doing a homework to see the right answer! l already guessed in school and put for pepsi and egg that it will get soft! But guess l was wrong! LOL! Great em…picture? x

  • Kabray

    Coming from a dental hygienist you should know that brushing teeth right after drinking a soda is the worst thing you can do!  Enamel becomes weaker after it is introduced to the acids in the soda.  Better to rinse well with water right after.  This will bring ph balance of the mouth closer to normal and then make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly before bed.

  • Kabray

    Coming from a dental hygienist you should know that brushing teeth right after drinking a soda is the worst thing you can do!  Enamel becomes weaker after it is introduced to the acids in the soda.  Better to rinse well with water right after.  This will bring ph balance of the mouth closer to normal and then make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly before bed.

  • americans_are_d_mb

    Americans, soda is on the top of their food pyramid. Scared about messing up your teeth? Just DON’T drink soda duh…

    • t34418l3angel

      You are ignorant if you think all Americans drink soda like it’s water. I hate when people group all Americans, you don’t see us hating on all Europeans or wherever your from because of stupid stereotypes. Grow up.

  • Contacttrish27

    I am a registered dental hygienist and loved what you had to say- with a small but important exception.  Brushing right after acidic foods and drinks (or vomiting) will remove microparticals of your teeth’s enamel!  Rinse with plain water or wait 30 minutes to allow the oral pH to return to neutral first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hondashadowgrl Johnny Len Hartwell

    My ex-husband consumed up to 12 cans of soda a day when we were married. He was toothless by 40 due to that and smoking. His dental health was horrible from that deadly combination, and his breath was beyond stank. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R7AD4VDCURMCACQOITZPDSTCKM MichaelT

      Ewww, and you kissed him?  I know he was your husband, but bad teeth are a really big turn off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sunset-Kidd/100003356415021 Sunset Kidd

    i think when you boil the egg with the pepsi joy it will peel and be Brown Black and White but i guess i was wrong.

  • http://www.castlewoodtc.com/ Chantel Salmon

    That egg is nasty, but way cool experiment. 

  • Susannah

    Yikes! I knew it was bad stuff–this just ups the ante. I gave up soft drinks some years ago (except for diet ginger ale when I get–rarely–nauseated), when my doc told me that, if I cut out ONE sugar-sweetened soda a day, by the end of a year, I’d lose 10 pounds. She was right! That gave me the motivation to join Weight Watchers. Now, I’m 70lbs lighter, and a whole lot happier. It’s amazing what one small change can mean, to your

  • Julia

    That is sooo cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandra-Boone/100001993721044 Sandra Boone

    another reason not to drink soda

  • Lrlovme48

    I’m going share this with family members:)

  • Rjquinn81

    You can o this with any kind of liquid. For example if you put a hard boiled egg in beet juice it will turn red! Now does that mean beat juice is bad for you?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R7AD4VDCURMCACQOITZPDSTCKM MichaelT

      Just means that they both stain, but I think we can all agree that beet juice is better for you than Pepsi (that said, I do have one on rare occasions when I dine out).

  • Fuzzyderosa

    What was your hypothosis?

  • Cookie

    If you soak eggshells in water long enough, you can brush off the brown layer too. That is not meant to exonerate soda, btw.

  • guest

    whats the point of posting info like this?ignorant idiots will still refuse to stop drinking this processed unnatural crap.

  • Breshunanaugles234


  • Breshunanaugles234

    i learned that the pepsi can damage your teeth as much as candy bhut what i didnt know wasdat it canturn your teeth brown

  • Breshunanaugles234

    i know all of these because i went on google and found out that if you sit a egg in a cup with pepsi the egg withh turn the egg a different color because i did it and i learned from it 

  • http://www.kellysdistributors.net.au/ lipton ice tea

    I get shocked when i read this blog It is so important for our daily life . Thanks for sharing 

  • Nicole

    Ugh…all this post did was put me in the mood for a Cherry Pepsi.

    • Christine | MakeMeAHarp

      i just finished having one and i, too, after reading this post, would love to have another! (:

      (good thing I ran out of my stock-pile and it’s yet to go back on sale)

  • Rockygrod

    It is a good idea to rinse your mouth with water right after drinking a soda, but wait 20-30 minutes before brushing your teeth. The soda actually softens the enamel, so you should give a little time for the saliva to help remineralize it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517074855 Alecks Kim

      The advice in this blog to brush your teeth right after drinking soda is very irresponsible and dangerous, indeed.

    • d-rock

      I find this hilarious because I was just about to post the exact same thing and then I read this, good looking out and I think this article should be revised!

  • Cartoonguy_99

    “I reported that a kid had over 15 areas of decay on his teeth from drinking Monster.”

    He had decay because he didn’t brush, floss, and rinse. His choice of beverage had little, if any, to do with it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UK3UM4LIIMCMGKFLKDHKFR3VWU Noneofyourbusiness

    Ok, fine…still doesn’t grant the government the right to dictate what I eat or drink.

    Society shouldn’t pay for my choices, I should….You, however, should live as you want and leave me the hell alone.

  • Too fitK.c

    Also the experiment shows why cola could be a factor in weight gain. When the egg was left in the cola the sugar desolved the outer shell and probably the egg got bigger, which is called hypertonic. This draws the the same like substance to the bottom and swells the egg. It would be hypotonic if it be submerged in water which causes it to shrink, this you lose weight. Footnote: the info maybe be backwards but I think I got the right sequence!

  • Sam

    Sure soda may not be the best for your teeth, but it can’t be blamed for causing decay. I’m speaking from experience. I’m 20 years old, and have had ONE cavity my entire life (which I didn’t get until I was 16). I have been a regular drinker of Mountain Dew (at least one per day) since I was four, but I get top marks every dentist visit. If you maintain proper brushing habits you’re fine, but wait 30 or so minutes to brush after drinking soda.

  • Kacey

    My daughter soaked one of her baby teeth in reg. coke for 7 days and it DID dissolve! She took pictures and got an A on her report.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janelle.crowley Janelle Crowley

    Here’s a thought: Just don’t drink it!!! And more importantly, if your habits are too old to die, DON’T LET YOUR KIDS DRINK IT!!!!

  • Dr. Walker Dentistry

    I agree, brushing your teeth after drinking soda is a bit dangerous..your teeth will go brittle. It’s better to wash your mouth with warm water and then brush an hour or so later. http://www.drwalker.com.au

  • black Uchiha Madara


  • Penismcgaycuntt

    I did it with a normal egg and now its sparkly….

  • Beatrice

    How about not drinking coke at all?

  • xavier francis

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