Voskos Greek Yogurt – Taste Test & Nutrition Review

We’re big on yogurt here at Fooducate, and recently wrote about the growing popularity of Greek yogurt. Voskos is a brand of Greek Yogurt from Sun Valley Dairy of San Francisco, competing in a growing market.

They have a “natural” line of products using milk from cows that were not treated with growth hormones, as well as an Organic line with even stricter standards. The plain flavors come in full fat, low fat, and non-fat. The fruit flavors and the organic line are all non-fat.

The marketing people at Voskos offered to send some samples of their products to one of our readers. Cassie C., a Fooducate community member,  received them, and here is what she had to say:

Let me start by saying that it took me a long time to enjoy Greek Yogurt. I like to think of it as beer – it’s an acquired taste.

Prior to trying Voskos brand Greek Yogurt, I had been a fan of Fage and Oikos; however, I only enjoyed the honey flavor. I couldn’t enjoy plain.

I was sent 6 samples of low fat and no fat plain Greek Yogurt by Sun Valley Dairy, Voskos brand. I had never heard of it and was eager to try it.

For those who have never eaten Greek Yogurt, please know, it tends to be much thicker than ‘regular’ yogurt and it has a more bitter taste and it’s not as smooth. This yogurt, however, was very smooth and didn’t have the same bitterness I’ve found with Fage and Oikos yogurt. I was actually, for the first time, able to eat it plain.

I was extremely happy to see that it was only 160 calories per container and 23 grams of protein. Also, with it being unflavored, the sugar content was nice and low.

Being pregnant and a nurse, all of these things are very important to me, and I found after eating it in the morning mixed with some granola, I was full until lunch.

The ingredient list is the way it should be – short, sweet, and to the point
All in all, this is a fantastic product. I hope to see it on the shelves near me, soon.

What you need to know:

Greek yogurt does tend to be thicker than regular yogurt because it is strained, it loses water this way. That’s why the nutrietn count count is high compared to regular yogurt (23 grams vs. 12 for protein). On average, people need about 50 grams of protein a day, and this is the one nutrient that we get more than enough of during the day. So don’t fall for the protein hype.

There are more important reasons to love yogurt. The big value is the help it provides to the digestive system through the billions of helpful bacteria found in each serving.

Here’s the ingredient list for the lowfat yogurt:

Grade A Pasteurized Skim Milk, Cream, Live and Active Cultures.

It’s 160 calories, slightly higher than non-Greek low-fat yogurts with 140 calories. No biggie.

With 2 grams of saturated fat (10% of the daily max), and just 7 grams of naturally occurring sugar (2 tsp), this is a good deal. If you decide to try the flavored options you’ll be getting a lot more sugar.

Another benefit is the 25% daily value for calcium, a nutrient some people are not getting enough of, crucial for bone growth and health.

Overall: Thumbs up to Voskos plain yogurts.

What to do at the supermarket:

Whether Greek or other type of yogurt – go for the plain variety. In many cases, they also come in multiserving containers that save you money. Mix with your own honey, fruit, granola, or pretty much anything and enjoy.

Disclosure: Ah, the perks of food blogging…Voskos Marketing contacted us and offered to send  us samples. We had them sent to a family of volunteer testers. We did not pay for the samples. We were not paid to post this blog nor were we instructed in any which way regarding its content. In fact, we forewarned the good people at Voskos that we are skeptical and scathing of most  products sent our way. If you would like to have something new and possibly tasty sent to you, why not become a Fooducate Product Tester? Just comment below or shoot us an email: blog [at] fooducate [dot] com.

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    I would love the opportunity to be a Fooducate Product Tester. Contact me. I’m in!

  • Sally

    I would love to test products for you but sadly I live in the UK.

  • http://www.rebeccascritchfield.wordpress.com rebecca

    Where did u get the 50 g protein per day? Actually, protein needs vary quite a bit, depending on a person’s weight and goals. I find many people I come in contact with aren’t getting enough protein. Protein needs are higher when your trying to lose weight, build muscle, and if you do endurance sports. Protein is also important for satiety. My experience is people get too many carbs and not enough protein.


    • http://www.fooducate.com/blog Editorial Staff

      Hi Rebecca, you are right – 50g is the average. Just like 2000 calories is the average.

      On average, most Americans meet or surpass their DV of protein.
      And there seems to be too much focus on protein in food marketing.

      I’m not talking about athletes like you and your clients ;-)

  • Jessica Harrison

    We’d love to test products for you!

  • http://gardenofdiscovery.blogspot.com/ Patty Hicks

    Thank you so much for the review. I have been wanting to try Greek yogurt but didn’t want to get “surprised” by a less than palatable product. Thanks also for the protein note. After all the diet hype about protein needs its nice to have someone pull us back into reality. Love what you are doing here, its good enough to share always!!! Blessings,


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    I will gladly test and review products for you!

  • http://www.whosmydaddy.wordpress.com Cassie

    The reason I was so excited about the protein is that, I don’t eat much meat at all and find this as a good way to find other forms of protein besides beans and legumes. :)

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    Oh, and thanks for letting me do this!

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    Keep us questioning the labels & advertising!

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    Great info about the yogurt. I like adding Vanilla extract and thawed out frozen berries to the greek yogurt rather than buying the ones already sweetened with fruit. As a Certified Nutritionist (and Mom), I am always searching for good, tasty, healthy food to recommend my clients and for my family. Please keep me in mind as a product tester….

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    I’m a young granola mom of three toddlers…send anything my way and I’ll review it!

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  • carol

    Cassie, did the non-fat and low-fat taste the same, or are you describing just one of them (and which)? Often when people describe Greek yogurt as creamy/rich, they are referring to those with more fat (e.g., the low-fat one here has cream added, whereas the non-fat one doesn’t; and whole milk ones contain about 20 g fat and twice the calories). Just curious.

    Note that the reason Greek yogurt has less sugar is due to straining out of the whey (which contains some sugars) as well as the longer fermentation process (which allows the bacteria to consume more of the natural milk sugars). But this often results in a more sour yogurt, unless it has added fat, which helps temper the sourness.

    As for making nutrition comparisons between yogurts, remember that portion sizes vary with container size. An FDA serving size is 8 oz, but when yogurt comes in a 6 oz container, 6 oz is the serving size. And because Greek yogurt has less water, it will naturally have more protein, etc. per same volume as regular yogurt, so comparing Greek 8 oz to regular 6 oz won’t give a true comparison.

  • http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com parisbreakfast

    I love hearing more about Greek yogurt, though I think the adjective of choice would be ‘tart’ rather than bitter, an altogether different mouth taste.
    Poisonous foods are ‘bitter’.
    Lemons, plain yogart should be tart IMHO.

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  • Deanne

    I switched to this yogurt brand, after eating the blueberry flavor, its so creamy, thick and tastes so good!

  • Deanne

    I switched to this yogurt brand, after eating the blueberry flavor, its so creamy, thick and tastes so good!

  • Ferrantekat

    I am vet sorry to disagree with the person that posted the review, I have been looking for a really good yogurt, low calorie and low fat. First let me say the Greek yogurt is not bitter, it is a bit more tart then regular yogurt and it is thicker, kinda like a sour cream texture, smooth and creamy. Tonite I tried the Voskos apricot mango flavor, first at $1.50 a cup it should be full, if I found 3 pieces of apricot or mango I was lucky. I don’t know how anyone could even compare this to Fage, or even to any other. I bought 10 and I am so disappointed with the one, I hope that the rest are better… Liberte is a great tasting tougher for someone not watching calories and fat. This Voskos was a thumbs down!!

    • Ferrantekat

      I would love to be a fooducate, I cook and bake as a hobby, always looking for new and different…sorry for typo’s on the above but I’m on my phone and It’s almost midnight.

  • etbrand

    This is my second time trying Voskos yogurt and i am very disappointed. I love the Fage plain yogurt and in fairness I haven’t tried the Voskos plain(it wasn’t available in a small container). Both flavored Vosko yogurts seemed grainy and took a long time for me to finish. I bought it because it was on sale and will have to endure eating 2-more. I will stick to Fage.

  • dabraat

    OMG, I love FAGE, Chobani and Oikos but tried two flavors of Voskos and threw both away after two spoons. This is horrible tasting, at least to me. Maybe I am so used to less natural brands, but taste is taste. This is not for me.

  • Teen

    Voskos greek yogurt is disgusting. This is my second time trying it as I thought the first one I purchased was spoiled. It has the most horrible aftertaste, almost like a cheap aspartame sweetner, there no fruit and the peach variety has this awful brownish tint to the color. Nothing compares to Chobani or Fage, even the store brands, Shoprite and Americas Choice greek blow Voskos out of the water. I’m shocked as to how they stay in business given their price point is aligned to the other branded greek varieties. Will never buy again.

  • Ralph

    I tend to agree 100% with the review above. As I too do not like yogurt and only started to eat it because of a recent doctor’s visit I found this brand an exception and loved the vanilla honey and strawberry a lot. So happy my local market carries it as I will continue to buy it. I found Chobani , sold at my job, just okay but can’t wait to get more Voskos!

  • Kat

    I personally love Voskos…especially the Wild Blueberry! I have tried other brands and I always come back to Voskos. Texture is a struggle for me but, I love the creamy texture of Voskos. When I occasionally eat plain (I prefer not to) I add a cup of frozen berries to it to add some flavor and it’s wonderful.

  • Alicia Sinclair

    I just purchased my first Voskos, haven’t tried it yet . I would LOVE TO BE A TASTE TESTER FOR FOODUCATE!

  • LT

    I love voskos yogurt! The strawberry, blueberry, and plain are my favorite. I dont know how anyone can eat chobani it has the worst smell! I don’t even know what that smell is because I’ve tried all different kinds of Greek yogurt and none of them smell like chobani does.

  • Pink

    Tried Voskos greek yogurt for the first time last night and thoroughly enjoyed! I added natural granola to the coconut and it was like eating coconut cream pie. I just finished having the Black Cherry flavor and it was ok. Similar to Chobani and other brands. I will stock up on the coconut!! yum!