Food at the Beach

A short blog post today – heading out to the beach with the kids for some fun in the sun before the school year begins.

Kids get very hungry swimming and building sandcastles, but the sand and the heat make it a challenge to keep everyone fed and hydrated while maintaining at least some semblence of hygiene.

Here’s the chow we’re planning to take along and consume:

prewashed cold veggies - baby carrot, persian cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes (from our backyard).

prewashed cold fruit – grapes, freshly diced mango cubes, freshly diced watermelon cubes, nectarines, and apples.

hard boiled eggs – salmonella free, pre-peeled. (playing it safe)

cold pasta salad – leftover from yesterday – with sauteed onions, bell peppers, black olives, olive oil and spices.

water + ice – fresh from the tap, fridge, and freezer.

more water for washing hands and dropped food. (the salty ocean water does not complement a sand infused half apple very well)

Most likely we’ll buy some popsicles - at outrageous prices – too. Tradition.

That’s pretty much it from the kitchen, but tons of other stuff from the other household departments though.

What food do you like to take with you to the beach?

  • Dr. Susan Rubin

    The Rubin Rodeo is beaching it today in Montauk, NY. We’ll be bringing pistachios, leftover grilled chicken, carrot sticks and loads of ice water in our cooler.
    It’s down right scary to see the amount of packaged junk most everyone else is eating. Yet another toxic food environment!

  • Jennifer

    We have taken homemade popcorn, homemade energy bars, homemeade cookies, rollups – tortillas spread with something and rolled around something and cut into chunks (peanut butter around a banana, cream cheese around cucumber spears, etc). I also made cheese puffs once which was a real hit. My kids are so busy eating, they never notice that they’re not eating the same junk food as everyone else!

  • Jessica

    pretty much the same fare… we went in July and I packed cold pasta salad w/ red & green peppers, fruit salad (fresh pineapple, blueberries, cherries), hint of salt wheat thins, and water.

  • Jim Schmidt, REHS

    I know you are being safe with the eggs. If you have the recalled eggs throw them out. However, hard boiling eggs will kill pathogens, I would recommend air cooling the eggs instead of allowing them to cool in water.

  • Diane Beere

    All the comments do my heart so much good to know people are practicing healthy eating. The four comments demonstrate so well how the growing voice for fresh food will eventually bring down the acceptance for junk food which is a toxic aberration when put into humans.

  • Lauren Slayton

    frozen organic red grapes or banana slices (refreshing stay, semi frozen in cooler. My kids are pesto freaks so pesto basta, pesto, tomato sandwiches. Some healthy crunchy snacks like Food Should taste good chips always hit the spot too. Is some sangria for adults out of the question?


    Thought-provoking comments ! BTW if people are looking for a CMS-40B , I
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