Cool Fruit [Literally]

Ever get stuck with over-ripe fruit?

In these hot summer months, a day or two in that nice bowl on your countertop may be all that’s needed to turn a picture perfect specimen into a messy mush.

The Amazon Fresh blog has a few pointers:

Tomatoes – Tomatoes need room temperature to ripen, and that’s why it’s good to keep them OUT of the fridge. But once they are ripe and red, they CAN be refrigerated.

Bananas – you can keep them in the fridge for 2-3 days. Their skin will brown rather quickly in the fridge, but the inside will be just fine.

A few more suggestions:

Some fruit need no room temperature at all, they stop ripening the minute they are picked – strawberries, blueberries, pretty much any-type-of-berries, figs, litchis, and grapes.

Keep ripe apples away from fresh fruit. The apples release a chemical – ethylene – that can adversely affect neighboring fruit.

Lastly – don’t wash berries until you’re about to eat them. The water not dried off is an invitation for disintegration.

Please share your best practices for fruit (and veggie) longevity.

  • Corey

    Don’t put tomatoes in the fridge! once they drop below a certain temperature (50F?) one of the enzymes in the tomato that is responsible for a lot of flavor shuts off… permanently. So NEVER put a tomato in the fridge if you want it to retain its delicious flavor… if you like bland tomatoes… go ahead, refrigerate. Unfortunately most tomatoes from the grocery store come in on refrigerated trucks because the rest of the produce that comes with them is better refrigerated… I know this from working in a grocery store. But if you get a nice tomato from a famers’ market or grow one yourself… don’t put it in the fridge!
    Once you cut in to it however, all bets are off… you should refrigerate it if you don’t eat it all to avoid mold, etc. growth.

  • Monica

    cold fruit is so refreshing on these hot summer days.
    i like to buy bags of grapes and put them in the freezer. way better than eating a Popsicle from the grocery store. I don’t know if freezing grapes negatively affects their nutrients but i’m going to keep doing it anyway because they are so good!

  • WilliamB

    Very ripe fruit has many uses:
    - bananas into bread
    - apples into applesauce (which can go into bread, or mixed with whipped egg whites and a little sugar and baked for a trifle)
    - anything into a smoothie
    - berries and stone fruit into ice cream/sherbet/sorbet
    - berries, stone fruit, or seed fruit into a pie; if very soft make a custard pie in the same manner as a pumpkin pie
    - pureed and strained for juice.

    I got sick for a week right after I went shopping – I’m doing just about all of these.