Why Food Always Looks Better in the Ad [Video]

Do you wonder why burgers, tacos, and TV dinners always look so great in ads and on commercials? Sit down with your kids and have a look at the oldie but goodie explanation video clip above.

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  • Keebi

    Funny My sister and I are from the Carribbean. During the 80′s with arrival of US fast food franchises to our shores, local commercials used food that looked exactly like the fare served in the resturants. Their only effort was to place the food on a revolving white paper/plastic plate with bad lighting in the ads.

    When we visited the states – It was a different story. The food in the commercials looked sooooo good. We tried to find that quality in the restaurants in vain (to our parents’ displeasure..they hated fast food). As kids we wondered how the Yankees made their food look so good without thinking of the thousands/millions of dollars that were spent on these ads.

  • Nimlot

    Disgusting, pure disgusting is all I can say. I’m sure there are worse things that are done done lure us all into seeing the perfect food.

  • Sparkina

    That ought to deter any child from pestering his or her folks for fast food.