5 Upbeat Stats About Women’s Healthy Shopping Habits

Lets face it, in most families women are the decision makers when it comes to grocery shopping and nutrition. A recent survey by iVillage and Penton, confirms what we’ve been sensing in our gut over the last few years – an overwhelming majority of women are more focused than ever on buying healthy foods.

Please take note that the subsidiary of Penton media that conducted the survey has interest in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry. Which means the survey and questions were probably designed to induce favorable answers. Nonetheless, the numbers are very encouraging. A good followup would be to see how intent is translated to actual purchase behavior.

Here are some of the  stats:

1. 73% say they read labels carefully, looking for specific additives such as high fructose corn syrup.
2. About 50% look for specific health benefits such as high fiber, reduced fat and low sodium rather than general claims that food is “organic” or “natural”
3. 71% are very interested in buying healthy products at mainstream grocers – a trend that should encourage such retailers to devote more shelf space to healthy and organic products
4. While 57% believe organic food is better for them, only 26% will actually go out of their way to purchase it. Probably due to the high price.
5. 39% find that time is the biggest impediment to eating right, closely followed by willpower and motivation. It’s tough to be a homemaker and hold  down a job, and raise children, and cook dinner from healthy ingredients every night.

What healthy food are you planning on buying and preparing this weekend?

  • http://tastyeatsathome.wordpress.com Alta

    Let’s see – I am hoping that the farmer’s market has a bunch of beets tomorrow! I plan to make a beet, basil, and orange salad. Yum. Now, if I can convince the vegetable-phobic family to eat it, then we’d really be on to something!