Who Said Cooking is Hard?

This is a guest blog post by Chef Rob Endelman.

Cooking, despite what Big Food wants us to believe, does not have to be a time-consuming chore.  I’ll argue that waiting in line at the doctor’s office and pharmacy is the real energy-draining bore.

You do not need much to successfully cook for yourself and your family, save for simple ingredients and basic cooking technique.  I can’t shop for you, but I can help you realize that often just a little sautéing or stirring is all that is needed to produce meals that are far superior to packaged and processed foodstuffs.

I’ve chosen three dishes that illustrate cooking’s simplicity.  Feel free to substitute ingredients, especially in the hearty vegetable soup and pasta sauce.

1. Hearty vegetable soup recipe – A hearty winter meal that further debunks the myth that cooking is difficult and expensive. I made about eight portions and it cost me $9. (Had I not used mostly organic ingredients, it would have totaled $5.) Prep time was 10 minutes and cooking time (mostly unattended) was roughly an hour.

2. Pasta sauce recipe – make a quick sauce, in about 10 minutes, to put over whole wheat pasta. The pasta cooks while you prepare the sauce.

3. Hot chocolate recipe – Making your own hot chocolate with quality cocoa powder (I use Green & Black’s) takes about the same amount of time and isn’t that much more expensive than using packaged hot chocolate mixes that contain refined sugars and synthetic ingredients. Plus, the difference in flavor is startling.

Rob Endelman is a chef who, in addition to teaching cooking technique, empowers people with the knowledge to make better choices when it comes to buying and preparing food.  He believes that a lack of awareness about our industrial food supply has contributed to the increase in modern diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer.  Through The Delicious Truth and Cook with Class, Chef Rob helps people understand, identify and avoid hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and synthetic additives.

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  • Sparkina

    That pasta dish looks divine (my mouth just watered on my keyboard) 

  • Sparkina

    That pata dish looks divine. Proof that real food can be appealing. My mouth just watered all over my keyboard