Mommy, Where Do Baby Carrots Come From?


  • Dr. Susan Rubin

    Notice how the narrator called them “baby” carrots? As if they are so darn cute!

    I find those baby carrots either slimy or overly dry with a white coating.
    Some people claim they are sprayed with a diluted chlorine bleach solution. I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

    Isn’t it cheaper just to buy real carrots? Real ones sure taste better.

  • Bill

    Or just buy real baby carrots at Whole Foods. They go well with baby corn.

  • Baby Coupons

    thanks fo posting this video, very informative

  • Healthymomma13

    I like that “baby” carrots are encouraging more people to eat carrots, but I agree with 
    Dr. Rubin’s comments that they are slimy in the bag and as soon as you open it they dry out very quickly.  I suppose if you rinse them and serve them right away it’s easier, but regular/real carrots taste so much better.