Three Reasons to Rethink that Diet Coke You’re About to Drink


Care for some water? No way, get me a Diet Coke, or a Coke Zero.

Water is for washing hands, not drinking. And regular soft drinks and juice are full of sugars and calories.

So you decided a long time ago to go with artificial sweeteners. After a while, you didn’t even notice the slightly different taste compared to sugar sweetened beverages. And, diet drinks are zero calories. Win-win. Both taste buds AND body are happy. A no-brainer, right?

Not so fast.

A fascinating article – Artificially Sweetened Beverages Cause for Concern – recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), challenges the notion that artificial sweeteners are risk free.

The article’s author, David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD,  a Harvard professor and Founding Director of the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) clinic at Children’s Hospital, Boston, makes three important points, especially in the context of artificially sweetened drinks:

1. Our body gets confused by artificial sweeteners – the dissociation between sweet taste and calorie intake may put the regulatory system that controls hunger and body weight out of sync, thus sabotaging weight loss plans. A study on rodents showed that those fed saccharin actually gained weight compared to rodents fed sucrose.

2. We’re “Infantilizing” our taste sense – Artificial sweeteners are a hundredfold sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). By getting ourselves used to so much sweet, normal sweet flavors, of fruit for example, become bland and so do other healthful foods such as grains and vegetables, thus reducing our willingness to consume them and ultimately the quality of our diet.

3. Long term effects unclear – while there have been many studies on artificial sweeteners and disease such cancer, very few focused on long term weight gain. A seven year study, (San Antonio Heart Study), showed a relationship between diet drink consumption and obesity, but the causation is not clear. Consumption of artificial sweeteners is growing yearly. According to Ludwig,

If trends in consumption continue, the nation will, in effect, have embarked on a massive, uncontrolled, and inadvertent public health experiment. Although many synthetic chemicals have been added to the food supply in recent years, artificial sweeteners in beverages stand out in their ability to interact with evolutionarily ancient sensorineural pathways at remarkably high affinity.

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What to do at the supermarket:

Whether sweetened with sugar, or artificially, our body does not need anything but water. And while switching overnight from a life sin H2O seems impossible, you can opt for baby steps such as watering down juice, consuming soda only during predefined meals / weekly activities, and getting your sweet tooth filled with juicy fruits such as oranges, melons, pears, and apples. If money is your motivator – think about the $500 a year a family of four can save by just switching to tap water.

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  • Dr. Susan Rubin

    Yup, diet soda is bad news when it comes to personal health and to planetary health. Despite the efforts of the Coca Cola company, this is not a green or sustainable beverage. I wrote an open letter to climate activist Bill McKibben when he mentioned drinking Diet Coke in an essay.

    I’ve gotta put my dentist hat on and say one more thing: diet soda is highly acidic. It’s not beneficial for your teeth or your bones.

    • P.F. Bruns

      It’s not beneficial, but you can leave a tooth in soda for a month and all it will do is turn brown.

  • LittleMissGrok

    Since when are grains a ‘healthful’ food? The exact opposite actually.

  • Carrie

    I got addicted to Diet Coke when I was in college and I finally gave it up about 6 years ago. It’s a disgusting habit and I feel so much better as a result!

  • Jim Purdy

    Yes, artificial sweeteners are a problem, but it is hypocritical when a medical association publication opposes putting artificial substances into our bodies.

    I’ve already done my part. I’ve quit taking all of the dozen or so BigPharna medications that my doctors want me to swallow daily. And I feel much better without all those drug side-effects.

    But if everybody did that, then the medical journals wouldn’t make those huge profits from drug advertising and reprints of pro-drug articles.

    Now that would be a good side-effect.

  • Kristin

    Dr. Ludwig wrote a blog post about his JAMA article on Thrive – here’s the link –

    • Editorial Staff

      Kristin thanks for the link! Our best wishes to Dr. Ludwig…

  • Dave, Santa Barbara

    For me #1, # 2 and #3 are bogus.

    #1 I lost weight,

    #2 I love fruit/grains, etc.

    #3–the jury is out? Is that the best you can do? It took little time to demonstrate that cigarettes are bad. If the jury was out on smoking, a lot more of us would smoke.

  • Jan Tilley

    As a registered dietitian and consultant to the food and beverage industry, I am often asked by my clients about the safety of artificially sweetened drinks. My response is that artificial sweeteners can fit into a healthy diet. Artificial sweeteners, also known as low- or no-calorie sweeteners, have more than 200 scientific studies confirming their safety as low-calorie sweeteners. For clients who enjoy sodas, diet sodas are a great solution for them to enjoy a carbonated beverage without all the calories. Data, which have been published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and supported by the American Dietetic Association, speak to their safety and actually show that low- and no-calorie sweeteners can help you manage your weight. As you stated in your blog, Dr. Ludwig brings up the question of whether drinking artificially sweetened beverages may actually increase hunger. In studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed a person’s hunger reaction after drinking low-calorie beverages is not different than when he or she drinks water.

    • Carol Hoernlein

      Did you get that information from pretty colorful flyers given to your office by the food industry?

  • Adryenn Ashley

    @Jim Purdy
    Yep, you got it! Funny how it all falls into place when you look at it from the right perspective! :)

    You have to wonder what the fallout will be when it is revealed that the FDA refused to approved NutraSweet over and over again, and then viola, suddenly its all ok? There’s a huge story there. When that comes out it’ll be way bigger than the Tobacco cases. WAY BIGGER.

  • Dina

    Ummmmm… WHOLE grains are a healthful food. I’m always saddened by the carbo-phobic brainwashing.

  • Food Network Junkie

    Adryenn Ashley :@Jim Purdy Yep, you got it! Funny how it all falls into place when you look at it from the right perspective!
    You have to wonder what the fallout will be when it is revealed that the FDA refused to approved NutraSweet over and over again, and then viola, suddenly its all ok? There’s a huge story there. When that comes out it’ll be way bigger than the Tobacco cases. WAY BIGGER.


  • Food Network Junkie

    Jim Purdy :Yes, artificial sweeteners are a problem, but it is hypocritical when a medical association publication opposes putting artificial substances into our bodies.
    I’ve already done my part. I’ve quit taking all of the dozen or so BigPharna medications that my doctors want me to swallow daily. And I feel much better without all those drug side-effects.
    But if everybody did that, then the medical journals wouldn’t make those huge profits from drug advertising and reprints of pro-drug articles.
    Now that would be a good side-effect.

    AND AMEN AGAIN!!!!!! Thank you for that short bit of common sense.

  • Ariella

    I am a professional dietitian and grains being unhealthy could not be further from the truth. WHOLE grains are very healthy, and in fact required for a healthy body. They help reduce cholesterol, the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and possibly other cancers. They are packed full of nutrients and fiber. Americans only consume about 1/3 the fiber they should. Fiber is required for a healthy digestive system and helps you control and lose weight. Breads and pastas that do not contain whole grains and whole wheat are nutritionally lacking and should be avoided. Buy whole wheat and whole grain items that do NOT contain enriched flour. Consuming little or no grains can be detrimental to one’s long term health.

    • Carol Hoernlein

      You can live just fine without grains. They are not necessary for health. Many cultures all over the world do just fine never eating them at all.  Folks with celiac disease need to AVOID them for good health.  Our ancestors did just fine on bison and berries. Modern agriculture is only 10,000 years old.  I am a food scientist who studied nutrition. Please stop spouting Cargill propaganda.

  • boomtastic


    Since they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as low insulin levels. Educate yourself.

  • boomtastic

    @Jim Purdy

    See, this is what happens you when go off your meds; you say nonsensical things. It’s only hypocritical if you don’t bother to read the article. Artificial sweeteners are criticized not because they’re artificial, but because of the effect on the body. Since they have a generally negative effect, it’s hard to argue that they’re a good alternative for diets and weight loss.

  • Patrick Darling

    This article clearly doesn’t focus on the positive sides of Diet Soda. Since Diabetes is such a serious problem, Diet Soda is a perfect substitute for normal soda for a Diabetic. As a type 1 Diabetic, I find it insulting that someone would criticize diet soda this much. It has many good qualities.

    Besides, the effects of high fructose corn syrup (which non diet sodas use), is much worse for you than the artificial sweeteners that diet soda uses.

    This just seems like another case of fear and paranoia trying to overtake society. It’s just a diet drink, enjoy what you want to enjoy and don’t listen to garbage like this.

  • Kip

    Patrick, “it has many good qualities.” Name one that you can’t get from water. I’ll wait. That was the point of the blog post. Your body needs water, and that’s it as far as beverages go (and milk doesn’t count). The rest is just for pleasure, so use it MODERATELY.

  • Dan

    WHOLE grains are one of the best things you can add to your diet. Fiber is highly beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels, regulating your digestive system as well as curbing your appetite. Unless you are gluten-intolerant, one of the easiest ways to drop some weight without making a huge diet change is switch to high fiber, whole grain foods, including cereal, bagels, english muffins, and pasta/noodles. After an initial adjustment period, I find the non-wheat versions to be bland and flavorless by comparison. Add fiber to your diet gradually, otherwise you can have some mild discomfort and people may not enjoy your company while you adjust ;)

  • Dan

    TASTE and CAFFEINE. That’s two. People don’t drink soda for their health. They drink it because it’s delicious and provides them with Caffeine to stay awake at a boring job. ALL sodas are bad for you in some way. People need to realistically look at the pros and cons and decide what’s best for themselves. Would you rather risk dying a few years earlier than spend the rest of your life avoiding a delicious beverage? Are you diabetic? Drink diet. Are you a Phenylketonuric? Drink regular. Choice is a wonderful thing. I choose to drink diet sodas. Somehow I do not find fruits not to be sweet enough. Oddly enough i find most juices to be TOO sweet. I look for the “No sugar added” juices to find the taste I want. When I make Kool-Aid, I use about 60% of the sugar that they recommend, otherwise it is too sweet for me. Almost ALL of the noodle or bread products I consume are whole grain. My breakfast cereals consist of All-Bran, Fiber One, and Total brands. That is what I choose. Diet sodas didn’t choose it for me. put the blame where it’s due. On the people that don’t control their appetites. The people that use Diet sodas as an excuse to overeat, instead of as a light snack in an otherwise healthy diet.

  • Adam

    On Point 1, I’d like to ask what else the rodents were being fed as part of the mechanism. I’m on a diet, but I haven’t cut out diet soda, and I’ve managed to lose 100 pounds in 8 months. Now I’m making sure that the diet soda I drink is also caffeine free. Plus, diet soda doesn’t contain saccharin anyway, so how can such a conclusion be drawn?

    On Point 2, it is not my experience that artificial sweeteners were retarding my sense of taste. In fact it was the excessive amounts of salt and oil from the fast food I used to eat. Because after I stopped eating burgers and fries 5 times a week, without sacrificing diet (caffeine free) soda, fresh foods did start to taste better. Plus, why do people still classify grains as healthy? Complex carbohydrates (starch) are no different than simple carbohydrates (sugar) and it takes barely a few extra calories for the body to break them down. Likewise, the nutrients from whole grains can easily be found in other green plants, so why would anyone still need to eat bread? 8oz of pasta contain the same amount of carbohydrates as 4 pounds of asparagus. 2 slices of bread or a quart of strawberries. 2oz of potato chips or 9oz of apples. Which do you think is going to keep you more satisfied?

    On Point 3, considering sweeteners such as sucralose provide the same amount of sweetness as sugar with a fraction of the mass, are we taking in enough of a concentration of these chemicals to affect our health as much as going for a walk through rush hour traffic? Also, what artificial sweeteners were those studies talking about because, again, I never noticed any cravings or ill health effects consuming diet soda, but early in my diet I did try meal replacement bars loaded with sugar alcohols, a sugar substitute thats really picking up in popularity, and did I ever have the worst stomach cramps after eating those things.

    Diet Pespi I do not drink anymore. Not because of aspartame, but caffeine, which is why I also stopped drinking coffee. But I never stopped drinking caffeine free Diet Pepsi, Diet A&W Root Beer, and Fresca. And I still lost 100 pounds and my doctor has said I’ve never been healthier.

  • Morey

    @Adam and Dan. Thanks for being logical.

  • danny

    you kinda do need sugar in your system. without sugar, our body could go in shock. too much sugar though can also kill us.

  • Sam


    Fortunately, those big pharma companies are also manufacturing drugs that are keeping us alive to unprecedented ages. Look around your average restaurant – notice all the groups of older people, say 65 and up?

    They would not be around like that 20 years ago. Heart medications alone are keeping people alive and healthy for an extra decade or more.

    Anyway, artificial sweeteners are not exactly akin to prescription drugs, as they differ in form, purpose, and public perception. So not a great comparison, but in the end I think the evidence points towards sweeteners, like Nutra-Sweet or even processed sugar, are simply not good for promoting a healthy body. If only they didn’t taste so good.

  • Weight Management | Jenny Craig Diet

    I had never fallen in love with diet soda because it doesn’t taste good for me. I’m glad I found it that way so now I don’t have to take the consequences that it would have gotten me. :-)

  • Irk

    We’ve had the word “healthy” in our language for a long time now. There’s no reason to switch it out for a trendy word like “healthful”.

  • Ben

    @Jan Tilley Thank you! Someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

    Look, just do a little research. Just a little. Many people are believing in point #1 without even realizing that many diet sodas DON’T use saccharine. Many people are believing in #2 without realizing they don’t know HOW MUCH artificial sweetener is being used in diet sodas. Okay, it’s sweeter than regular sugar…but if they’re using only a small amount to equal the sweetness of regular soda, then how is that going to overpower your taste buds. Then point #3…did anyone bother to think about what these people were also eating in their diets BESIDES diet soda? If they’re eating a triple whopper and fries but with diet soda, then of course they gained weight. If they feel like since they’re drinking diet then it’s okay to eat more of other things, then they will gain weight. So I think that study is flawed, unless they controlled what these people ate in addition to drinking diet soda.

    Just think a little bit before making up conspiracy theories about artificial sweeteners and the FDA.

  • Robert Baker

    Oh please, not more “artificial sweeteners are toxic” nonsense. I am Type 2 diabetic, and like most Type 2s, by the time I was diagnosed I had acquired a sweet tooth which didn’t magically disappear on diagnosis. Thus, if it weren’t for artificial sweeteners, my quality of life would be drastically lower.

    The truth is that most artificial sweeteners have been used for *decades* with no demonstrable harmful effects. It’s true that the sugar alcohols (e.g. xylitol) have the unpleasant side-effect that excessive consumption causes a laxative effect, but the only actual “harm” that has been demonstrated from any sweetener has been in experiments using such ridiculously huge doses as to render the whole exercise pointless and meaningless; at that kind of dose, even *water* is toxic.

    Ironically, aspartame (the bane of many a crackpot web site) is probably the *safest* of all artificial sweeteners, for the breakdown products are a pair of amino acids which occur naturally (and copiously) in nearly all foods. Which is why PKU is far more severe than diabetes (thank goodness it’s also a lot rarer); it also means that if aspartame were one-tenth as “toxic” as the tinfoil-hat brigade would have us believe, we’d all be dead by now. ;)

  • Meghan

    Here is a good article on the health concerns of diet drinks. Doesn’t look they are as healthy for you as you think.

    Diet Drinks Zero Benefit

  • Lee

    I pretty much think moderation is the key here. I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for over 30 years, and am grateful for saccharine. For my own reasons, I’m suspicious of aspartame. But I’d much prefer eating natural, whole foods, and I’ve cut back quite a bit on the artificial sweeteners.

    This might sound silly, but here it is: spill a little diet soda on a surface and see if any flies will touch it. They won’t. That isn’t the case with sweetened drinks. I think Mother Nature might be telling us something.

    • Kittybumble

      Proof that diet soda is nasty! Even the fly’s won’t touch it!

      • George

        If you think that, then don’t drink it…Don’t try and tell other people what to drink….because I’m not going to listen to your unfounded facts! The word is flies, and I bet the only real attention you get from anyone, is the flies…lol!

  • Emily

    Unsweetened sparkling water.

  • tammy

    @Jan Tilley
    hi my husband and I drank diet cola like it were an alcoholic open one to one to anther, than every few months when my body had enough of cola I start felling bad sick to my stomach, sleepy. so this has been going on for years so 4 day ago I had to think about my helth and gave up diet cola. I allso have epilepsy as well give up the diet cola for me would be a win win thank you for reading my post

    • Reflexion1984

      I checked with my neurologist and he said the amount of aspartame and other stuff that you get in, say, one can of Diet Coke (which is basically the amount I drink a day) is far too small to affect my epilepsy. Obviously, everybody is different and if it makes you want to be sick, fair enough but I tend to go with his advice as it doesn’t affect me at all. Just my two penn’orth! :-)

  • John

    I can’t think of a thing that we eat or drink that someone hasn’t said is bad for us. Milk is good..but it’s full of fat…drink lots of water til the minerals build up in your kidneys and you scream for relief from that kidney stone…now the current ‘fad’ is gluten free. Gimme a break. If we listened to the AMA we would all be popping pills and running to the doctor every 3 months for blood work to make sure those pills aren’t killing us.

  • phriend of groc

    Nobody needs grains. I havn’t eaten grains of any sort for months now and feel better than before. The same amount of fibre can be found in fruits and veggies which you are correct in stating the average american doesn’t consume eneugh of. I wonder what would happen in the government started to heavily subsidize fruits and veggies?….. I have not been low carb brainwashed BTW- gluten intolerent kids led me to a grain free life.Feel free to enighten me as to how much fibre and vitamins I am “mising”. please do.

    Soda of any sort isn’t good for us. If your great grandmother wouldn’t consume it then it’s probably not something we should eat/drink.


  • debu_chan

    Dave, Santa Barbara :
    For me #1, # 2 and #3 are bogus.
    #1 I lost weight,
    #2 I love fruit/grains, etc.
    #3–the jury is out? Is that the best you can do? It took little time to demonstrate that cigarettes are bad. If the jury was out on smoking, a lot more of us would smoke.

    #1 Me too!!!
    #2 Me too!!! (I also do not consume dairy or meat, but I do drink lots of plain ole water as well…)
    #3 The more reputable studies explain that those who gain weight while drinking diet sodas do so because of bad logic: “Well, I’m drinking a diet soda, so I can go ahead & super size my meal today! Well, it won’t hurt to have that extra slice of cake, my soda is diet! … Okay, a lil ice cream too, I had diet soda, after all!”

    Of course, this isn’t to say diet soda shouldn’t be consumed in moderation. Everything in moderation!

    Also, why is there all this fussing over grains? Can’t it be as simple as some people enjoy them, some don’t, while others simply cannot consume them for health reasons?

    Also, my great-grandmother loved soda. :) A whiskey & coke was her preferred beverage. Personally, I’m anti-alcohol, but if it makes someone else happy, so be it.

  • Unbound

    What irritates me about this article is that they say that artificial sweeteners are hundred fold sweeter, and then they follow up with “so your overloading your taste buds”. The main part that bothers me is that they say it like they put the same amount of sugar as they do their artificial counterparts. Point being they are hundredfold sweeter bud they put hundredfold less in it. So your aren’t “overloading your taste buds” you get close to the same amount of sweet with less calories. For people that get cravings and it makes them eat more, then thats because they don’t have self-control nor self-discipline and is why they are fat in the first place. Learn to control yourself and their wouldn’t be a weight gain problem.

    • BattyInBackwater

      Unbound, contrary to what many think, obesity isn’t about self-control or self-discipline. Studies have been conducted that disprove your statement. One such study was conducted in a prison where a control-group of inmates were given a 3,000 calorie a day increase in their diets (yes, they consented to take part in the study). All gained weight, but after a bit many leveled off and maintained, even on the higher caloric intake, while others kept gaining weight. How is that about self-disicipline? Sure, many people who weigh a lot, eat a lot, but their bodies require more to function at that higher weight, too.  Haven’t you been on treadmills that require you to input your weight and youve forgotten to readjust after the last peroson and thought, “Wow! how did i burn so many calories?!” Obesity has mostly to do with metabolism. Some people are born luckier than others. I’ve seen many skinny people with worse diets than their fat counterparts.

      • P.F. Bruns

        [citation needed]

    • BattyInBackwater

      Unbound, contrary to what many think, obesity isn’t about self-control or self-discipline. Studies have been conducted that disprove your statement. One such study was conducted in a prison where a control-group of inmates were given a 3,000 calorie a day increase in their diets (yes, they consented to take part in the study). All gained weight, but after a bit many leveled off and maintained, even on the higher caloric intake, while others kept gaining weight. How is that about self-disicipline? Sure, many people who weigh a lot, eat a lot, but their bodies require more to function at that higher weight, too.  Haven’t you been on treadmills that require you to input your weight and youve forgotten to readjust after the last peroson and thought, “Wow! how did i burn so many calories?!” Obesity has mostly to do with metabolism. Some people are born luckier than others. I’ve seen many skinny people with worse diets than their fat counterparts.

    • Carol Hoernlein

      Technically, aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

      • mendel

        Technically, it doesn’t matter – since the amount used is diluted so the sweetness is not out of proportion to sugar. Saying it is 200 times sweeter is technically correct, but misleading….and as can be seen here, lends itself to unfounded claims.

        • angharadz

          No, technically it doesn’t
          What does matter, is that however sweet comparatively, the sugar or substitute is, having 9 (that’s Nine) teaspoonfuls in a European size can of the stuff (330ml, which is slightly less than a US serving) entices your body to believe that drinks should be incredibly sweet…. and as an extension of this your tastebuds will crave that any other ‘sweet’ stuff you choose, such as cakes and desserts, perhaps, should be equivalently sweet

          What both sides should be concentrating on is the degree of sweetness provided in both regular and diet versions of sodas – that’s the issue.
          (plus of course the acid and all the rest of it, but on this point just think NINE teaspoonfuls per European glassful – something closer to TEN per USA serving)

  • Paradox

    The only reason I don’t consume artificial sweeteners at all (seriously, none, ever, not even gum) is because both my mother and I have a negative reaction to it- migraine, joint pain, etc. My dad LOVES the stuff, and has lost a significant amount of weight due to switching his sodas with diet sodas, and has never had a bad reaction. Dad is also diabetic (dunno what kind…) so he tends to avoid sugar.

    On the other hand, I know a family who eats only processed foods, lots of fast food (supersize them…), and gallons of diet soda. Most of them are seriously overweight, two of them have cancer.

    *shrugs* my only point is that everyone reacts differently, and what is good for some may not be good for another. That and moderation is the key…

  • Lai-Lai

    Too late for me, I’ve been gorging on 3 different kinds of artificial sweetener for two decades. Sugar is the only sweetener that hurts my teeth & I was advized to stop putting sugar on anything back when I had braces.

  • Stacey

    Adam, I commend you on your success! I must, however, make sure, as a registered dietitian and health professional, that you and others are educated as to the difference between grains and whole grains as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Refined grains, to which you may be referring, are eliminated of the germ and the bran parts of the whole grain. Therefore, much of the nutritional value is lost. Likewise, refined starches are different from naturally occurring starch in foods such as potatoes. Potatoes, for example, contain starch, but are a good source of fiber and potassium. There are certainly benefits to a diet including a variety of fruits, vegetables, AND whole grains (such as bulgar, steel cut oats, and foods made using stoneground or 100% whole wheat). There is much research supporting “a diet rich in whole grains can help reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease, many cancers, and improve digestive health”. With this being said, why would we not refer to them as being healthy? I would never suggest that one not eat the other healthy items you mentioned (asparagus, strawberries, and apples), but they should not be compared, nutritionally, to whole grains as they are very different and that’s why there is the suggestion of variety. Everyone has different food preferences so one person’s healthy plate will often vary from the next.

  • Nicole

    I drank plenty of diet soda’s in the past, all kinds. I feel that some tasted amd worked better then the rest but as i’m writing this I will say that all diet soda can kiss my ass. I actually finished a bottle of diet coke and I hope that everyone has a great 2 hour nap! Love ya and please, don’t cross the line for the 10th time.

  • Matt

    Agree with Dave, others, on bogus-ness of this.

    I thought this article might be about the unknown threat from artificial sweeteners vis-a-vis cancers, etc. But the only problem is that it might affect your taste/appetite for fruit? It seems clear that water is preferable for a number of different reasons (duh), but this is a very, very weak indictment of diet sodas.

  • David

    Sure diet drinks aren’t good for you, but most things like this (pleasurable), are addicting anyways. I myslef have a iron will aginst addiction, and this is something everyone should practice. Theese things are only negative for you if you if you drink it like crazy. Drink only around 2 to 3 a week and your good, i mean also in around 2 day serperations. This way you don’t get the least bit addicted, no extra calories, and best of all , you get to drink a soda. BTW, try smartwater, its great and its water… best thing you can drink

  • Sam Vance

    I love the psychology here. Say something is bad and 90% agree. We assume things are bad and we are constantly paying some cosmic price for the lives we lead. Artificial sweeteners ARE anywhere from 90-600% as sweet as sugar. What someone else already explained in a comment was that they use that to match the sweetness, meaning that they use a sliver of the amount of sugar that would have been used. That’s how there is essentially 0 calories.

    Also, why is it that every one of these evil foods or evil ingredients all cause obesity, diabetes, migraines, etc? Could it be that these ailments are common and anything suspected of not being good for you, gets scapegoated as the cause? Luckily, we set tolerances for food additives so far below their respective toxicity levels, that it’s practically impossible to get sick from them.

  • Kevin B

    Diet soda also contains phosphoric acid, which inhibits calcium absorption. Not good if you are a female middle aged.

    You can drink flavored seltzer water. Zero calories. Sodastrea is a great way to make large quantities of water at home for pennies a liter.

    Tea is an excellent alternative to soda. Drink it straight, flavored – if you don’t need caffeine there are fruit blends to try. If you are trying to get off sugar – add some and slowly reduce. Over time you will see you need little or no sugar. has some great teas.

    • Melissa

      All soda contains phosphoric acid, the regular non-diet flavors included.

      Point blank – neither diet nor regular soda is “good for you.”  ALL of it should be drunk in moderation, if at all.

      A good regimen I’ve found is that I’ve cut out all the soda unless I’m eating out – I don’t buy it – and I’ve begun to cut sugary juice drinks with water.  It helps wean you off the sugar slowly and get healthier. Also, if you carry a bottle around all day, you’re more likely to drink it.  I’m also planning to buy a Sodastream so I can make some lightly flavored seltzer (like with a squeeze of orange in it).

      • P.F. Bruns

        I have a Sodastream. It’s great for experimenting with different drink flavors, and best of all, since you’re working with your own water supply in relatively precise and accurate amounts, you get to tinker.

        Also, you don’t have to carry all those heavy soda containers home!

  • Lynda S


    I am not disagreeing with your statement, but if you make it you should provide some examples to give us a clue as to why you said it. THANKS!

  • Johnny Wolf


    Diet coke has caffeine, water does not. Regular consumption of caffeine drops your risk of diabetes, alzeimer and parkinson. It also helps block insulin, stimulating the burning of fat and boosting metabolism which helps control your weight.

    Oh! It also tastes a lot better.

    As to grains, they have gluten, which most people have far more negative reactions to than artificial sweeteners. Most of the research trying to paint diet drinks in a bad light rely on correlation or the isolation of elements, without bothering to check causation or the whole drink. The rats are not being given coke, they are being given one of its ingredients.

  • Monica

    Johnny Wolf:

    you makes it seem like coke is healthier than water, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • http://yahoo kishmoquah

    Oh, my gosh, why do the soda companies keep producing it if it is so bad for your health? Just like the cigarette companies. I will drink diet coke, diet pepsi all the rest of my life. Besides, I think as long as I drink water too, why should it harm us, of course the Dentist will get your dollar if you don’t brush your teeth!!

  • Sue May

    The amazing part is the sweeteners are being added to everything. It does taste different, almost too sweet, if there is such a thing.

  • John

    Drink water? Like from the toilet? Nah, I’ll stick with drinking Brawndo… It’s got electrolytes.
    (These are references from the movie Idiocracy)

  • Raja

    Grains not good for you? Check your evolutionary history, folks.

    And I like diet soda, darnit. I don’t need to lose weight, I’ve an exceptionally healthy diet, and this article seems loaded with presuppositions rather than facts.

    Anyway, I can’t take an article seriously if its editor(s) can’t be bothered to proof it.

    • Kittybumble

      Our evolutionary history? We didn’t start eating grains till very very late in our history, and when we did we became shorter with bad teeth. This info. comes from scientists who look at the skeletal remains of people througout history. Not like this is gonna stop me from eating delicious pastries, but if we’re talking about our “evolutionary history”….just sayin.

  • Terry

    Everyone has reactions to “diet” sodas. Some peoples’ bodys just have a stronger constitution than others. Aspartame is a cumulative toxin (the Aspartame plant in Augusta GA is one of the most pollution-emitting plants in the US). I’m a diesel mechanic, and I’ve worked on the trucks that haul Aspartame; they require a HazMat placard and the skull-and-crossbones placard.Harmless? Conspiracy? I think not. I do not even allow the stuff in my house. Monsanto struck it rich with this “RoundUp for Humans”.
    Also, aspartame is very harmful for diabetics, as in most cases, it worsens, not improves blood sugar control. Reason? It stimulates the liver to produce glucose. To produce glucose, your liver taps in to fat stores, breaking the fat down first into triglycerides. If you think it is having no harmful effects, just have your ldl cholesterol/triglycerides checked.
    Need more info? Check out the book “Sweet Deception” by Joseph Mercola, MD. Or google ” Aspartame Consumer Safety Network” or “Mission Possible”.

    • P.F. Bruns

      A couple problems here:

      1) Aspartame was discovered by a scientist working for G.D. Searle & Company (Now part of Pfizer), not Monsanto.

      2) Pollution emissions during manufacture are independent of the product’s toxicity. Paper is generally not considered toxic when ingested, but paper plants emit lots of really nasty pollutants, including dioxin.

      3) I am a Type 2 diabetic. My blood sugar is unaffected by aspartame. I have blood tests every day and comprehensive lab work every two months that confirm this. I just have to lay off the sugars and starches. (Others’ mileage may vary, of course.)

      4) Mercola’s conclusions are in dispute.

  • val

    well Terry, I do use artificial sweeteners, nutrasweet frequently – my triglycerides are 46 (norm 10-150) LDL is 94 (0-100)and the even more important VDL is 9 (10-50) HDL is 69, which is off the charts good. my lipid profile puts me at a coronary risk of 2.5 ( female average is 4.4, 1/2 average risk is 3.3) things that really raise these number out of range are not artificial sweeteners, but triglycerides are affected by high sugar and alcohol intake, and LDL, by saturated fat intake and sedentary lifestyle. If you want to lower your LDL and raise your HDL eat more vegetables, stay off refined sugars, and get off your a$$ and exercise…Seriously – look at medical facts not just Dr. Quack. Mercola puts out so much stuff that has no basis in medical fact it is laughable that people actually look at him for “expert” advice.

  • Trish

    1. The study you’re citing is flawed in many ways. It used an incredibly small sample of rats and used an artificial sweetener that isn’t even present in diet soda. Studies that use aspartame (which is used in diet soda) show that rats either maintain or lose weight.
    2. While there is evidence to suggest we can “stunt” the taste of real sugar, it’s less of an issue with sweeteners that taste close to real sugar. Aspartame tastes much closer to regular sugar than saccharine does.
    3. It is considered safe to drink 1 or 2 diet sodas per day. There is no concrete evidence that drinking diet soda has any link to an increased risk of cancer or weight gain.

    I think it is irresponsible to keep telling people about a study that is so flawed it has almost no scientific merit. Personal opinions are fine, but trying to scare people into changing their habits because YOU think it’s right, well that’s just wrong.

    • Krazyskigirl

      Hmm I really think you should look up the facts about aspartame, it is not at all good for you in any way shape or form here is a website check it out you will be shocked! I am really focused on trying to get people educated on all of the crap they put in foods… everyone needs whole food nutrition!

      • Jim

        Mercola is a well-known wing-nut outlier and is view should be discounted heavily.
        Here is my review of his article on aspartame.

        • Freddy

          I think you might be the nut. Mercola is advanced. He actually is aware what the pharmaceutical companies do and how corrupt our govt is regarding protection of our health. Go ahead and drink your poison, vaccinate your kids without concern, drink your flourinated water and see how long you make it. You got a problem with Global Warming and evolution too, huh?

      • WeHaveAWinnah!

        This guy would like to see Polio come back after we end universal vaccinations. There have already been pertussis outbreaks due to loonies following his hippie sh!t.

        The good thing about that site is that some of the believers will excuse themselves from the gene pool when they try magic instead of surgery to cure their cancer.
        The bad thing is that it may be after they reproduce.

        • We need facts

          How absurd to say Mercola wants polio to come back, obviously not true. Wake up–Pertussis outbreaks have not been in the unvaccinated children, but rather the vaccinated ones! My teenage nephew in the Seattle area was one of them, and the half dozen kids in his class who contracted it were all vaccinated too.
          If people would actually address valid safety concerns with some vaccines instead of vilifying those questioning them and pretending no problems exist, we wouldn’t be heading in such a mess. By denying any problems, those who want everyone vaccinated will only serve to ensure the opposite outcome.

      • Kay

        I’m sooo glad you want to save the whole wide world, Krazyskigirl! How ADMIREABLE!! Count me out of your rat-infested non-founded facts Group!! First of all, I say again, I AM NOT A RAT, and if I want to drink my Coke Zero, there ain’t a thing in the world you can do about it, so get off your high horse, and leave people alone!! We don’t need you to save us…at least, I don’t anyway…so save your breath!! Nobody, in their right mind, wants to hearabout how you want to educate us……I got my degrees…I don’t need a degree in rat deformities and the effects of bad rat food for the rat population… GIVE IT ABREAK…WILL YOU, Rat Girl??

    • Joshh, RD

      What’s your background Trish?…. PhD? MD?…..any degree? You’re talking about a MD from Harvard who does research on daily basis, and someone who understands the endocrine system in detail.

      I’m a Registered Dietitian with a degree and years of practice myself and I can tell you that Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar). Just because you think Aspartame “tastes” close to regular sugar, doesn’t make it true, especially not making it true to your Central Nervous System or Brain. If you constantly take in something such as Aspartame with zero calories but is 200 times sweeter than sugar, it’s going to eventually effect the way the brain and/or body reacts when you give yourself real sugar, which has 4 calories per gram.

      The research may be a small sample, but it certainly isn’t “flawed in many ways.”

      It also certainly is not irresponsible for the author to share a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The author wasn’t trying to “scare” anyone, she was stating facts from a legit medical journal.

      Is it really safe to drink diet soda daily? There is no concrete evidence that says aspartame causes cancer?

      Why don’t you check out this study below that show rats that were given aspartame, equal amounts of 2-3 diet sodas per day, and the carcinogenic effects it had on the rats.

      Or you can choose to ignore it and continue to drink your diet soda on a daily basis without considering the long term outcomes.

      I believe the author(s) of this website do an excellent job bringing health information to readers that is always backed up by legit evidence and sources.

      Thanks for the article.

      • Heahdh

        Lets not be ignorant here. The study cited only included a populace of 9 rats… Hardly a definitive study. Other studies have shown no relationship or a negative relationship between artificial sugar consumption and weight gain. A recent review article in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that there is not enough research one way or another on this issue.

        Again this is yet another example of science writers taking a myopic view on an complex issue, and blowing one weak studies findings out of proportion. And yes I am an MD, and have been involved in clinical research.

        • Fooducate

          Would you agree that it’s preferable to err to the side of caution when the evidence is not clear cut? And the evidence will not likely be clear cut for many years, due to complexity of organic systems, study design issues, and yes corporate funding of research and researchers.

          • Denny

            It’s preferable to err on the side of good science. Until a study shows with statistical significance that a given artificial sweetener has an effect on weight different from that of water, we should assume the null hypothesis that it has the same effect as water.

          • kfay

            Denny, the scientific process is wonderful for definitive and factual results. Unfortunately, by the time we have enough evidence to absolutely prove that something is negative for the body, millions of people could be suffering and/or dying from the effects. You really believe that anything ARTIFICIAL could have the same effects on the body as WATER? I’m not inclined to be a lab rat while waiting for “good science” to find “statistical significance”.

          • Denny

            By calling attention to a study using only 9 rats, you promote bad science.

          • Carol Hoernlein

            By only referring to two people – who are biased and apparently addicted to diet soda, and also exercise 5-6 times a week, extrapolating to the safety of aspartame is REALLY bad science.

          • Zach Bijesse

            Except, they didn’t claim that their examples were science.
            The opposing argument did.

          • P.F. Bruns

            It is almost always preferable to err on the side of caution. The article isn’t written that way. It starts out suggesting caution, but then uses carefully applied facts, factoids, misinformation, and straight-up guesswork to recommend panic.

            To be fair, the NIH study cited above used 70-95 rats, but that’s still a miniscule sample size–especially with aspartame at a concentration of 2000 ppm (or milligrams per kilogram of body weight).

            2000 mg/kg?! The Diabetes Association recommends that humans consume no more than 50!

            And according to the tables presented in the report, even at that absurdly high level, some tumor percentages actually DROPPED compared to the controls.

            More studies are definitely needed, but only because this one proved absolutely nothing.

          • Kay

            Oooooh….what a group of educated people here….I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOONOT IMPRESSED!!

          • June

            Ooooooh…you sound sooo smart…let’s follow her advice….Ummmmmm….NAH….don’t think so!

      • Guest

        The reasoning behind the 200x sweeter is flawed. If it’s 200x sweeter you use 1/200 less which balances the flavour. The article above is sensationalist at best and lacks real evidence. It’s an insult to intelligence.

        • Guest

          Oh look at all the critical thinkers in this forum (or are you?…wink wink), you would make our educational systems proud lol essentially dissecting a study and what? …supporting the unknown use of artificially created ingredients in a product that has essentially no nutritional value and/or questionable at least? Why do I hear the sound of money clinking in the background?…lol.

      • Melissa

        Aspartame is much sweeter than sugar, which is why most drinks that use it cut it with maltodextrin and dextrose to make it less sweet.  Same thing with sucralose – it’s usually cut with something else to make it taste more similar to sugar.  That’s why you can use the same amount of Equal or Splenda as you would use sugar when you add it to things that require sugar.

        In the study you cited, they gave the rats aspartame EVERY DAY of their lives.  Most people don’t drink aspartame flavored drinks every day – and you still can’t extrapolate the results to Splenda.

      • June

        I really hate people who try to push their ways of life on others all the time, just because they believe all the crazy stuff they read on the internet….the only thing you should EVER concern yourself with is…whether or not your soul is ready for the end of time…because if it isn’t… ain’t gonna need to worry about how you actually died, and you won’t be able to anyways…cause you’re DEAD!! Stop trying to rule the world by scaring people about NON-facts, and worry only about the things that ARE FACTS…like what’s in the Bible….now THOSE ARE THE REAL FACTS!!

    • Chooselavida



      have you seen the list of ingredients in diet soda, sugar or a substitute is the last thing you should worry about! Rule; chemicals and any canned drinks are shite! You seriously believe they wouldn’t sell you lies? LOL you very naive The metal from the can leaches more crap into the drink too. Artifical sweeteners are a modern dream made to kid all the obese people that its ok to drink this crap. Cola, mountain dew etc… have no nutritional value and are toxic crap.

    • Skip Cole

      I’m a 64 year old man, 6’2″ tall and have weighed 195 lbs. on the nose, for the last two years. I drink 1-2 diet sodas, (non cola) a day. I do not have cancer, my blood sugar count and blood pressure are normal. I am never sick and only exercise a few minutes a day, Zottman Curling 15lb. dumbbells in each hand. So, I agree, the study is flawed.

      • PhD in statistics

        And my grandfather lived to 103 after smoking since the age of 12, drinking whiskey most of his adult life and eating steak twice a week for 60 years.

        Does that mean cigarettes are safe? NO.

        A stat of N=1 means diddlysquat.

  • James

    I used to drink diet coke because I thought it was healthier than regular coke and I wanted to lose weight, but it did not help. Then I stopped drinking it all together and I saw a significant change in the way I felt and lost some weight after a month.

    • Melissa

      Could have been placebo effect.  One person’s experience cannot be extrapolated to the whole.

  • nhckr


    Trish – I agree that study is flawed but let’s look at some facts about sodas in general:

    1) There are no nutritionally beneficial components in soft drinks.

    2) Drinking a single 330 ml can a day of sugary drinks translates to more than 1lb of weight gain every month.

    3) Anything that promotes weight gain increases the risk of diabetes. Drinking soda not only contributes to making people fat, but it also stresses the body’s ability to process sugar.

    4) Soda eats up and dissolves the tooth enamel

    5) There is good evidence that cola beverages can increase the risk of kidney problems

    6) Soft drink consumption is a strong predictor of heartburn

    7) Soda, no matter who makes it, is the most acidic beverage you can buy.

    Combine these facts with cheap, mass-marketing and follow-the-leader consumer behavior and you’ve got yourself a crisis, therefore it is my opinion that the ‘situation’ is what is bad, not our personal choices, however, what our personal choices are is what influences those around us so where does change start if nobody is willing to give up something they like for themselves to the betterment of the whole???

    • Kay

      Oooooo…I’m impressed….where did you copy all these unfounded statements from, anyway?? My teeth enamel is just fine…my dentist says so, himself, and I don’t have any heartburn…no kidney problems, I’ve gained NO weight, and my Coke Zero is nutritious for me…it tastes soooo good……get a grip, nhckr….oooooooh….diet soda’s gonna get you….by the way, what kind of lab rat are you, or should I say…what species…..LOL!!

  • Amy

    I was told by a top ranking cartilogist at St. Luke’s Heart Institute in Houston that the real problem with any kind of soda is not the sugar as much as it is the sodium, especially for people with kidney or heart problems. He says that the sugar in a coke will not cause that many problems, just some extra calories that can be burned off, but the sodium causes bloat, which compounds the more sodium one eats, the bloat can lead to body stress in the kidneys and cause stress on the heart and even the brain. Many diet sodas contain more salt than the regular sodas to mask the bitter taste. For a normal, skinny young person this isn’t much of a problem, but for someone that already has weight issues and tends to bloat, it can really be problematic.

  • Lauren


    Whatwhatwhat? Mind blown. “It is considered safe to drink 1 or 2 diet sodas per day.” Who decided that?! Certainly not the DENTIST.

    Please, for the love of God, do not drink more than 1-2 per WEEK. Ugh.

    H20! H20! :)

    • Niciug

      why not

    • Monika

      Ha, tell that to the people that start the day off with a large soda in the morning at the gas station and think of water as something not worthy of attention. Reminds of me of my stepson’s way of thinking, when he says ‘I’m hungry’, it means he wants a junky treat with reds and blues and heck knows what else packed in it, he’ll make a face if you offer him something as humble as an apple or a sandwich. And every single day I see adults acting according to that rule, they are ‘thirsty’ so they drink sodas or iced coffees or, even better, slushies, I bet their bodies are very grateful. How stupid can one be to completely replace water, a thing human bodies are meant to drink, with sodas packed with unpronouncable ingredients!

  • How to Lose Weight Fast

    I’d definitely drink more water than diet coke.


    Water is more appropriate to drink..

  • Jim

    I reviewed some of these claims in an article last year. There does not seem to be any clear evidence that diet sodas contribute to obesity. See

  • Badvegan

    These studies show no control for causation vs. correlation. This article cites no sources and is not peer reviewed.

    This article is at the very least just perpetuating urban legends, at the most it is pure fear-mongering.

    • Joshh

      Check out this article…. there are many more studies that back up the possibility of the mutation on a cellular level if drinking high doses of non-nutritive sweeteners. This study used enough aspartame for 3 servings of diet soda per day.

      Urban legend….not so much, as far as research says.

      • P.F. Bruns

        It used enough aspartame for 2000 mg/kg of body weight, or about 40 (!) times the recommended 50 mg/kg for humans.

        The sample size was also tiny–between 70 and 95 rats.

  • Knowledge is power

    You are a moron.
    Diet coke is now one of the safest colas to drink to date.

    • stephanie

      your a moron

  • Mel

    The more processed ANYthing is, the worse it is for you, PERIOD! Your body is designed to process food, that’s it’s function. Take that away and you have what we have today, an epidemic of people who have lost common food sense. They figure ‘it’s regulated’ so it has to be ok, I mean noone would EVER try to make money off selling you something that wasn’t good for you, right? DON’T BE A MINDLESS CONSUMER! And if you still want to be in denial, then just hurry up and finish yourselves off cuz you’re just using up my oxygen, and massively polluting my water and land with you factories that use more water in processing than is actually in the food (or in this case, drink)! If you keep looking for excuses to eat what you WANT and not what your body NEEDS then you may as well drive off a cliff, it’s fun! Come on, try it ;) It’s free and it’ll make you flat, not fat!

    • P.F. Bruns

      You may want to differentiate between types of processing. Unprocessed water, unsterilized vegetables, and unpasteurized eggs are great for you! Unfortunately, the masses of bacteria and other flora that live on them often aren’t. Just sayin’.

  • Tiffany D. of Iowa

    I am a die hard diet coke and diet mt dew drinker. My friends calculated that I drink about 2 1/2 liters each day, and I am yet to see a change in my weight. As for the whole difference between regular soda and diet, may be I’m confused by how this works, but if I seriously was drinking 2 1/2 liters of calorie filled regular soda don’t you think I’d start gaining weight. I used to drink the regular soda, and when I switched my weight went back to my normal weight within the week. I’ve been at that same weight for like two years now.

  • Jywhitnall

    diet coke is good but im not a really big coke fan

  • stephanie

    dont drink it at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like the devil !!!!!!!!!

  • Bokumad12

    I am so sick of these “artificial sweetener” articles failing to educate people on the dangers of SUCROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugar is also a chemical derived from sugar cane. It is completely stripped of all of it’s nutritional value down to chemical form.. The chemical make up of sugar is almost identical to the chemical make up of cocaine. It takes nutrients from your body just to metabolize sugar. Get some books about sugar and I don’t think anyone will be singing it’s praises. What it does to your body is unimaginable! I found out the hard way. I had hypoglycemia my whole life and didn’t know it. I found out when I was 18. After that, I read every book and article I could get my hands on about sugar. I never eat or anything that contains it.

  • Chooselavida

    Wow, people…sounds like the majority of you are addicts! You are seriously going argue that you think that artificial sweeteners are not harming your bodies or you say that they probably are harming your bodies, but it’s OK because you haven’t gained weight. Sad. You know there are plenty of skinny people dying from cancer. Plus, I didn’t read all of the comments, but did anyone note that the consumption of all of those extra acids in soda – diet or regular could very well lead to calcium deficiencies?

    • Miscinak

      Bunch of speculation about what ‘they said’, butt head.

    • Melissa

      No, people are arguing that the research presented here is flawed and some of the reasoning does not connect.  I don’t think that artificial sweeteners are good for you, but the evidence that they are actively harmful to your body is scanty.  And I don’t drink soda with artificial flavorings, so I’m hardly an ‘addict’.

    • P.F. Bruns

      In addition to Melissa’s reply, I would also like to point out that there are all kinds of conflicts in the studies on the effects of soda consumption on calcium. The reason people are pushing back is that a lot of the conclusions against these drinks are based on bogus data.

      When we see credible facts combined with cause and effect, instead of faulty conclusions and correlation misrepresented as causation, maybe there will be a change of opinion.

  • Brett Whtiney

    Seriously folks… Anything in excess is a bad decision. If diet soda is one’s replacement for water, duh… that is not good. It is also extreme to say no soda ever, or even almost ever. If that is the case, don’t step in the shower because you might slip. Moderation and balance. (I laughed at the rats in this study – I hope our decision making process is elevated just a bit higher…)

  • Cam

    @Johnny Wolf & others citing grains as gluten-containing:

    Wheat & wheat relatives (rye, triticale) contain gluten. There are many other grains that do not contain gluten.

    For example: quinoa, amaranth, corn, teff, millet, buckwheat, and rice do not contain gluten. No, not even glutinous rice (so-called for its sticky nature).

    As for soda? Once in a while, as a treat, and only from brands I know a decent amount about, like GUS (grown-up soda) or Tommy’s Naked Soda. Sure, they contain cane sugar, but I don’t drink soda daily. Or even weekly or monthly, for that matter.

  • Cam

    @Johnny Wolf & others citing grains as gluten-containing:

    Wheat & wheat relatives (rye, triticale) contain gluten. There are many other grains that do not contain gluten.

    For example: quinoa, amaranth, corn, teff, millet, buckwheat, and rice do not contain gluten. No, not even glutinous rice (so-called for its sticky nature).

    As for soda? Once in a while, as a treat, and only from brands I know a decent amount about, like GUS (grown-up soda) or Tommy’s Naked Soda. Sure, they contain cane sugar, but I don’t drink soda daily. Or even weekly or monthly, for that matter.

  • Tjones035

    I may sound stupid here but what are these artificial sweeteners listed as in ingredients? I can’t not pik them
    If I don’t know what they are called. I know dumb but I never read labels before.

  • Carolyn Lewis Dillingham

    my mother n law..has stopped drinking…diet cokes…drinking has lost alot of weight..she is n her..70s..she has done diet drinks..scence i have known her..going on 40yrs…a friend of mine..has stopped drinking..coke..drinks also.has lost weight…i to do diet cokes….i am a diabetic..but i also drink..unsweet tea..after seeing this 2 people loss weight..this way..i know i need 2 stop..drinking diet cokes….cuz i have seen it works..

  • Serena Mcelyea

    @Dr. Susan Rubin: That’s right. In fact, almost every dentist will tell you to avoid drinking soft drinks as they contain non-nutritional ingredients that can harm your health. If you want bright and healthy teeth, drink milk instead and watch out your over-all diet. Like some people say, what you put in your mouth will affect your entire body.

  • Cathy

    What are diabetics supposed to do?  Fruit and juice raise my blood sugar, and even milk  causes blood sugar to rise followed by a dreaded insulin spike.   None of this happens with diet drinks (not to me anyway, according to my glucose meter) which is why I drink them.  I know they are not “healthy” but neither is having high blood sugar. 

    • gimmethatH20

      Drink water?  Add a slice of lemon/lime/sprig of mint if it’s too bland.  Tea is also a great alternative–unsweetened, of course.  Black, green, herbal.  Way healthier, too.

      I stopped buying fruit juice when I was broke as all get out in my very first apartment.  Made my own tea and iced teas (mostly herbal–I like mint or a mint & lemon verbana combo) when I wasn’t drinking water.  Had given up soda a few years earlier.  Haven’t gone back to either of them.  Too sweet now!  My favorite beverage is plain ol’ tap water.  Crazy how much you’ll crave that when that’s your drink of choice!

  • Pat

     Did you say “healthful” and “grains” in the same sentence?  Fail.  

  • Psucarrierae

    And then there are the health risks associated with Aspartame, the sweetener used in Diet Coke and many other diet products. Aspartame, according to Dr. Russell Blaylock a prominent neuroscientist and expert in the field, is a neurotoxin called an exitotoxin; it literally excites neurons to death! Aspartame also breaks down into methanol in your system; wreaking havoc on many of our basic biological processes, causing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, numbness, and even seizures in some people. Did you know, out of all of the complaints the FDA receives in a year regarding adverse effects of food/food products, over 75% of those products contain aspartame? Want to know more? Research the effects of Aspartame yourself, or watch the documentary “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World” for an informative and eye-opening account of the dangers of Aspartame.

  • txgurl

    i just think that if it were really good for you, it wouldn’t be addicting?  a relative of mine, who is diabetic, practically looks like an alcoholic, with a friggin diet coke always in her hand.  that cannot be healthy.  no water consuption because the label says 0 calories and 0 sugars?  this does not make sense to me.

  • Abonilla412

    Interesting, we are in a culture where “diet” beverages are healthy, hip and “in”. This article is making me rethink all of these conceptions.

    • Grumpy8029

      Well said Abonilla. Lots of info here. Sounds like the only thing we can prove is that switching between regular and diet sodas is picking one desease over another. No more soda for my thank you, diet or regular.

  • Agave Syrup

    I like this post.. I tend to think of coke zero occasionally as being fine but i should probably eliminate it all together…

  • Nmajca

    The author is right – your taste really gets dulled down by frequently use of drinks containing artificial sweeteners. One of the worst is aspartame. Since I stopped consuming it, i feel much much better. I’ve had an arrhythmia and shortness of breath, both of which are now gone or significantly reduced. I’ve written an article on aspartame danger, you can read it here:

  • ME


  • Fadal2

    I have fibromyalgia and when I drink diet cola with an artificial sweetener I have  considerably more pain, especially in my upper arms. I’ve pretty much given the cola up and the pain in my arms is much, much less. 

  • Superstar Aria

    Coke dieting ? i don’t think it will work beneficial cuz it destroy out stomach and make it out of shape i saw a experiment on discovery channel then i found a site called HCG cheek out you might like it. best of luck!

     hcg buy online      

  • thomas lash

    Try drinking ionized or PH water sweetened with steiva all natural and both are non acid forming in your body. The American public is finally waking up to the corporate lies and poisons that are killing us 40 years too early. If you want a low cost water ionizer look at

  • Matt

    While I’m not a researcher I can tell you from personal experience that I have lost weight since using equal and it in no way affected my love for natural sugar like grapes.

    I used to consume 6-8 cans of mountain dew a day so I am an expert in sugar. I now drink about 8 8oz glasses of crystal light a day plus 5 cups of coffee with 3 packets of equal in each.

    I have done this for over a year and lost over 40 pounds. I never got sick of sugar. I still treat myself to 1 can of mountain dew a day plus an ice cream sandwich

  • Lonewolf

    If you are even the least bit educated about anything then you would know that just about anything manmade or processed is not good for our bodies.  Have you seen a drug commercial within the past ten years?  These drugs that may kill you but cure your chronic coughing all com from some type of plant and are processed just like your artificial sweetners.
    On the other hand….I believe in freedom, I do not want someone telling me that I can or can’t have a coke or a smoke.  These addictive things should not be overly used, but the world is not gonna end if someone has a soft drink.  These lives are ours and only ours…make of them what you will and don’t let anyone tell you how to live.

    In closing, we as a people should work towards not being extremists, and focus more on being relaxed, full spirited, and peacefull.

    • Coach

      Drinking sodas is also some sort of extremism.Soda drinkers should pay extra-extra tax for causing unnecessary burden on health care system.

      • Monika

        Yup, and that’s why they just didn’t agree to pass the law about not allowing people on ebt to get sodas and junk food. Tax payers pay for them living of sodas slushies and twinkies, oh and energy drinks, so that they have energy to move their morbidly obese bodies into their cars with the pizzas they’re holding. I wish that they at least pass the law that ebt can’t be used at gas stations as everything is pricier there so tax payers pay even more for ebt users shopping. PS No I dont mind people being on ebt if they really have a reason to be, but if I’m standing in line behind people paying with that card and all they buy is junk, I get seriously annoyed.

        • carley

          Some people on ebt can only buy foods at gas stations because they live in a food desert ( an area with too few grocery stores per square mile/size of city and population size). In fact, most people who have to be on ebt, even for only a temporarily short period of time, have a gas station closer to them than any grocery store. Also they most likely cant afford a car to go to the closest grocery store and many rural areas also do not have reliable bus systems in America. That is why that bill was not passed, that and because America is a free country and people can choose where to shop without the government stepping in.

          • LittlePumpkin

            This is a YEAR old or more, but I have to butt in. The “food desert” nonsense again. I feel your heart is in the right place, so I am not trying to insult you or demean you in any way, but I do want you to know, the well meaning folks to set up produce stands in those “Food Deserts” including a group that received Federal funding as part of a Healthy Foods Initiative, closed their stores not long after opening. Reason why is, NO CUSTOMERS CAME. The people didn’t want the vegetables. They couldn’t GIVE the produce away! They just don’t buy them, even if encouraged to and offered special discounts. And another thing- about vegetables “costing more than processed foods” just isn’t true. A bag of organic(!) carrots at two local grocery stores in my area, which is not a wealthy area at all- sell for one dollar. A large head of lettuce, granted lettuce isn’t the most nutrient packed item on the shelf, is about 1.29 every day. Green bell peppers at most run 69 cents each where I am. As a matter of fact, vegetables cost *less* than most foods. They also make up quite a bit of bulk in the items grocery stores throw out each day in their “unsold items” category. The “food desert” trend must stop as it is just not true. People buy what they want to eat, and they do not buy what they will not eat.

        • Justice PonZee

          Close your eyes and worry about what you are buying for yourself. Elect politicians that share your views. Getting annoyed is unhealthy and costing me money for your heart attack.

      • Kay

        And you should pay a tax just merely because you are one of those so-called “everything that isn’t natural, from the earth, is BAAAAAAAD for us….gimme’ a BREAK, Coach! Why don’t you run for office and see how making that a law works out for you, and good luck on collecting that stupid idea of a tax! I’s shoot you if you tried to collect from me….IDIOTS…all of you who like to play Health Dictators!! That’s JUST PLAIN STUPID!!

  • jani

    I have an addiction to d coke and I’m on day 3 of giving it up.  It’s ok if you can have a couple a week, but I have to have a few a day which I know is messing my system up.  My brother was diagnosed w/ diabetes recently & was told to not drink d coke because of the sodium.  I am someone that does yoga and tries to take care of my body, but this d coke I’m drinking every day is getting in the way of my getting to where I want to be health wise.  It won’t be easy especially when I go out to eat an “occasional” hamburger, but I know it’s not good for me so I’m giving it up for good.  Soda water is what I’ll drink when I need something fizzy.       

    • Carol Hoernlein

      Aspartame also messes up blood sugar.

  • guest

    Thanks for the article! I usually do not drink diet coke but have found myself turning to it since I quit coffee. I went to my neurologist earlier this year with some of the symptoms I was having (tremors, confusion, short attention span, headaches, palpatations, etc). She asked me if I was a diet soda drinker because the artificial sweetners can cause these effects. At the time I wasn’t drinking soda but I’d like to point out that this observation came from a Medical Doctor so maybe we shouldn’t completely discount this article :-)

    • P.F. Bruns

      I would say that your mileage may vary. I think you’re absolutely right to follow your physician’s recommendations, but that doesn’t mean that they work the same for everyone across the board.

  • Ashley

    Wow this article was a waste of time. I drink diet drinks on a regular basis.. That combined with a structured balanced eating regime (not diet, I’ve been eating this way for over 2 years) and working out 5-6 days a week (resistance 3 days, cardio on all days).. I’ve lost over 50 pounds. These points are vague and nearsighted at best. You’ve taken a scientific article, researched and peer reviewed and failed to cite from it even once to prove any point.

    The one I find the funniest is that artificial sweeteners make everything else taste bland. I actually like things that aren’t very sweet once I got away from sugar. I hate plain sugar or sweets. I tried to eat a donut earlier and was overwhelmed by how sweet it was and couldn’t even eat it. I find that when you drink diet drinks and cut out the extra sugar your body has a better sensitivity to insulin. I never get sleepy anymore like I used to, I never have a sugar crash, and complex carbs make me stay wide awake like caffeine would. Your article is so pointless and vague. More people should find substitutes for sugary beverages, and maybe their risk of dying at 45 while resembling the dough boy would probably diminish.

    • Susiecuse

      Sounds like you are in denial honey – and addicted to sugarfree soda!

      • Wilsonhm87

        Why does it sound like she’s in denial? The whole point of this article is to showcase how the diet drinks stump weight loss.

        She lost 50 lbs.


        • Carol Hoernlein

          She works out 5-6 days a week.  Like THAT has nothing to do with it?  

          • Dude

            And ye when a person who never exercises and drinks diet gains weight e are ready to blame the diet soda.

          • P.F. Bruns

            I’m much more likely to blame the big burger I ate Sunday afternoon. ;)

    • Peggy

      Congratulations Ashley.  50 lbs is a lot of weight to lose.  If diet coke helped you do it, then it works.

    • 123

      Just because YOU lost 50lbs doesn’t mean the article is false at all or that diet soda HELPS weight loss. You sound very ignorant and uneducated and for all of you that believe she is right, you guys are ignorant sheep and that is why there is an obesity epidemic; you hear one thing from a random person and “oh, they’re right I’m going to do that” and never ask why or where the information came from….

      • Arysseus

         I drink Diet Coke every day with lunch and/or dinner. I do cardio five times a week and also eat a balanced meal. I have a slim body and a six pack to boot.

        My father has been doing the same for decades, and in his sixties still has a six pack, bigger than mine I might add.

        Diet coke isn’t the problem, and isn’t the cause of the “obesity epidemic”. Stuffing your fat face with an extra large value meal from McDonald’s is.

        Portion control people.

        • Carol Hoernlein

          Exercise 5-6 times a week has a big impact.  Folks who drank diet compared to regular soda had BIGGER waistlines.

          • DarkStar

            But is that because of thee diet soda or in spite of it?
            I drink diet soda and yet someone I’ve managed to drop 33 lbs and drop more then 4 inches off my waist in 8 weeks or so.
            Many people who are putting on weight switch to diet soda to try and counteract the weight gain, but of course the soda intake is only one factor in their weight gain and if they replace it’s calories with something else It only makes sense that they will continue to put on weight..

        • Carol Hoernlein
          • P.F. Bruns

            It’s the New York Post’s interpretation of a study. It raises several questions:

            1) Does the study prove that people who eat exactly the same foods in the same portions gain or lose weight differently if one also drinks diet sodas while the other drinks regular soda? What about if one drinks water and one drinks diet soda?

            2) In what concentration were the rats fed aspartame?

            3) What about sucralose? Sucralose is increasingly supplementing or replacing aspartame in some diet sodas.

            4) What about thyroid and insulin levels?

            5) What about exercise?

    • Shoefgglace

      The article is absolutely correct but leaves out much detail about how Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, is a neurotoxin that causes Dementia and Alzheimers. I thought everyone was aware of that by now.
      You might have lost weight, but I highly doubt that your toxic sugar replacement had anything to do with it.
      You’ll find way more people claiming they lost weight when they stopped drinking the artificial sugars.

      • Gabriel

        The article “leaves it out” because there is no data to support that claim. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is peer-reviewed an won’t publish claims that are not backed by data.

      • Kamran

        Those are bold claims to be making without any scientific evidence…Weight loss is determined by calorie deficits or surpluses. If you consume more than you burn, you gain weight.If the opposite is true, then you lose weight. Using a diet drink to cut out an extra 100-200 calories will help you consume less calories, as long as you’re not compensating for those calories by eating extra. Then it’s a wash.

    • NinjaBlood

      I don’t think the diet coke was related at all. You lost weight because you exercised. Not because you drank coke. From you we can see it doesn’t stunt weight loss, at least not a lot. But we can’t say it helps either.

      • P.F. Bruns

        Agreed. Unfortunately, the article wasn’t as well-considered.

    • laurel

      it will all catch up with you in the end lovey just you wait and see

    • guest

      if you work out 5-6 days a week then i don’t think any way of eating could make you fat, i think this is irrelevant

  • Lizzy

    Our tap water is also filled with all kinds of toxins.I make my own drinks using reverse osmosis filter and a fizzy machine.It`s really sad that our own food industry`s are poisoning us.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      So you install a tank to capture rain water!

      • P.F. Bruns

        As long as you have filtration to purify it and remove air pollutants (industrial toxins, bird and bat guano, bugs, etc.) this could work.

  • Scientist

    Human bodies don’t get “confused” by artificial sweeteners. Humans given artificially sweetened food do not gain weight when compared to controls who are given the same food sweetened with sugar or HFCS.

    They cause no change in blood glucose or insulin and there is no medical reason to avoid them.

  • Scientist

    Human bodies don’t get “confused” by artificial sweeteners. Humans given artificially sweetened food do not gain weight when compared to controls who are given the same food sweetened with sugar or HFCS.

    They cause no change in blood glucose or insulin and there is no medical reason to avoid them.

  • Anonymous

    I gave up diet soft drinks, then all soft drinks, five years ago. Best health decision I ever made. I was drinking 2-3 cans of diet coke, daily. I was also having the worst joint pains imaginable when exercising. I developed bone spurs on both elbows. Did some research and found that the phosphoric acid in diet coke absorbs calcium from your bones. I gave up diet coke immediately and within weeks my knees stopped aching after working out on the stair stepper. I ask our local orthopedic surgeon what he thought about diet drinks and his response was that “they destroy your muscular/skeletal system.” I know that my experience is anecdotal, but I know what I was experiencing, and giving up diet coke was essential to my good health.

  • Wberlincj

    For every study that says it is good for you there is a study that says it is not. Eat and drink in moderation. Some people get cancer and some do not. Should there be more natural things on the market? Absolutely, and it never hurts to stay educated,but one thing does not fit everybody.

  • Anna

    ANNA . I drink about 12 cans of diet coke a day , i cant stop ! i really need to get off this addition as i know it is one . Can someone tell me what diet coke does to the mind and body . Email me plez if you like thank you .

  • Patricia

    Yeah and your tap water can kill you faster than one diet coke a day!

  • Patricia

    Not all tap water is safe.

  • Childrenofthemaggots

    i dont drink diet coke cuz its healthy i drink it cuz i like the taste.i dont drink soda at all,untill i tried diet coke,its the onlly coke i like,and i still dont drink it often. i like how carbonated it oter sida is tht carbonated,id drink carbonated water if it was tat bubbley ^__^

  • WilsonHm87

    I drink more diet soda than I should, I admit. And I intend to cut back. But it hasn’t seemed to impact my weight loss plan.

    I think it’s kind of ridiculous to tell anyone not to drink something AT ALL because of the health “problems” you’ve presented in this article. Diet sodas and regular sodas should be fine on moderation, like most things. Telling a person to switch from Coke to water is futile. Tell them instead to drink less coke and more water, and enjoy the Coke every now and then.

  • PEndrasik

    While I certainly agree with the caution against artificial sweeteners, there may also chemicals to watch out for in tap water too. Fluoride and chlorine are routinely added to municipal water supplies but are they really that good for you? Just a thought since we are looking for the least of the evils.

  • Andreaeckert5

    I’m a water drinker and this morning I put a artificial sugar drink mix in water this morning and my body automatically reacted negatively to it. My body is pretty pure at the moment because I never drink soda and I drink whole fruited and veggie juices every morning. I feel a little uneasy and the only that changed in my routine was that drink. Just drink water if you want live!!!

  • Carol Hoernlein  Here is the study.  A real scientist ISOLATES the things they suspect are involved. Exercising that much and drinking diet soda does not prove that aspartame makes you lose weight.  It may prove that exercise balances out the weight gain CAUSED by aspartame.

    • DarkStar

      First that isn’t a study, and instead is simply an opinion piece based on the study.
      Second the only place anyone talks about isolating the “things they suspect are involved” is at the very end where a nutrition instructor says “Scientific studies have a difficult time discounting diet soda drinkers’ other bad habits”

  • Dhanika Kothari

    Diet Soda has been proved to be as harmful as the regular one, if not more. And there are many studies to prove this fact. Check out this article:

  • Tleta

    Wow all of you need to get a life!

  • I Over E

    The FDA listed Aspartame as a poison in the 60s. It was only removed from the poison list when the FDA head ignored the warnings of employed scientists and the research they had done, labelled Aspartame as safe, then left the FDA to work for the company who exclusively held the patent for Aspartame–then, of course, made lots and lots of money. These are the facts. Anyone who consumes Aspartame does so at their own risk; we’ve known for 50 years that it is a poison–it is bad for the human body.

  • Tracy

    Has anyone done studies on stevia? It’s a natural sweetener – no chemicals. There are sodas out there that use stevia, so why not try those?

  • Garrett Maxwell

    Okay I was reading some related articles on this same website and i found this: It pretty much says the exact same thing…is set up the exact same way. Same info. Just worded differently. So here’s what i wanna know…Copyrighted?

  • Rick

    I think that diet coke does have its issues. I have had diet coke and other drinks for a long time. And now my Doctor said that it seems that all that artificial sweeteners, phosphoric acid and citric acid seem to have depleted a large part of the good bacteria colony in my stomach ind intestinal linings, with the result that my Digestion has become very sensitive, and I have had to watch what I eat regularly. I have also been given VSL #3 to take care of my digestion issues. For this reason I have totally stopped Diet Coke and other drinks and have switched to water. I hope my experience helps those having similar health issues.

  • ScottR

    Every breath you take brings you closer to death. It’s a fact of life. If you live a healthy lifestyle and eat right you may live longer and you may not. I’ve lost weight while drinking Diet Coke and I’ve gained weight drinking it. Just like several people have said if you take in more than you burn then you gain and the opposite is just as true. If you think getting the double Whopper and a Diet Coke is a good way to diet you probably won’t lose weight very fast. They say everything causes cancer because they pumped so much into a rodent and it died. It’s a study but not scientific fact that it will do the same to a human. Water is better for you but sometimes you want a little more and not all the sugar and calories. Don’t dismiss someone because their opinion differs from yours. The article says it’s bad but doesn’t give any evidence other than opinion. If you don’t like what works for others then don’t do it instead of ranting that they will pay in the end. If you’ve got nothing constructive to provide STFU and just live your life and let them live theirs. There is no magic solution to weight loss. It takes work and lifestyle change once you’ve let yourself go. It takes a willing participant to beat it and live healthy.

  • RayZ fox

    2 liters of mountain dew is 2,000 calories. 2 liters of diet dew is 0 calories.

  • Rojoyinc

    I drink diet coke all the time. I recently “counted calories” (primarily just stopped 2nds and 3rds!) Still eat everything just LESS – and I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. Dr took me off all my meds, I bought a road bike and own most of the records in our area at 55 – against those in their 30s. I try to drink less coke now, was a 6 pack a day… now might be two cans. I love it with certain meals. Hasn’t hurt me yet. (foods taste bland)? HUH?

    • Fooducate

      Ron – sounds like you are truly living healthfully. Good for you!

  • Former diet mt dew addict

    I was addicted to diet drinks. After stopping for only a few days I have more energy, am less bloated, and don’t ache like I did before. Google articles about aspartame if you don’t believe this one. The research is cited and scientific.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Wow! I’ve always been a big water drinker…love the stuff & I rarely drink less than 3 litres a day. I do however like to drink decaf diet coke. I buy a 15 pack every 2 or 3 weeks & put some at home & some in my fridge at work. I started drinking the diet coke to replace the rediculous amount of coffee I was drinking (which I don’t sweeten but the caffeine was of concern to my GP). So now I’m wondering if I should invest in some decaf capsules for my Nespresso machine & ditch the DC altogether?????

  • gully

    Diet soda does not stop you losing weight, its about calories in vs calories out. If you think any different, you are a moron,

  • Kathy

    I stopped drinking diet coke several months ago after reading about several studies that showed how bad aspartame and L Phenylalanine (sp?) was for you. Recently my hair has started to come in thicker, I no longer get little brown growths on my skin and I am losing weight without trying!
    Please note that I have cut out all fake sugars not just aspartame. Please use this info however you like!

  • Sara

    I drink a Coke about 1-2 times a month. It seems more like a treat to me and when I spend the next 30 minutes belching from it, I remind myself to not have another one for another month. I drink water all day long. I’m not wasting my money on soda and having it as an option for my kids. When there’s only milk, juice and water available at our house, the kids will only drink milk, juice and water. Period.

  • P.F. Bruns

    There’s a little misinformation here regarding artificial sweeteners. Molecule for molecule, they are definitely sweeter than common sugars used in soda–but they’re not added molecule for molecule. In fact, one big advantage of aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin is that drink manufacturers don’t need as much. That’s also why there’s taste testing. Anything that actually came out of the plant 100 times sweeter than Coca-Cola would have taste-testers throwing up in the lab!

    Heck, the revised 1985 Coca-Cola formula was criticized by long time Coke drinkers as “too sweet,” and although it actually sold much better than publicized, led the Coca-Cola company to release Coke “Classic” in short order. (There is some speculation that the “New Coke” formula was a publicity stunt, and also a hedge allowing the company time to develop a revised version of the original formula that didn’t require pure cane sugar, which could be expensive depending on market volatility. The “Classic” formula uses high fructose corn syrup, as do most sugared sodas not otherwise labeled.)

  • Monika

    Hi. I drink diet coke as a treat, half a can per day, splitting it with my husband, otherwise water or seltzer water. But I know of people who completely substituted water for sodas, diet or not. I wanted to write something a bit off the subject. It always irks me that when I feel like spoiling myself with some sort of drink, there is a choice of sugary or diet, where is the non sweetened, I would LOVE to buy non sweetened iced teas, I stick to making my own to make sure there is only tea and lemon and nothing else in it. I know snapple came out with a lightly sweetened, that’s a step in good direction but I still don’t want or like sugar in my beverages, I weaned myself off it a decade ago, liberating my tastebuds, if I have a sip of my husband’s drink (he uses only 1 tsp of sugar) it tastes of sugar to me, disgusting.

  • kbhappy

    This should have an F! It makes me question your app. Sorry, just being honest!

  • Kay

    I don’t like water…I’m NOT a rat…and I will drink my Diet Coke Zero as long as I want too, and your so-called facts are not proven…stop trying to scare people all the time with every little thing that you all say is going to kill them! GEE WHIZ…Already!! I still weigh the same as when I was younger…it hasn’t put any weight on me, and my doctor says I am very healthy….so, why don’t you all go and experiment on some more rats…and the, put out a report on how these things are unhealthy for them…NOT US! I am human…not rat…so, you are meowing at the wrong mouse hole!!

  • Mike Mller

    What about sugar replacements that are natural like Stevia? Are these alternatives to the man made ones? Also I have seen so many studies where they bring up the rat / saccharin study and that was done like 3 decades ago and few of your drinks today use it anymore. Most have switched to Splenda or NutraSweet type sweeteners. Is nobody doing a “modern” study on the new artificial sweeteners?

  • david

    I lost 45lbs in 5 months and still drink diet soda almost every day. It helped me quit my 3 regular soda-per day addiction. I’m gradually switching to coffee, tea, and totally water only someday, but I’m taking it slow.

  • Sarah

    Why all sodas bad for you?
    Dose it cause cancer or brain dead

    • aaron

      Sodas are bad because they have no nutrition and they actually dehydrate your body.

  • Richard J D’Souza

    Do studies on rodents necessarily transfer onto humans?

  • Arania Lawakiro

    Probably no one will read this after 4 years, but for some people, like my husband and me, artificial sweeteners taste a lot LESS sweet. We need about 80 tablets of aspartame to make a pudding/ice cream taste sweet enough, and for me they also have a very strange aftertaste.

    We need them because of diabetes (stevia isn’t working for everything, especially not cooked stuff) but I would otherwise use them a lot less just because of the taste.

    And again, tap water alone tastes awful, and with all the chloride and other stuff in it it’s in no way better without added flavors than with.

    • aaron

      Water is an acquired taste. One that all should acquire. You really think your body is healthier when drinking no water? If your scarred of chlorine or iodine buy bottles. I am much more affraid of chemicals made to mimic natural chemicals that are body needs.

      • Arania Lawakiro

        No sorry, water tastes boring, like nothing, and what’s worse it makes you taste again what you ate earlier. Don’t need that. I want taste in everything. A lot of different tastes actually. I’m nothing without my 30+ types of taste to mix with water :-)

        And bottled water? You gotta be kidding, it would mean carrying too much weight around again, not to talk of the carbon imprint of wasting so much bottles. Plus it doesn’t taste any better and you’d need space to store them which i don’t have.

        Point of buying syrups is not to have to carry stuff around anymore :-)

  • mike connor

    I drink so little of it I don’t care. I drink more beer than I do diet coke, and it’s not that much beer to begin with.

  • Brian Edwards

    You can’t win either way if you’re diabetic. If you crave sweet, you choose diet soda, or sugary food or drink. Either way has negative effects, and I’d rather choose the diet soda than have my blood sugar abnormally high which causes 10 fold more bad side effects than diet soda.

  • Justice PonZee

    I am quite sure that even though scientific evidence does not point to a problem with artificial sweeteners those who have strong opinions against them will continue to do alleged scientific studies until they can claim that these sweeteners are dangerous. I can tell just by reading this article that the bias is overwhelming. Hey folks, if you want to pretend to be scientists stay objective. If you want to be opinion writers, don’t pretend to be scientists. This “healthy food” kick has got too much bias in it. It’s either healthy or it isn’t, whether or not you think it should be. One thing is for sure, the more horrible it tastes the healthier you claim it is. There is a reason why humans are attracted to certain foods. Why don’t you research that instead of just telling everyone what they should be doing and eating? There is a little too much know it all control freak disease here.

  • Kim Sugino

    When the coroner looks at the body of a diet coke drinker is it distinctive from others like that of an alcoholic with his damaged liver?