Baseball Players Setting Good Nutritional Example

And now, an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal, on the changing eating habits of Major League Baseball players and clubs. Players usually eat their meals at the “clubhouse”. Traditionally, the club fare was not much different than the stadium food – hot dogs, soda, and candies.

But today more and more clubhouses are offering healthy choices, and some are banishing the junk food altogether.

And eating better is not all. Clubs are trying to educate their stars as to the benefits of better eating choices:

The Los Angeles Dodgers will ship their players to Arizona next week for a six-day health-food boot camp. The Kansas City Royals are planning to put up posters in the clubhouse offering nutritional advice. And the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays both say they’re experimenting with the idea of preparing foods for the players that are rich in antioxidant grains like quinoa, teff and spelt. more…

The interesting fact is that many times the demand comes from the young players themselves, not necessarily management:

This past season, six members of the Los Angeles Angels approached the team’s dietician, without prompting, to ask her to write them “food plans” to improve their diets.

This is great news. Sports stars are a great influence in the media, especially on youngsters. If the role models on the playing field are also positive examples in the nutrition battleground, perhaps more children will opt in for healthy snacks and nutritious meals…

Hey! Mr. Bud Selig (MLB Commissioner) – how about an MLB sponsored campaign for fruits and vegetables? Imagine all those orphaned carrots, apples, and Brussels sprouts looking for a bigger than life hero to adopt them and bring them into the community of cool…

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