Drink a Can of Soda Daily – Gain 10 Lbs in a Year [bonus: gross out Youtube Video]

Following up on New York City’s Health Department subway poster campaign this summer, they’re at it again. This time there’s new and rather gross youtube clip depicting a young man drinking fat out of a soft drink can. An “in-your-face” message, but drastic measures are required to get people’s weight back in check. True, there’s not one reason or one bad product causing America to balloon. Many dietitians advise their clients to cut sugary drinks as the easiest and most effective way to start losing weight.

What to do at the supermarket:

You’ll save not only weight, but also $500 for a family of 4 just by switching to tap water. Go for it!

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  • http://www.lovehealthyliving.net Carrie

    This is so disgusting and anyone who drinks soda should be forced to watch it!